Brian Saundersons motions before first council meeting:

I have been going on about a couple of motions that Brian Saunderson is planning to bring before council as a first order of business next month. It occurred to me that some of you might not know what the hell I am yapping about. So here are the two motions:

October 14, 2014

Town of Collingwood
Notice of Motion #1

To be tabled at the First Council Meeting of the 2014 – 2018 Term of Office

Whereas it is critical to the success of the 2014 to 2018 Town of Collingwood Council Term of Office that all governance and administrative processes be completed with unquestionable honesty and integrity;

Whereas many gaps in policies and procedures came to light during the term of previous Council that raised questions about the transparency and accountability of the decision making process; and,

Whereas existing policies require immediate review to ensure that this Council’s decision making process is open and transparent and follows best practices in municipal governance.

Therefore be it resolved that staff report back at their earliest ability on the process, resources and intended completion of the revision/introduction of following policies and procedures:

a) The review of the Procurement Policy to include, at a minimum, an upset limit on sole sourcing, a limit of sole sourcing to emergency situations only and a vendor of record procedure;

b) The development of a Lobbyist Registry to ensure that all lobbyists are registered with the Town of Collingwood and that the content of all discussions with staff and elected officials are recorded and open for public scrutiny on the Town’s website;

c) That the Code of Conduct – Conflict of Interest Policy for staff and Council include the most rigid of considerations including removing oneself from discussion and subsequent decision making on matters that, at minimum, may benefit any immediate family members including siblings;

d) That the benefits and challenges of a Fraud Hotline be investigated that allows for issues to be raised by the public, staff and council directly and in confidence to an impartial third party;

e) That a Public Engagement and Communications Policy be established that guarantees the public the right to have meaningful and timely input into significant matters that may affect their quality of life in Collingwood;

f) That all detailed council and staff expense claims and departmental expenditures and revenues be posted against targets for public review on a quarterly basis;

g) That staff advice Council on a simplistic way of measuring efficiencies and effectiveness in the delivery of municipal services; and,

h) Further that staff advise Council on any other policies and procedures that will heighten honesty and openness in our municipal governance and administration; thus depicting the transparency that all Collingwood residents and businesses deserve.

Town of Collingwood

Notice of Motion # 2

To be tabled at the First Council Meeting of the 2014 – 2018 Term of Office

Whereas it is critical to the success of the 2014 to 2018 Town of Collingwood Council Term of Office that a Community Driven Plan is developed as soon as possible,

Whereas the development of Community Driven Plans must engage residents and businesses to garner opinions, suggestions, background information and thoughts about priorities as well as current research and as to how other jurisdictions have addressed predominant issues,

Whereas there is a significant amount of background information already in place such as demographics, growth projections, debt and tax rates, unemployment, poverty levels, community and departmental statistics and studies that would serve to inform the current state within Collingwood,

Whereas there are excellent plans in place in other communities and jurisdictions that could serve to inform the development and implementation of a 5 year Community Driven Plan in Collingwood,

Whereas there are residents and business persons with strong backgrounds and the skills and competencies to inform and assist in implementing a Community Driven Plan,

Whereas it is important to understand how all departments, committees and community groups can align with the community priorities in realizing our collective vision,

Therefore be it resolved that staff report back at their earliest ability on the process, resources to complete the first draft of recommendations of a 5 year Community Driven Plan within 100 days to include but not be limited to the following:

a.The framework of a meaningful but not overly lengthy Community Driven Planning process that includes a 5 year plan and the intended development of a 20 year plan;

b.Guiding principles regarding what the plan should strongly consider as it is developed and implemented (such as effectiveness in the delivery of services, fiscal, social and environmental sustainability, access to services by marginalized residents, the rights of residents, etc.);

c.A simple model that holds staff and Council accountable to the citizenry for the intended goals and objectives through long term and annual plans as well as annual performance measures;

d.A listing and brief summary of current information, plans and strategies in place that would provide background documentation and assist in expediting the development of the plan;

e.Communications that support community input through technology, face to face dialogue, the submission of discussion papers, continued engagement in the plan’s implementation and regular reporting mechanisms to the community;

f.The advisement of software programs that would serve to collect the skills and competencies of community volunteers to enable the fullest and most effective implementation of the plan; and

A project timeline and the internal and external resources required to achieve the development of the first draft of Collingwood’s 5 Year Community Driven Plan within the intended timeframe.


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