A review of your new council Part 2:

Your new councillors: (In no particular order)

Tim Fryer:
As Brian is to Sandra, Tim is to Brian. Meaning in the absence of a competent head of council in Mayor Cooper. Look for Tim Fryer to be the de-facto Deputy Mayor. Also in 2018 look for these two to jump up one rung each of the political ladder and run for Mayor and Deputy Mayor respectively. I spoke with Tim at the all candidates meeting about the towns finances. Within seconds he had my head spinning and my eyes glazing over. He started talking financial speak to me which I am not entirely unaccustomed to, but in this instance he may as well have been speaking Swahili. Tim Fryer is one smart character. He is also “Old Collingwood” with a family lineage that goes back many generations. Again, as with Brian, he is going to be a hard task master. I get the impression he does not suffer fools gladly. Penny pincher, process orientated, policy wonk are all words I would use to describe Tim. Don’t look to Tim for any big spending initiatives until the finances are well under control.

Cam Ecclestone:
Apparently, my sources have told me, no one was more surprised by the fact that he received the third highest vote count for councillors this past election than Cam. His tireless campaigning is quickly becoming the stuff of political legend in Collingwood. Every time I talk to a different person the number of doors he knocked on goes up a thousand, 3,000 doors, 4,000 doors, 5,000 doors. However many it was, it worked and it should prove to all of us he has a boundless work ethic and is serious about the council position that he got himself elected into. Another penny pincher and financial wonk. No votes from Cam on any new big spending initiatives until he see’s what the true financial picture of the town is. (I can assure you, it is not what the rose-tinted bespectacled voting bloc have been telling us.)

Bob Madigan:
Bob and his fans will again accuse me of picking on him. But as always I call it as I see it. I hope he proves me as wrong as Cam did. I am starting to get a taste for roasted crow with a balsamic glaze.
I believe our populist new member of council could struggle in his newly elected position (not in the photo-op department though). He could struggle on a couple of fronts. The first – However much he tried to distance himself from the Mayor and her voting bloc during the election campaign, verbally and in various forms of social media. The rumour mill and the photo ops told a different story. A lot of people will be watching Bob’s voting record closely when council resumes. If Bob aligns himself with the Mayor too many times he will very quickly find himself on the outside looking in. But Bob has to dance with the girl who brought him to the ball. By my reckoning there is a longer term plan afoot here. Bob may or may not know what that is.
Also from the conversation I had with him, I got that Bob is a very intelligent individual, he is quick on his feet and street smart, but is Bob book smart? (I’m actually asking that question because I don’t know.) Will he have the intestinal fortitude to read through and comprehend the pages and pages of boring deputations and reports that he will receive on a Friday evening ready for Monday evenings council session? Week in, week out, month in, month out.
I have a standing order these days at Blueridge Meats for dressed crow. Lets see if Bob makes me fill that order.

Kathy Jeffery:
We all know what we are getting with Kathy. The voters of Collingwood, after severely slapping her across the wrist in the 2010 election, have resumed their political love affair with her. Nothing new to report, she was a safe choice for many of us, stoic, reliable, maybe a little bland, but sometimes in politics bland is good. In my mind she will be on the right side of most of my issues. My only concern with Kathy is in her previous stint on council she had a tendency for arrogance and tin ear syndrome. I never thought I would vote for Kathy again after the whole patio mess. But we are a forgiving lot us voters of Collingwood. I hope that the shellacking we gave her in 2010 has permanently removed those unpleasant traits from Kathy once and for all.

Deb Doherty:
I have been a huge fan of Deb, since she came onto my radar around a year ago, through my research on some posts that I did on VOTE and the Vision 2020 project. She is definitely a big vision kind of person very much like myself. Unlike many of the people she was running against she actually had a platform of items she wanted to get accomplished. Unfortunately though, I think the towns finances will get in the way of many of them. She is a wile political operator, her letter to town council regarding the ACP site remediation agreement was absolutely brilliant in an election year, pure theatre and grist for the mill for a political junky and blogger like myself. Because of that letter she was immediately put onto Collingwood’s most wanted list. Kevin Lloyd verbally abused her after a council meeting and her detractors also tried to professionally intimidate her. She played the wounded heroine to a tee, but we all knew she is as tough as nails. Careful this cat has claws. Ouch!!!

You all know about the other two incumbents. So at the risk of repeating myself……….. I will repeat myself.

Kevin Lloyd:
I was whining like a little baby after I found out Mr. Lloyd had been re-elected. But what would this blog be without him on council? I already lost Chadwick. You my loyal readers, prove to me time and time again through the uptick in your views of this blog, that you are not interested in bland, feel good, everything is great commentary. You like and share with others, my acidic opinion pieces, that say what many of you are thinking. In fact I hope that the general consensus view, that Kevin Lloyd will get so sick and tired of sitting next to his nemesis Deb in the dunces chair. Throw his toys out of the stroller and quit in disgust before next year is out. Because I will be left with only Bob, Mike and the Mayor to write about.

Mike Edwards:
What is it with you lot and Mike Edwards? What do you all see that I don’t? How did he vote for the sole sourced recreation tents and that vote just rolled off him like many other votes in his past and it not stick to him like the proverbial s**t to a blanket? His colleagues take the hits and Mike keeps rolling on like the Energizer Bunny. These are questions I keep asking and no one seems to know the answer. He is the epitome of the finger in the wind politician, he rarely takes a solid stand on anything and brings no new ideas or thoughts to the table. Expect no more and no less this coming term. This time though I will have more time on my hands now Chadwick has gone. So I will be making a point, anytime I can, to remind those of you that held your nose and voted for Mike Edwards, the error of your ways.

Note: As I wrote this review, I realized that as much as I like to think of myself as a big picture kind of guy. My initial commentary, after the election, was from the small refined bubble of this blog. After all my earlier winging, I guess this was a pretty good election result after all.


2 thoughts on “A review of your new council Part 2:

  1. Deb Doherty appeared first on my radar with her initiative on Rick Lloyd’s buddy’s hole on the corner of Hume and Hurontario. I hope she and the rest of the new council maintain their vigilance and activism and get to work on the other eyesores, viz: the Shipyards holes, ( yes we keep hearing that there’s plans afoot to resume work— but deeds speak,) the holy mess opposite Shoppers’ Drug; the Fram sites around the harbour; and numerous other unfinished symphonies of sub divisions around Town.
    I do believe there is a systemic problem in the Building or Planning Departments that allow building permits and site agreements to be opened, and left open ad infinitum. Maybe it’s time to take a good into the inner workings if these departments?
    Just sayin’.

  2. Glad you decided to stick with it! Wanted to wait till you did part 2 to comment. You have hit the nails pretty squarely on their heads except for a couple of minor points which I hope are too trivial to mention. We can’t go back to sleep for the next 3 years if we want this council to succeed. They need support and input to stay on course. The old guard will not just put their tails between their legs and slink off. Stay true to your course and watch your backs.

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