Politburo politics comes to Collingwood

If you get a chance watch tonight’s council meeting on Rogers. You have to see it to believe it. This bunch and their supporters accused Chris Carrier’s administration of being dysfunctional. But they put the D in DYSFUNCTIONAL.
The town hired an integrity commissioner Robert Swayze earlier this year. The first case that came up was the well documented conflict of Rick Lloyd having Steve Assaff as his fundraising chair for his run in this current election for Deputy Mayor. Then not excusing himself on the Admiral Collingwood Place site remediation agreement discussion and votes. So after a bunch of wrangling including a last minute letter being presented and accepted before council by legal firm Shaw McLellan and Ironside saying that the integrity commissioners report was flawed. Then the obvious Kevin Lloyd, Ian Chadwick, Sandy Cunningham saying they would vote against council receiving the report.

The thing is, Mr. Swayze’s report did not recommend sanction against Rick Lloyd, it was more of a procedural report with recommendations on how to deal with situations like this in the future. If they had accepted it, this whole thing would have just gone down as more voting bloc nonsense and been forgotten about. But oh no that is not the way with our arrogant, self-righteous voting bloc and the fool Dale West.
In a recorded vote council voted on whether to receive the report before council – after already receiving the report from Shaw, McLellan and Ironside. Council voted 5 (Lloyd, Chadwick, Cunningham, West and Cooper) to 3 (Gardhouse, Hull and Edwards) against receiving the report. (fingers in ears saying La La La I can’t hear you).

So we have an integrity commissioner which the town pays your hard earned taxes for, who writes a report. But your town council will only receive that report before council, if it agrees with its findings. Sounds like something the old Soviet Union Politburo would do just prior to sending the wayward Integrity Commissioner to the gulag.

I will do a full report on these shenanigan’s tomorrow.


16 thoughts on “Politburo politics comes to Collingwood

  1. It was repeatedly mentioned that RL was not “properly informed”, and “only just received the report..” and so on, yet his bff”s each had fully informed responses (SC had one but the ventriloquist was in the hall) including section numbers and wording from the Municipal Act (which I truely believe not one of them had read before Monday), almost verbatim…(only KH was good enough to point it out to IC..thank you Keith, that was classic!). It was akin to a bunch of 5 year olds that didn’t want to stand in the corner. hhhhm…a crack smoking mayor with a shadow…or a bloc of idiots??? tough choice which is worse

  2. I agree that it looked preplanned. You would at least think that they would rehearse or something so they were a little less obvious.

  3. Perhaps another complaint to the integrity commissioner is in order, as this act itself was clearly full of conflict.
    Since when does Council receive reports from personal lawyers on reports that they are not even willing to receive in the first place?
    Every one of them that voted for this is exhibiting a complete lack of integrity and is also declaring that the citizens of Collingwood are fools. Those that have voted for these clowns have proven them right!

  4. I was at to-nights meeting and as a former person that sat at the table I have never seen a more disorganized bunch no one seemed to know what direction to take I felt the treatment of the integrity person was poor

  5. At the all candidates meetings Councillor Chadwick was touting the hiring on an Integrity Commissioner as being one of the more significant accomplishments of this Council. Now as soon as he reports on something they don’t like, they attempt to discredit him. Solicitor Paul Shaw of Shaw McLellan Ironside happens to be the Deputy Mayor’s own lawyer, nothing like getting an unbiased legal opinion. Just when you think things couldn’t get any more ludicrous they take it to a whole new level. During my election campaigning the word “arrogant” kept coming up again and again by voters when describing the majority of this Council. There is an old saying “desperate times calls for desperate measures” and I think that is what we are seeing. Just one week to go and hopefully we will find that the majority of Collingwood has voted with their heads and not their hearts. If not it will be four more years of the same nonsense.

  6. My wife had to turn the channel….it was too difficult to watch. Props to Keith Hull for leading the charge that unfortunately went to nowhere…again. Way to go Block of 5!

    • What really annoyed me cpt chris was West stepping up to the plate when Rick Lloyd had excused himself. Anyone that voted for Cooper and saw this must be regretting that vote. Sorry what am I thinking anyone that voted for Cooper doesn’t follow local politics.

  7. I think they do stuff like this in part because they really do not understand what a conflict is, and in part because they think they can get away with it. For the past four years they have gotten away with it. Only the electorate can stop them. Get out and vote to show them you are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

  8. soooo, who paid McLellan et. al. to write a report about a report, that we paid the Integrity Commissioner to write, after a report recommended we hire an Integrity Commissioner? I think I need a report on this.

  9. Omg!!! CBC couldn’t write a better comedy or farce, but I’m sure the punchline for this joke is still to come. Sad, sad and sad again. Not even funny anymore. Just sad.

    • All they had to do was receive the report, have a bit of chat about it then move on. Now it’s yet another example of their complete disregard and disrespect of the office and the people of Collingwood.

  10. I am still trying to catch my breath! This is unbelievable and will also wait till tomorrow to try to order my thoughts. So far all I can come up with is the all purpose wowww!

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