Chadwick implodes in front of our eyes:

I was perusing through Facebook earlier. I am not a regular user with the exception of posting my blogs on the VFAN site and a couple of vacation pics the other week. I find some of what is on there a little puerile and egocentric. Seriously who is really interested in the fact that you are about to tuck into a huge plate of spaghetti carbonara at your favorite local eatery. But I digress. Sometimes though you stumble upon some real gems like the one below. I have blanked out the person’s name because they do not want any more hassles from their work or from our favorite local councillor:


Ian Chadwick’s political career reminds me of the life of a star it has gone from nebulous in 2003 through Super- Nova during Carriers administration to the black hole it is now.
From a blogging point of view this is pure gold dust though, take a look at what Chadwick then said during an election campaign, to a potential voter, on Facebook, when he is vying for votes, before a weekend when people are most likely to be making their voting decisions, you could not make this stuff up:

Chadwick 1

Someone must have thrown him a shovel to dig his political grave even deeper because he then finished his tirade off with this gem:

Chadwick 3

Unfortunately it worked because he bullied this poor guy into submission with his threats and ranting and this was then posted:

Chadwick 4

I did try to talk the guy out of doing what Chadwick had demanded and he asked me to not post on this. I offered to not post if he kept Berman’s logo, to no avail. My thought is that this situation is way too important to get hidden in the annals of Facebook because Chadwick has shown himself in his full glory and its absolutely disgusting. If I was the owner of this business I would be talking to my legal advisors right now. This actually reminds me of a politician in some failed state banana republic.

The above tale of woe should remind us all that you have to think very carefully about what you post on social media, in a small town, if you are not willing to stand up and be counted.

Note: My next post is called: Postscript on Ian Chadwick


15 thoughts on “Chadwick implodes in front of our eyes:

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  3. I am hoping that after the election a lot of people in our town will be able to draw a deep breath and have conversations not edged in a nagging sense of fear. What ever happened to reasonable discussion? If you have to back yourself up with threats you are not very secure in your position to begin with. Fingers and toes crossed for a council that does not rely on dirty tricks and threats.

  4. I agree with all the posts here. Ian Chadwick blocked me months ago when I asked him a question about the ‘tents’ that he could not or would not answer. I not a ‘friend’ of his so he can’t send me emails or threaten me. That said, I agree with Mike Lewin, and Gorden Sellen, you have been threatened, perhaps talk to a lawyer and see what can be done. I think Mr. Chadwick is scared, and is now lashing out at anyone who dares to disagree with him. THIS IS PROOF THAT IT IS TIME FOR THE PEOPLE OF COLLINGWOOD TO VOTE IN A NEW COUNCIL,because, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!

  5. I realized a long time ago that Councillor Chadwick suffers from acute narcissism making it pointless to attempt engaging him in any two way dialogue. The people of Collingwood deserve much better from him and from most members of the current Council. Some of us have stepped up to bring about the much needed change that will ensure a future for our community that will ensure a stable financial future with opportunities for out children and grandchildren that do not exist today. It’s time to purge Town Hall of toxic personalities such as Mr. Chadwick. Whether you vote for me or not, I encourage the residents of Collingwood to bring about the necessary change to end the type of misguided, self indulgent actions and opinions such as those foisted upon us by Councillor Chadwick that have plagued this community far to long. As I stated at last weeks all candidates meeting I am not intimidated by the challenges facing our community nor am I intimidated by the likes of Ian Chadwick. Sooner or later bullies get theirs and October 27th is fast approaching!

  6. I wonder if Councillor Cunningham will retract his closing comments of the last council meeting. There is a fear of speaking up in this town, especially from local business owners. I have heard it again and again. Chadwick’s actions demonstrate why. But he is not alone. Look at KLloyd’s 30 questions to Marta Proctor of Councillor Cunningham’s demeaning treatment of Keith Hull in council chambers. I guess that as long as they are the ones acting that way it’s OK.
    I also feel that it is time to put an end to the “old Collingwood” ideology. We all pay the same tax rate, we all have an equal voice. The only people who benefit from & therefore perpetuate this mentality are incumbents who are trying to hang on to the “old Collingwood” votes.

  7. Is this a legitimate threat ? Can he damage people’s business through the BIA? If so it is very scary that a councillor can act that way as the town rep .to the BIA. I gave up on him long ago when he had the sister city thing going on his trips to Mexico. Self serving is one thing but threatening people through their business is very serious- Mafia like????

  8. Well Mr Chadwick took offence to my changing my profile pic to that of Vote for Steve Berman.
    I really don’t give a toss as I am entitled to my own opinion. I have a problem with the millions of dollars spent on the Sprung structures,( single sourced.) As well as other wastes of our tax dollars. I would like to see an entirely new Mayor and Council. And you can quote me. Gordon Sellen.

    • I feel bad for posting when he asked me not to, but I felt obliged to actually, this is Chadwick in his full glory. The threat was implied and it was not physical. It is a real shame this guy was cowed by Chadwick. If he ever said something like that to me I would be lawyering up.

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