2014 Collingwood Municipal Election Results

Sandra Cooper (Elected) 4636
Chris Carrier 2273
Joe Gardhouse 2131

Deputy Mayor
Brian Saunderson (Elected) 5701
Rick Lloyd 3245

Tim Fryer (Elected) 5301
Mike Edwards (Elected) 4425
Cam Ecclestone (Elected)3792
Kathy Jeffery (Elected)3674
Deb Doherty (Elected)3617
Bob Madigan (Elected)3550
Kevin Lloyd (Elected)3402
Rick Crouch 3364
Dale West 3245
Jim Gosnell 3221
Gail Michalenko 3213
Ian Chadwick 3108
Steve Berman 2983
Sandy Cunningham 1516
Betty Donaher 1450


5 thoughts on “2014 Collingwood Municipal Election Results

  1. Well, the voting block has been dismantled, it would have been nice if both Lloyd’s had lost but I think the people who were elected can handle the completion. I am so happy for Brian Saunderson, he had me hooked on the debate when he made Rick Lloyd look like the fool he is. I guess Mr. Chadwick will have to look for more bread baking recipes but he will not be missed. I think between you, Mr. Nobody, and Steve Berman, the two of you got Collingwood thinking and changed the outcome of this election. Sandra Cooper can still cut ribbons and send tweets to Putin, she is just a figurehead, not a leader so I won’t worry about her. Thanks for all the great news and views you’ve shared with us…..you made a difference 🙂

  2. I can handle grandma for another 4 but it would have been sweet to see K Lloyd removed. Well done to everyone that stepped up and run. We needed change and we have got it.

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