Viral !!!

For a fifth day in a row my Chadwick Facebook bullying post here:

Has been my top viewed post. Even though this weekend I have blitzed you with 5 re-posted/regurgitated and 1 new post. To try and get the message out to the last few voters. As of this posting the above post has been viewed 2,201 times as per screen shot below:

Viral Chadwick

If you check with a few of the local bloggers i.e. Ian Adams, Rick Crouch, Marg Sheben Edey, Mariane McLeod, Steve Berman (Steve maybe not so much, I believe his earlier stuff was getting this kind of traffic). That is an unprecedented amount of views in a short period of time for a single post in a town of only 20,000 people. That number above also does not include the 500 or so views that picked this post up as my leader on my home page (the top number 90,732 views includes those views).

You have to think that some of the people that viewed that post were previous or committed Chadwick voters. You also have to think that some of those previous or committed voters had second thoughts or re-evaluated their voting decision in this regard, after reading that post and the Facebook chatter that has been going around about Chadwick’s disgusting behavior on social media since. Also, prior to Friday I have personally talked to scores of people that had voted for Chadwick and would not be voting for him this time around.

In the 2010 municipal election Chadwick received 3,791 votes. In that election the minimum amount of votes required for the final seat on council was 2,738 votes. In the previous 2006 election it required 2,617 votes. In the 2003 election Chadwick himself scrapped in with 3,159 votes to get the final spot on council. I believe that in this election, with the advent of social media, the downward trend in voter engagement on the municipal level will reverse itself and the minimum amount of votes required for that seventh seat on council will be 3,000 votes.

Mr. Chadwick says he never reads any of my ranting’s. I know for a fact that that is not the case because he occasionally responds to my posts. He used to have a view counter on his Scripturient blog which he has now removed because his views were getting down to around 50 or 60 views on each of his posts. So I am sure the above numbers will be quite disturbing to him.

So what do you think? Is Chadwick in electoral trouble or not?

I know I said I wouldn’t post on Chadwick again. But I take editorial privilege on that promise. 🙂


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