VFAN 2014 Collingwood Municipal Election Predictions:

VFAN is here to serve you my loyal readers.

Behind the scenes this past few weeks we have had a team of volunteers cold calling members of the public in Collingwood and asking some carefully crafted questions. To get an idea how you intend to vote in the upcoming election. After we received all the information we sent it down to the Department of Statistical Sciences at The University of Toronto, where they have tabulated all the answers and sent us back some interesting results. The following is accurate 19 times out of 20 and within the accepted 3% margin for error.

VFAN scientifically predicts the following election results for the 2014 Collingwood Municipal Election:

Sandra Cooper

Deputy Mayor:
Brian Saunderson

Mike Edwards
Kevin Lloyd
Steve Berman
Rick Crouch
Tim Fryer
Deb Doherty
Kathy Jeffery


The above prediction is a parody and is my opinion only.


4 thoughts on “VFAN 2014 Collingwood Municipal Election Predictions:

  1. The majority of the votes are in the mail, so now it just a matter of waiting for the results. Heinz ketchup season… Anticipation

    If we are to believe the “East End Underground” poll the entire council will be new.

    If we are believe “Scripturient”, council will remain the same with a few new faces.

    So it’s time to do the “what if” council scenario’s:

    If “East End underground” polls are correct. The council will be deferral for six month until the new guys find council chambers Carrier will hold a 5 hour review of process meeting followed by ombudsmen report on passed council.
    Look for nothing to happen in council it will all be put into committees.
    Council meetings will be long and drawn out. Council will cancel previous council approvals for “whatever” hopefully not the Huron Street renewal project.

    If “Scripturient” is correct.

    “East End Underground” and “Better Together” poll will be no more and Kevin Lloyd will be proven correct. Internet poll are not to be believed.

    Cooper /Saunderson

    Surprisingly, this may be the best of two worlds. Cooper knows the ropes vs cautious new Saunderson. Process will be slow but possible a productive 4 years.

    Now for the fireworks:

    Carrier /Lloyd

    Deferral to another deferral to another review with another deferral.
    Look for extremely long council meetings, 4- 5 hours and at least one councilor will resign because the meeting and time commitment. There will be disagreement on the disagreement. This would make for worst combination ever, ever, ever.

    Long shot mayor with whomever – Guardhouse /?? He’ll be mayor for 3 month then resign.

    Will Berman look toward the town’s future or will continue to look at past decisions?

    Will Crouch be lead councilor or will he be another Keith Hull (voice with no power)?

    These two will find it harder than they originally thought. It’s a lot easier to be outside looking in than to be inside looking out. This could be an eye opener for both.

    Long shoots
    • Betty Donaher
    • Sandy Cunningham , Not running but…
    • Cam Ecclestone
    Never say never, but if one these three get a seat at the table I’ll be surprised.
    • Gail Michalenko
    She is in a class by herself she is supported by both “new and old” I expect her to win the most council votes. Does she have the time to do the job at council? You’re the voice for the working poor. Looking for a big push from you, don’t let us down.
    • Bob Madigan
    • Dale West
    • Jim Gosnell
    Family guy, No signs I’m too cheap, Man with no name, down the middle 8, 9 and 10 in a 13 horse race.
    Voting blocks
    a) Carrier’s voting bloc:
    • Tim Fryer
    • Kathy Jeffery
    • Deb Doherty
    Old kids on the bloc.
    b) Cooper’s voting bloc:
    • Mike Edwards
    • Kevin Lloyd
    • Ian Chadwick
    The three amigo or cell block A

    I like to see 2 of 3 from each voting bloc. Berman, Crouch, and Michalenko they can be the swing votes.

    This could be the best council a blend from all sides, left, right, middle, experience with the new. If this happens, it’s my hope they will look to the future and stop rehashing previous council’s decisions.
    “Oh yes, the past can hurt. But from the way I see it, you can either run from it, or… learn from it.” – Raftiki, Lion King
    To my mayor, my deputy mayor and my new council: One week today, you will be OUR new council. Big hug, its honeymoon season you can do no wrong for now … Good luck.

    • Hey Paul,
      I don’t normally edit peoples posts but your post was so interesting I thought I would clean up the grammar and punctuation, so that it made better sense. I hope that I kept the gist of what you were saying if not let me know and I can make changes.

  2. Just a couple thing I wanted to bring to your attention. Haven’t had the kind of traffic you do on your blog…love to get some attention on this…some other rebel out there with a cause! ; )


    Also…a small realization that I think needs the most attention in regards to this election.


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