The Battle for the final 3 places

Changing the political landscape in Collingwood has been 90% of this blogs raison d’etre for the past year or so. Let’s see if I can get the last couple of votes going in the direction of change. I want to comment on the battle for the final 3 places as councillors. In no particular order, just as the thoughts enter my head:

Kevin Lloyd: Unless you are a fully paid up member of the “Old Collingwood Club”, (Chadwick is the self appointed commander in chief). How could you possibly vote for this man after the very public and very unprofessional brow beating that he gave the IC Robert Swayze on Monday evening? It takes a certain type of arrogance to try and publicly humiliate a member of the Upper Canada Law Society, when Lloyd could write his own credentials on the back of a postage stamp. This is the second time I have witnessed him show his true colours. The first was the nonsense with the motion to have the BTC survey and Brian Saunderson brought before the ‘Star Chamber’. Avoid him on the ballot at all costs.

Jim Gosnell: Ran a quiet campaign, by all accounts he is a decent man and a good honest candidate. He is actually the only candidate that I have seen get numerous endorsements from other candidates he is running against. I very flippantly called him boring in an earlier post to try and get a few cheap laughs at his expense. I don’t think Jim reads this blog, but if anyone talks to him tell him I am sorry for disparaging him. I don’t think a vote for Jim will be a wasted vote if you want change.

Bob (Mad Dog) Madigan: A few people jumped on me when I posted my blog about Bob being groomed as a new member of the voting bloc. I even published a very well written rebuttal of that post by someone that I knew quite well. I actually wrote a rebuttal of that rebuttal and never posted it because I felt I had bigger fish to fry. I finally sat down with Bob today and had a long chat with him. I like him. Bob says he is the sleeper candidate and Tuesday morning we will all be surprized by the amount of votes he will get. By the reception he gets from passers by and his customers at his coffee shop, who am I to argue with him. On the east side of Hurontario between third and fourth it’s “Mad Dog’s World” and he holds court every day. Bob has assured me he is not going to be a stooge for the voting bloc. If he gets elected I will hold him to that promise.

Deb Doherty: Deb is a candidate that no one seems to remember. I spoke to about six people that thought she was very strong in the all candidates meeting, but could not for the life of them remember her name even after I told them. Prior to that I would hear “What’s the name of that lady who wanted to get the Admiral site cleaned up?” I hope that this is not a bad omen for her because she would be a fantastic new member of a new council. I voted for Deb and change.

Cam Ecclestone: Not sure why Cam filed so early, because he did nothing for the first 6 months after he filed. He does seem to have a few followers and those followers are very loyal to him. I did not find one person that he made a lasting impression on in the all candidates meeting. Strange thing with Cam is he has apparently been directing people towards this blog but has never contacted me directly. From day one I would have promoted Cam, if he had ever given me the time of day. I don’t think he has a hope in hell of getting elected, but I would sooner you vote for Cam than one of the incumbents.

Dale West: He was off my radar and if Jim or Betty had not joined the race at the last minute I might have voted for him. That was until last Monday evening. It was so bazaar the way he carried on. Myself and others, on the evening, could only come to one of two conclusions, that it was all preplanned or he is a complete fool. Whatever the reason he made a mockery of Robert Swayze and turned what was merely Billy Smarts Circus into Collingwood’s version of “Cirque du Soleil”. Do not vote for Dale West.

Steve Berman Up until 3 or 4 weeks ago I would have bet a weeks salary that Steve was a shoe in for council. Now I am not so sure. What is that saying “Good election campaigns get good candidates elected”. I understand that Steve stood on his principles by saying “my blog for the last 18 months is my election campaign”. Some of us local political wonks forget that 90% of the local population do not give a rats arse about local politics, until 6 weeks prior to the election. Name recognition is crucial. In my travels I have come across more than a few people that pay attention to election signs. They want change see an election sign, remember the name, then Google it when they get home. Steve did not have that luxury and he didn’t even go and do the door knocking. An uncomfortable amount of people do not know him from a bar of soap. BUT. I voted for change, I voted for Steve Berman.

