Our favorite councillor vents in a self-pitying, self-serving blog post.

I was pointed in the direction of our favorite councillors blog first thing this morning. It’s called The Mote and the Beam. I had heard this term before but had to Google it’s meaning. It is a saying apparently used by Jesus, when he gave the Sermon on the Mount. “The discourse is fairly brief, and begins by telling his disciples not to judge others, arguing that they too would be judged by the same standard”…….

(Bring it on I say!!!)

It actually ties in quite handily with Mariane McLeod’s offering from yesterday here:


On a side note please bookmark Marians blog. She is an excellent writer (puts me to shame actually) and sometimes gives me tips and advice on my offerings. In my mind she does not contribute enough to the local blogosphere. When she does it is always very engaging.

But I digress…… In Marians post she complains about the complete lack of due diligence a couple of local low information voters gave to their decisions in their voting choices. She in the end, with her tongue firmly planted in her cheek, comes to the conclusion strong-man rule is the way to go, as long as she is the strong man.

The tie in with Mr. Chadwick’s post is – In a very roundabout way he comes to the same conclusion, although his tongue is nowhere near his cheek. He does not mind the low information voter in fact he prefers it that way. In his mind he hates the fact that in this social media driven world it gives a voice to anyone that disagrees with him. He mentions “Angry Bloggers” a few times in his post. I suppose I am included in that group of miscreants. The truth is I am not angry; disappointed, disgusted, disillusioned, all come to mind, never angry. He also complains “Any opportunity for an engaging debate on the issues, even for simple explanation and exchange of views, was scorched away by the ongoing vitriol. Who can be heard over the continual schoolyard shouting, the lies and taunts?” But he has proven time and time again that he is not interested in engaging debate. Believe me, prior to and since I started with this blog, I tried on many occasions to discuss issues with him. It always leads to the same place he blocks and will not engage with anyone other than his most loyal pliant supporters.

Someone should actually explain democracy to our learned councillor because he obviously does not have a clue what it means. I believe that Mr. Chadwick would like nothing better than to ban certain people from voicing their opposing opinions on social media. He makes that quite clear in his post and in his behavior. In this post he says “I never understood bullying. And now we have the local cyber-bullies pointing their fingers at us and call us bullies” and then says “Ah, the hypocrisy never ends, does it?” This from a man that very publicly threatened a local businessman because he had the temerity to show support for a candidate that Mr. Chadwick deemed was part of the ‘Angry Mob’ in this election. He justifies this by saying “Who will want to have their private conversations on Facebook aired in public for ridicule and accusation?”
Excuse me??? We all read his vitriol, we all read his threats made to a person with no ‘Axe to Grind’. A person that was a previous voter and supporter of his, and is in fact still featured prominently on Mr. Chadwick’s Facebook page.

His idea of democracy is once every four years he will engage in open transparent conversations with anyone that pumps up his tires and tells him what a wonderful job he has done. The rest of the time he wants to make all the hard decisions for us, with a voting bloc that rubber stamps an agenda that is being forwarded and promoted from behind the scenes. We are all to keep our mouths shut and let our betters make all the tough decisions for us.

As many of you can tell, I love social media. It gives all of us ‘Nobody’s’ a voice. Chadwick openly despises us “oik’s from the hoi polloi” (read ‘About this Blog’ above) and the voice we now have. In the not too distant past the kind of interaction between Shawn and Chadwick last week would have been done in a quiet “Get that sign off your lawn or else” type of way and it would be denied as hearsay and unfounded rumour. Nowadays his contempt for any person that disagrees with him is exposed in all its glory in written word for all to see. And this from a person who has the audacity to write and publish a book called “Digital Connections” Pontificating on the correct use of social media.

By the way the people that Chadwick likes to call (in his back stabbing round about way) “subversive” are people like: Keith Hull, Rick Crouch, Brian Saunderson, Deb Doherty, Marg Sheban-Eday, Steve Berman, Chris Carrier, Joe Gardhouse, Ian Adams, Mariane McLeod, Gail Michalenko, Betty Donaher on and on the list goes of decent highly regarded members of this community that have made a difference and continue to make a difference in this town. I don’t give a crap what he calls me, I have a thick skin and a loud mouth. But I do object to him referring to the above people as part of “An angry mob” because its easy to throw barbs around at anonymous detractors. A lot harder when you put names and faces to them.

If you wish to read his self-pitying, self-serving blog you can find it here:



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