The First VFAN Caption Competition

You asked for, nay demanded a Caption Competition folks and VFAN is here to serve you my loyal readers. The idea is I post a picture and you fill in the caption in the comments section below. We will start with this picture of Sandra getting familiar with a hard hat and workmans ladder. This weeks prize for the best caption is a years free subscription to this VFAN blog.


………”Yeah I fixed everything in town with the last council, so nothing really left to do. So I’m giving Steve a hand with the painting down at Mountain View Towne Centre.”


15 thoughts on “The First VFAN Caption Competition

  1. Okay, I expected a tiara and I got a hard hat? I’m going to start tearing down all buildings made with brick and have them replaced with tents….baaaahahahahahha

  2. I find these blogs great for hearing about what’s going on at council meetings and to listen to different opinions and perspectives. But with all the bullying issues that we’re trying to prevent in schools with kids, as adults why is a post like this okay?

    • Relax b its a little bit of fun at the business end of a long cold winter. The mayor signed up for this detail if she did not want to be the brunt of a few jokes she should have done one of two things – went back to Loblaws and checked out groceries again. Or stopped enabling people who are more interested in lining there own pockets than making this town a fantastic place to live.

      • “B” May I suggest that you research Caption Contests to obtain a more defined understanding of what they are so that you may gain a more informed opinion. Caption contests can be used not only as entertainment but also for other purposes, such bringing forward a certain problem. In fact, some of the most popular are Election Day Caption Contests, Political Caption Contests and College Caption Contests. I agree with VFAN, the Mayor has put herself in such a position that her picture seems to bring on these types of captions. Please feel free to write a wonderful caption in regards to this picture, or couldn’t you think of anything?

    • Bullying is something we should definitely be concerned about when it comes to vulnerable teenagers. Politicians can probably be expected to take it to some extent. Even bloggers are valid targets. Who could argue that Nobody deserves a wedgie? Be careful with Berman though! History suggests he will complain to the police.

      • Hahaha wedgie that’s hilarious!!!! Hey Bill talking of bullying you “bullied” me into doing a caption completion then didn’t do a caption what gives????

  3. Golly gee Paul! – that’s a really big hole in the bubble! Do you think anyone will notice the duct-tape??? Maybe we can hang a poster over that spot??

  4. WNetwork had to cancel this week’s edition of Undercover Boss, in which they tried to surreptitiously plant Collingwood’s mayor Sandra Cooper into the towns Public Works Department. After two weeks of filming it was discovered that every person working in that department was a member of her immediate or extended family.

  5. “After my 2nd successful election as mayor of Collingwood, I am changing the name above the door of town hall to the Cooper/Bonwick Memorial Collingwood Town Hall.”

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