Some memorable quotes from Monday 20th October Collingwood town council meeting:

A very red faced Kevin Lloyd to Robert Swayze, Collingwood’s newly appointed integrity commissioner:
“Sir I suggest your report shows a complete lack of integrity.”

Dale West to no one in particular:
“I am not going to be a part to this circus”. Then proceeds to put on the red nose, bald ginger wig, size 20 shoes and jumps in the clown car with the other 4 members of council and drives off down Hurontario St with doors, hood and trunk flying off in different directions.

Mike Edwards to the rest of council:
“I see no problem in receiving this report. What exactly is the problem here?”

Mayor Cooper mumbling to herself:
“How was I supposed to vote again”.

Rick Lloyd peeping through the crack in the door of council chambers:
“Psst Sandra you vote against the motion to receive the report”.

Ian Chadwick pontificating to the whole world:
“Blah Blah Blah ……. It behooves us as an elected body ……….. Blah Blah ………. post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy in this report …….. Blah ……… Politically motivated by a select few, unhappy about decisions this council has made”.

Robert Swayze addressing the council:
“How can a lawyer offer a legal opinion on this matter when they haven’t even had a discussion with me either in person or on the phone”.

Mayor Cooper to the people in the gallery:
“Can I have some order please, I demand that members of the public show respect for this council chamber”. (Even though herself and her voting bloc show zero respect for her office, her constituents or the council chamber she is sitting in).

Joe Gardhouse to the rest of the council:
“We have already received Mr. Shaw’s report and it is in the minutes of this council meeting. If we do not receive Mr. Swayze’s report it will look rather stupid”. (Why oh why Joe did you not just run for council again?)

Keith Hull to the rest of council:
“We hired an integrity commissioner and refuse to accept his first report because we don’t like what he says. Do any of you see the irony in this?”

Town hall janitor in the reception area outside council chamber. Bubble above his head:
“How come this guy in the bad suit is always hanging around out here peeking through the crack in the door”.

Sandy Cunningham to the rest of council:
“I have absolutely nothing of relevance or importance to add to this conversation but I support my good friend Rick Lloyd”.

Paul Brian New Enterprise Bulletin reporter:
“What the f**k have I got myself into here”.

Robert Swayze in his car on the way home talking to his wife on the phone:
“You know that new client I got up in Collingwood? Well it turns out they don’t actually want me to investigate anything and write reports. They just want to pay me a retainer each month”.


5 thoughts on “Some memorable quotes from Monday 20th October Collingwood town council meeting:

  1. Chadwick once very condescendingly informed me that I couldn’t define hearsay evidence because I wasn’t a lawyer. Who does he think he is? Judge Judy??

  2. It’s hard to see the difference between “Interesting Conflicts” and “Conflicts of Interest” from where their heads are.

  3. So, this is the first paragraph in Chadwick’s blog today ….”Last night at council I referred to seeing what I believed was a post hoc fallacy in a report, or more properly a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. Yeah, I probably annoyed some folks in the audience because I used Latin words and that confused them. But hey, they already think I’m a jerk because I can spell words like egregious and nefarious without using spellcheck, so I doubt I lost any votes over it.”

    Is this guy for real? spell check is actually 2 words…

    …… what kind of arrogant (spell checked), egotistical (spell checked), self centered, small minded fool would write something like that? Especially one trying to get re-elected to council. Way to sway those fence sitters Ian! It’s amazing, he really and truly does fancy himself some sort of wise worldly scholar leading an ignorant flock, that is the population of Collingwood (Ian, thousands of people in this town have post secondary education in areas not related to writing and literature and don’t feel the need to flaunt it at every opportunity). If he were an intelligent (smart and intelligent are different, I looked in up on the web), Chadwick et. al,. would have used last night’s meeting to embrace the role of the Integrity Commissioner and his FIRST report to council, even if they thought it was bullshit. Now, I can’t say one way or the other because I haven’t read the IC’s report, but even the most dim witted of people can see that R Lloyd using Assaf as his chief fundraiser was not the wisest move, and he would been smart to let it ride and play out quietly. But no, the bloc compounds the issue by showing zero humility and lawyering-up to fight the report they in-directly ask for in the first place W-T-F! ? Does Chadwick not boast about being some sort of PR wizard? Maybe he should stick to playing his ukulele (that was spell checked) and drinking Tequila. Anyway this whole gong show highlights perfectly, the well thought out strategy we can continue to expect from council should they be re-elected.

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