Where does VFAN go from here?

VFAN is just about to roll through 30,000 views since the beginning of October, my average for a full month is around 8,500 views. I’m a bit burned out by it all actually. I am glad it’s all over. I was thinking of ending this blog and starting something new, I never intended on continuing beyond this municipal election. I started this blog in January 2013 with a very public slanging match with Scoop, the silly man instead of just ignoring me, linked my ranting’s and responded, so I piggy backed on all his readers. Prior to that I was only getting around 20 views per day, the rest is history as they say. My original intention was to post a few things poking fun at town council, for the amusement of a few of my buddy’s. Not sure how it ended up at the place it is at now, but it is unsustainable in its present form, it’s like a second job and the pay is crap.
The results of this election were not emphatic enough for me. We still have our feckless ribbon cutting mayor. We still have Kevin Lloyd.

If you look at my election predictions I was actually only out by two and I put it like this Cam replaced Rick Crouch and Bob Madigan is in the spot Steve Berman should have been in if he had actually ran a campaign. Water under the bridge now as they say.

In the next day or so we start this process again. I will attend council meetings when I can and post my take on things as they arise. Thanks this evening for all the kind words from people who do not know me but know my blog it has made it all worth while.


15 thoughts on “Where does VFAN go from here?

  1. Hey VFAN, I didn’t always agree with you but many times I did. Please keep up the good work…..it is a good honest effort to keep our elected officials on point and accountable. In the absence of a Ward system, we have a hard time keeping Councilors feet to the fire on certain issues. We need VFAN to keep up the dialogue.
    If you shut down, we do understand…..thanks for the effort.

  2. I wouldn’t normally comment as I am the kind of person who likes to observe and follow from a distance but when I read your last posting I felt I needed to. Although I can appreciate your desire to pack-it-in and call it a day and can only imagine the work that has gone into keeping your blog going, it goes without saying that the value it has brought is immeasurable. I believe our world is made up of two types of leaders: those with a title (chief of police, mayor, principal, etc) and those without a title. It is often the ones without a title that have the power to effect significant change in the masses. It is my belief that you, through your blog, have been an effective leader without a title. Your ability to bring the issues to light in a way that inspired people to want to learn more and continue to visit your blog is commendable. You have done something few others can do given the apparent apathy that exists with respect to politics. I read somewhere today that voter turnout in Collingwood was higher than in recent elections and I think that, in part, is because of the interest that was generated by people becoming informed by the things you wrote about. Your passion and dedication to maintaining this blog is inspiring to say the least and I will be sorry to see it end. It has been an educating and entertaining ride and I sincerely hope your work will continue…and if it does I believe Collingwood will be a better place because of it. Thank you for all you have done!

  3. I certainly can’t blame you for wanting out of the limelight – anyone who understands the realities of the internet knows how grinding and toxic it can feel. But please remember, your getting 28,000 hits a month because people care what you say. You are a huge part of the political environment in this town, and drive the interest of many people.

    Perhaps it would be best to step back from VFAN for a while; you deserve the break. But maybe it doesn’t need to be the end of it. Just consider it, that’s all I’m asking. Thanks for everything.

  4. Please keep doing what you do—it’s entertaining and informative. IMO we don’t have very effective investigative journalism to keep a bright light on municipal issues, so I hope you & Berman will continue to do so.
    Also re: Mr Chadwick all I have to say is : “sic transit gloria mundi.” (He’d get that!)

  5. Thanks for all your time in the front lines. I learned a lot and you inspired me to educate my friends about the local political scene. Maybe just take a break for a while? Sandra will no doubt say/do something stupid really soon and your gonna need a place to vent! We look forward to hearing about it. Hope to see you at the council meetings…I’m gonna try to make a few over the next term.

    Peace out…
    Cpt Chris

  6. What???! No more regular VFAN? Sigh…withdrawals….You are going to have some amazing things to write about over this next term!! In any event, thank you very much for all the hard work!!!

  7. I hope you continue to be a voice in Collingwood. We need people like you to ” tell it like it is”. Now that you have the fan base you should reconsider. Thanks for all your work over the Election

  8. Humility is a wonderful characteristic so go ahead be humble and stuff. What we see is a man who for the good of his family, and for the good of his community stood up Under very adverse conditions and said stop the madness…….We listened and we did. Thank you for caring.jim

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