Betty Donaher: I hope that Betty gets in but I fear the worst. As stated previously I voted for her and I think her energy and ideas would have been a welcome addition in this new council. But the late start and lack of signs might have done irreparable damage to her sputtering campaign. A vote for Betty is a vote for change and not a wasted vote.

Gail Michalenko: Another quiet campaign. I voted for Gail. She is the bridge between new and old and the only candidate that I have not heard one disparaging remark about. I did not pick Gail in my election predictions but she might squeak into the last spot on council.

Mike Edwards: I still think Mike should not have run in this election and should have quit while he was ahead. But after he stood up for the community on Monday evening I have had a bit of a change of heart. I will not be upset if he is on a new council and he is one of 4 council candidates that I think will definitely get in that is why I left him until last.

If I did not mention you don’t panic you are either an incumbent or I think you will be elected.


14 thoughts on “The Battle for the final 3 places

  1. Thank you Colin for your vote of confidence. if elected I wont let the voters down. While I may have led a quiet campaign it is simply because I do not believe in negative politics at any level of government. I hope that my over 30 years of quiet contributions that have made a difference in the lives of many Collingwood residents will serve me well to earn a Council seat rather than winning by telling the voters what others have done wrong. Voters I met at the door seemed to appreciate this & gave me lots of positive feedback.
    P.S Did make it out to Blue Mountain Chrysler to support Rory & the CCI band – great cause 7 good luck to him.

  2. Listening to you, the people…..a phrase uttered over and over and over by all candidates. I think back to the Carrier council. Where were Chris and Kathy and their listening ears? Letters, petitions, deputations, emails in support of Admiral Collingwood Place fell on DEAF ears. If there was ever a question that Collingwood supported a six-story building, it was erased by the remarkable turn out at the legion shortly into the Cooper administration. The big hall, small room and bar were all full and many people came, signed the petition but had to leave for lack of room. Carrier’s pond was aptly named because Carrier’s team refused to listen to you, the people.
    Where were Chris and Kathy and their listening ears when the people wrote letters, emailed, phoned, signed petitions, showed up at deputations and public meetings about the patios? Again, the people’s wishes fell on DEAF ears. Many on Carrier’s team ignored emails, not even a thank you for taking the time to share your opinion. Nothing.
    I think words are empty. We’ve seen how Chris and Kathy don’t listen to you, the public. They didn’t get my vote.

    • And it still isn’t built John. Assaff has never had the money to build 6 story’s 5 story’s, 2 story’s or a dog house in that location. He needs to stand aside and sell the property to someone who does. Also at the time there were as many against it as there were for getting it built . (I wanted it built).

      • Where is your empirical evidence that there were as many against Admiral Place being built to 6 storeys as there were for it. Seems to me all the folks campaigning against were defeated in the last election. All on Carrier’s team took a terrible drubbing except for Mike who changed his mind. It still hasn’t been built because of Carrier’s motion which served to pull the plug on the project. Most of the units had been sold and many people were disappointed by Carrier’s unprecedented actions. Economic conditions deteriorated and that was that. Can’t believe you would question Assaff’s finances. He owns the RBC and BNS buildings, domino pizza plaza, Sheffer Court, Arlington building, the new gym building, the court house building, the two new properties going up at the Mountainview property, several properties in Alliston, property in Florida, and probably more that I don’t know about. He likely made a tidy profit on the old library building. He owns the property where Admiral Collingwood Place should be. He doesn’t have to sell it if he doesn’t want to.
        Carrier talks constantly of all the good things that happened in his term. If he is so proud of his record, he should have run 4 years ago.
        People complain about block voting. Folks, you ain’t seen nothing yet! It’s my understanding Carrier has already held at least one meeting with what he perceives as his new band of merry men and women.
        Referring to Joe as Joseph was the talk of the town after the all candidates meeting. Carrier looked smug, arrogant and patronizing.

      • My empirical evidence is the 2006 election. So you’ve answered your own question. Mr Assaff has been handed everything he wanted to get this project done. He got his 6 floors, he got his market conditions, because if you listen to the incumbent council Collingwood is booming. Yet I still see a hole in the ground. I suggest that you start looking at the real reason this project has not moved forward Mr Assaff is not interested in proceeding with it. You also need to start actually talking to the people involved rather than the continual “I heard” nonsense. We shall all see this evening John. Have a nice day.

