A Swearing in Ceremony – Nobody Style

Your new council was sworn in today at a very pleasant lunchtime soiree hosted at the Legion. As usual your intrepid local political blogger was at the proceedings. I have some observations for you poor working stiffs, that were not able to attend:

1. I preferred being anonymous. Even Sara Almas knows who I am and said hello today. I used to attend these types of events and sit at the back and not be noticed, now not so much. And is it my imagination or is everyone a little more guarded when they are around me now? I lost count of how many times I heard “This is off the record right?” I eventually got so paranoid, I promptly removed my “Out of the closet” post. But I fear now it’s like trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube.

2. Father Scanlon was the Catholic representative and was supposed to finish off the proceedings with a prayer. This started as a very funny stand-up routine which had the audience in stitches. Unfortunately this went on around 3 – 4 minutes too long. The smiles on the audience faces were starting to get that painted on, this is starting to get embarrassing, look about them. Just when I thought someone was going to tap him on the shoulder to remind him of his purpose for being on the stage, he got back on track. We all collectively breathed a sigh of relief. One thing I should add is he is 85 years old and I hope that I am that sprightly if I ever reach that age.

3. As I said above, Father Scanlon was the Catholic rep and Reverend Tim Raeburn-Gibson was the Protestant rep. He started us off with a prayer. But one thing surprised me the honour guard were the “Knights of Columbus” a very much Catholic organization. The Masons will be pissed about that one. One of my little birds told me that Sandra converted to Catholicism years ago because of marriage. I guess this dynamic very clearly played itself out in this swearing in ceremony.

4. While I am on the subject of that honour guard. Did anyone else think this was a little over the top? Today was the first time I have attended one of these. But apparently her first time around, Sandra merely had pipers pipe her in. This time one piper and a five man honour guard replete with swords, bright coloured uniforms, feathery hats and lots of pomp. I have to wonder what we are in for next time around if Sandra gets voted in again. I’m thinking a fly over of CF 18’s and HMCS Toronto FFH 333 docked just outside the harbour for a 21 gun salute. In case your wondering the same as I did. The Mayor is the one that decides how her and her council get sworn in.

5. I can already see that Bob and Kevin have become fast friends. I predict before not too long these two will be inseparable like two book ends at each end of the council table, like salt and pepper, like Abbott and Costello, like Simon and Garfunkel……………. Sorry I was having one of my moments, getting all misty thinking about the future blogging possibilities of this partnership.

6. Talking of Bob this boy has charisma man, self-depreciating on cue, the correct amount of gravitas when it’s required, thanking all the right people. Now if only he can channel all this for good instead of evil, we shall soon see.

7. I was quite disappointed in the lack of previous council representation at the event. No Ian Chadwick, Rick Lloyd, Sandy Cunningham, Terry Geddes, Keith Hull, Ron Emo, Joe Gardhouse. In fact the only person that I did see was Chris Carrier. Good for you Chris that showed a lot of class. Was I seeing things or did Sandra actually say hello to you? Wonders will never cease!!!

8. At the end of Mayor Coopers speech she asked the members of her family to stand up and to my amazement half the audience stood up………… Ok that scenario only played itself out in Nobody’s pea sized brain (the part where half the audience stood up). But I did find it rather interesting that she would make this bizarre request. Maybe it was to showcase young Shawn. I see a run at council coming in 2018. Another political dynasty on its way? Camelot Collingwood style?

9. Kevin Lloyd seems to be perpetually angry. Throughout the whole shindig his face was the colour of a very ripe tomato. I wonder if he has had his blood pressure checked lately. I am actually quite serious.

10. I tried getting ten interesting points out of today’s event and I have sat here looking at my computer screen for 15 minutes drawing a blank, then it hit me. This is the first time that I have heard CEO John Brown speak for any length of time and I noticed he has a slight twang of a Scottish accent. I wonder if he is a Celtic or a Rangers man? I will make that a priority to find that out in the very near future.


7 thoughts on “A Swearing in Ceremony – Nobody Style

  1. It’s Scanlon (a former member of the “Flying Fathers” hockey team back in the day). I watched on TV later that night and enjoyed his remarks. Ron Emo is in Florida for 10 weeks…he hasn’t been on council since 1988. I would have expected a little more recent former Mayors to be in attendance along with former Mayor Carrier-good on him for showing up. I’m speaking about Doug Garbutt and Terry Geddes…heck I think Joe Sheffer lives in the area.

    • Yeah Blogreader I knew someone would take issue with that part of my post. I enjoyed it as well especially Sandra Coopers squirming around in her seat the longer “The Flying Father” went on. I did qualify myself by mentioning his age. I just call it as I see it. Sorry for the typo which I have now corrected.

  2. I enjoyed Father Scanlon also. But I wasn’t looking at him I was looking at Sandra during his act. The look on her face was priceless as she realized the good Father was going more and more off script and her scripted precious swearing in might be going a little off track.

  3. Much to my dismay, I missed the first hour and the feather wearing, pomping thingamagingy march (or something like that)…so thanks for filling me in. I did notice the color red and I quite enjoyed the overdrawn comedy closing prayer by, Father Scanlon. I will also join in the hopes that I fair as well as he when I am 85. Did I hear him make a joke about being called “Father”? I didn’t quite catch what Mayor Cooper said in her acceptance speech, but I was distracted by the smell of the lunch being served. I thought that when 1/2 the room stood up it was to get in the food line…but alas, it was Sandra’s family…who knew? I look forward to attending the new council meetings…and maybe even seeing a CF 18, if the Mayor is so inclined to entertain us.

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