Candid Camera – Election Special (IV)

kevin Lloyd
Kevin Lloyd absolutely ecstatic after hearing the election results. So ecstatic you can almost see the vein pulsing on the side of his forehead.

Ian Chadwick’s kitchen counter the morning after election night.

Broken Uk
Seen on the sidewalk in front of Ian Chadwick’s house late on election night.

Rick Crouch heads off on the campaign trai…….. “Hang on Rick come back”

dale and Bob
Bob gets a bit of advice on how to be a good councillor from Dale……….. Dohh!!!

A few of the boys take a break from the campaigning, to blaze up some blunts.

Brian Sanderson’s car after the all candidates meeting.

Sandra Cooper after she hears she has been re-elected as Mayor.

Cooper Moguls
Later election night; Sandra Cooper doing Karaoke at Moguls.

Cooper after
Sandra Cooper Tuesday morning after one too many tequila slammers the night before. Plus someone just reminded her that Rick Lloyd had been sent packing.

Town cryer
Town Crier on the Wednesday after the election. Sending Rick Lloyd packing.

Bob Madigan just prior to heading down to file his nomination papers (and a trip to Frank the barber).

election sign
Illegal election sign offering another ringing endorsement of the voting bloc.

Dale West heads back out to do some last minute campaigning.

Couple of Bobs pals organize a small celebration in downtown Collingwood day after the election.

Ian Chadwick just after his Facebook rant.

Steve Berman
Steve Berman knocking on doors……… Yeah I cant see him either.

Crow Pie
My supper the day after the election. After all the trash talking I did about Cam.

Edwards sign
Mike Edwards accidently brings out the wrong sign from his garage, and inadvertently reminds the voters why they should be “Throwing the bums out.”

New portrait of Bob hanging in Mad Dogs. He had it commissioned to try and attract the Collingwood ethnic vote…….. Em Bob there is no ethnic vote in Collingwood.



Rick Lloyd
“Brian I would like to ask you about conflict of interest…………….”

Joe G
Er……..Um……. What was the question again?”

Carrier elected
“I would like to thank all of you out there for putting your faith in me this past 4 years……..”

Chadwick 3
Ian Chadwick tries to woe another voter.

Dale West
“I am not going to be part of this circus.” And we all wholeheartedly agreed with you Dale.


Note: This is a parody post. I am not suggesting or implying anything in my statements attached to photographs above. One thing I will say though, if you are a local politician and you are being photographed you could end up on VFAN’s Candid Camera.


7 thoughts on “Candid Camera – Election Special (IV)

  1. I just loved it, Rick Lloyd’s face turning redder and redder when Brian answered his stupid questions….gotta love the new guy. Sandra Cooper hugging her parents with her brother standing in the background and she says in the newspaper she doesn’t have any idea about his business…you have no crow to eat Nobody…you helped change the direction of the election and kept us smiling while the sh*t was hitting the fan all around us.
    Thank you for making my day.

  2. bahhahaaa…..excellent collage 🙂 I have to say the “Brian …. I’d like to ask you about the conflict of interest” was totally epic!!! I still laugh when I think of it!

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