  3. Here is my opinion on your recent blog posts. You will probably agree with 1 and take objection to 2.

    It is of no interest to me what Rick Lloyd’s lawyer thinks. This is an ethical question, not a legal question. The Integrity Commissioner is making an ethical judgement not a strictly legal one. That is exactly what his role should be. I think it is obvious to everyone here that a councillor should remove himself from the table whenever a vote is directly related to a close personal acquaintance. Does anyone in their right mind actually disagree with this???
    Sure, this is a small town and people tend to know each other. But we have nine votes around the table and if a couple of them step aside that still leaves some good folks around the table to make the decision.
    The letter from Rick Lloyd’s lawyer is odd in other respects. It seems to argue that the fact the complaint was received by a political opponent is relevant. It is not relevant to the complaint at all. The complaint is the complaint, regardless of its source. I could go on with this, but I think you get the picture. In general, it is a bizarre response to an honest and reasonable report from the Integrity Commissioner.

    Enough with all this nonsense about signs, goons, recycling-bin-surfing etc. You have no evidence for any of this and are purely speculating in order to create a negative image of certain candidates or their campaigns. These are urban myths and nothing more. If you have any evidence you should produce it. Sorry to see some candidates jumping on the bandwagon in the comments section (Rick Crouch, you just lost my vote).

    • Bill thanks for the comment. Of course I don’t agree with you on item 2. Chris Carriers signs on Poplar were systematically being removed every time he put them up. Because of my post we got to the bottom of what was going on and it has now stopped. I did not get into what was going on publicly because it was reported to the OPP and I achieved what I had set out to do namely stop those signs from being vandalized. Other candidates had been having their signs taken down or vandalized, that happened no innuendo or rumour. But I did remove the post.

      You completely missed my point of the recycling bin thing. If you notice I merely said that this was a rumour and conspiracy theory. The funniest thing is the one actual documented case that I looked into was self appointed ballot vigilantes trying stop other ballot vigilantes I have also removed that post.

      Rick Crouch is a damn good candidate. If that’s all it took for him to lose your vote you can’t have been very committed to him in the first place.

      • I didnt realise you got to the bottom of the incident of the removed signs on Poplar side road. Were they removed by “goons” under the control of a rival campaign? And if not, will there be an apology?
        As for me not being very committed to voting for Rick Crouch; yeah, you’re correct there. I’m keen for a change (see my comments on the ridiculous Rick Lloyd lawyer letter for example). But I generally found it hard to get enthusiastic about my options during this election.

      • I stand behind what I said in that post so will not apologise. I never said that the sign vandalism was under the direct control of a rival campaign. What I did say was it was supporters of a rival candidate which you have to assume is the case because why else would someone aggressively, remove and destroy election signs. It was reported to the OPP and there are other details which I will not speak of publicly they are investigating criminal damage.
        I have talked to every candidate I voted for and if they are all elected it would be an exciting vibrant council. Not sure what you are not seeing that I am.

  4. According to the act, anyone can vote in a municipal election who, on the day of the election, is:

    18 years of age or older
    a Canadian citizen; and
    either a resident of the municipality or a property owner or tenant or the spouse or same sex partner of an owner or tenant in the municipality during a specified time just before the election.

  5. I learned yesterday that several of the candidates did no door knocking at all during the campaign. They did not get my vote. If they don’t bother working hard for my vote, they likely won’t do any heavy lifting for the town.
    I’ve met Jim Gosnell a couple of times. He actually came to my door and we had a good chat. Also, while out for a walk, we met again and he stopped for another quick talk. He was still knocking on doors so I didn’t want to slow him down. I was very impressed with his performance at the all-candidates meeting. He got my vote. I hope his hard work pays off for him.

  6. Gail Michalenko is a solid candidate and would serve as the social conscience of this new Council. She has worked for 25 years to improve housing in Collingwood and has brought attention to this issue at a provincial level over the last few years. Vote for Gail!

    • Thank you for your vote of confidence and for recognizing that I have been making contributions that have made a difference in the lives of many of Collingwood’s residents.quietly for over 30 years. I hope I will be given the chance to do this at the Council table tomorrow.

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