Someone pissed on Pauls cornflakes.

One of my regular commenters Paul must have got out of bed the wrong side yesterday. Either that or he is suffering from a rather severe case of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). The following is his commentary/lists:
(My comments are in bold)

Four year prediction

1) Nothing will happen at the corner of Hurontario and Hume. (Admiral).
2) Nothing will happen at old school at Sixth and Maple.
3) Nothing will happen at Second and High St. ( Home Depot )
4) Nothing will happen at the Shipyards.
5) Town will spend $100,000 on a waterfront study to find out we own a grain terminal spit, Arboretum Park and Sunset Park.
6) Deputy Mayor will declare conflict of interest on 1 of 5 council votes due to current employment. The previous DM declared a conflict every week with Smarts Flowers.
7) Our council will spend next 6 month draft up a conflict of interest by-law however our on council lawyer is fully aware this provincial jurisdiction not local. (Municipal act) If it makes the mayor think twice before she has municipal dealings with her brother is that not worth it?
8) Councillor’s will have to declare conflict of interest due to their current employment.
9) Going to the local council meeting will be curse for anyone with insomnia. Don’t get this. If it’s a curse do you mean they will continue to be awake because council meetings will be so exciting??? Did you gain an “S” Paul?
10) Will find we have no leader among our current council members (if we do, who?) Read my previous post.
11) “Nobody” will be blogging about nothing, he’ll start new blog called “Nothing” with “nothing” to say. You obviously have not been paying attention Paul I always have lots to say.
12) Municipal government will be put on auto pilot for next 4 years with annual tax increases
13) Our debt will increase from some number we don’t believe to another number we don’t believe.
14) Gambling what’s that?
15) The grain terminal will be 4 years older, still be in need of repair.
16) Elvis Festival will still be here and will again be losing money but that okay. I forget why that is okay, oh it’s good for bars, hotels, out town concession, general contractors and increase police costs for our out of town drunks.
17) BIA will continue to be dysfunctional.
18) On those nice warm summer day as you walk along First Street you’ll remember where our sanitation department is located. (This may explain why ship yard is stalled)
19) No councillor will stand up say… Let’s change that! If one does the rest will say “Where is the money coming from?”
20) Council will increase the annual police budget even thou crime has decrease continually for last 8 years.
21) Will except a $400,000 increase in an OPP budget without debate but debate hours for new $50,000 baseball diamond.
22) Berman will be the name of a guy who works at our local school. I very much doubt that, but you’re the one telling the story.
23) Parking on Hurontario will be review again but remain the same.
24) OPP investigation will end or be forgotten either way, its water under the bridge. Maybe new council can pass a bylaw to put stocks outside the town hall so the citizenry can pelt rotten fruit and vegetables at the miscreants Paul?
25) Our new council will take credit for the Hume street improvement.
26) Will hire more OPP officer to handle more speed modification programs (speed traps)
27) Economic development will be another pizzeria not to be forgotten by another Coffee shop in town.
28) Collingwood’s goal will be minimum wage capital of Ontario. I bashed the last council constantly, but in all honesty they nor the next council can be blamed for that. #GlobalEconomy

This new council probably won’t find a cure for cancer or third world poverty either, but I will try not to hold that against them.

We will be thankful however for:

1) No one will be cancel our subways unless it a sandwiches for a council meeting. Huh?
2) Hwy 26 will not be torn down. Huh??
3) Traffic congestion will remain number 101 on our list of serious problem we have to review. Huh???
4) Our mayor will not be on a late night talk show. Ah now I get it referencing Toronto!!! A bit slow today Paul sorry!
5) That “Nobody” gives you this platform to vent.

On a more positive note here’s a list for our new council

1) Change Elvis program to appeal to younger audience. Elvis and young people are mutually exclusive.
2) Change BIA from small downtown corridor membership to include First street business corridor.
3) Make BIA functional to all not just a few members.
4) Park on Hurontario will be free for first hour after that charge by the hour.
5) Co power generation plant will be review for our local sanitation department. Huh? You lost me on this one.
6) If gambling were to come to town, it will be by a town referendum.
7) Police department size will decreased to reflex our current crime rates. Provincial jurisdiction I believe.
8) Our town portion of OPP cost will review with other municipalities. Provincial again.
9) A standard debt calculation will be published annually.
10) Request for funds will present to provincial and federal government for development of terminal spit. It will include removal fencing around Collingwood yacht club, new docks, a harbour/tourist office, rentable retail outlets, new grass, and play area for kids. (old and young)
11) Sixth street soccer field, we’ll build a park change room, concession stand, maintain/storage shed along with washrooms. It wills employee a few senior high school students for summer employment to look after the park, new concession and ground maintains. Nice idea but as I said in my previous post, no money any time soon.
12) Town will contact FRAM development to see if we can agree to 15 year lease for use of their waterfront property to build two baseball diamonds with a cancelation clause after 5 years with 1 year notice. Yeah right!!! That should be down with 17 and 18 below.
13) All the stores in town will become wheel chair accessible within 4 year
14) Property standards for all developer/ landowners with time lines and posted bonds for non-compliance
15) Change current municipal system of 7 past the post to a more democratic system of 3 wards system explain more next post) It’s a comment Paul not a post. I do the posts. You comment.
16) Increase the income for all council position effective for 2018 (explain more next post) Again I do the posts.
A couple more add-ons the new council should achieve:
17) Part the waters of Georgian Bay so we can drive to Christian Island.
18) Convince Premier Windbag to extend the 410 all the way up to Collingwood.

Please do something over the next four years (council) hopefully your claim to fame will not be complaining about the previous councils.

Good luck council, its honeymoon season. Let’s give everyone a big hug but sooner than you know it will all be over. Will all be complaining about this and that, so pull up a chair give us your 4 year operational plan… okay let’s make it easy, how about one year plan.

Paul made some great points above and also some silly ones. It looks like these past few years have made him a little jaded. Let’s see how the next few months play out before we make many of the above judgements.


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