Running out of places to hide…………

Over the years, I have lived under some pretty bad political administration’s. The Edward Heath and Jim Callaghan governments in the UK of the seventies. Bob Hawke’s incompetent Labour government in Australia of the eighties and the kleptocratic Glen Clark BC NDP government of the nineties immediately come to mind. All of these governing bodies ended up driving me out of those respective jurisdictions. Nothing, ladies and gentleman, beats this current Ontario Liberal Kathleen Windbag administration, in arrogance and incompetence.
The latest boondoggle is another $900M of blown taxpayer money thrown down the drain in extra costs associated with the installation of 4.5 million smart meters across the province. Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk in her annual report regarding the way the provincial government spends our money, was quite damning saying: “The Energy Ministry did not do a cost-benefit analysis before cabinet approved the Smart Meter program.” She also said “Its projected net benefit of $600M was overstated by at least $512M. The Ministry has neither updated the projected costs and benefits nor tracked the actual costs to determine the actual net benefits.”

Normally when a government is faced with a report of this nature. It will make statements after the fact like: “We will try to do better in the future” or “ We take Ms. Lysyk”s report very seriously and will start an immediate investigation into her concerns”. But no, not with the arrogant Windbag et al. She immediately trundled out her trained seal Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli who said “The electricity system is very complex, it’s very difficult to understand.” I’m surprized he didn’t add “ Now you get back in the kitchen Miss Bonnie and bake me some pie. Leave the complicated stuff to us menfolk”. Note to Mariane: Now is the time to do a blog about this sexist asshole. (Does any of the above remind you of a similar local situation just before the last municipal election?)

Even the “Red Star” was railing about his “sexist remarks”. Am I starting to sense a little buyer’s remorse coming on? Well that feeling is sure to gather more traction when February’s provincial budget comes around. Windbag and her other trained seal Sousa must be licking their chops at the current low gas prices, or should we say “low hanging fruit”. I predict a 5 cent per litre rise in provincial excise tax on gasoline. Windbag will tout this as another feel good green initiative, and because the price is below a dollar a litre, none of you will even notice. That is until the Saudis get sick of dumping oil onto the world market and ease back on production, and we are back up to $120 a barrel oil again. This will all be long forgotten when we are paying $1.50 a litre at the pump and that tax has been frittered away with all the rest of our hard earned provincial tax money. Also, with three and a half years left in their mandate, now will be a perfect time to put an extra point on the HST. To bring us into line with the other liberal controlled basket cases of Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. I cant blame Harper for not wanting to meet with Windbag. She’s like one of those trust fund kids, pissing away her money on partying and fancy clothes, then going back to the parents because she can’t make rent.
I had a good belly laugh the other day when Windbag and Sousa were rolling out their new provincial pension plan (another provincial government sinkhole). Lecturing us about our fiscal irresponsibility of not saving enough for our retirements. Like they are the true purveyors of financial prudence. Here’s a thought if they would stop pissing our tax money down the drain and taxing us into oblivion, to pay for their incompetence and corruption. Maybe we could save for our own retirements. This is sure to get the wheels back on track in Ontario’s sputtering economy. Another $1,000.00 payroll tax for small and medium sized businesses to absorb.

Now where is my map? Maybe it’s time to start planning another exit strategy. I hear Moscow is nice in the springtime………


6 thoughts on “Running out of places to hide…………

  1. You realize the Saudis are dumping oil onto the market at the behest of the U.S to undercut Russia right? You may want to rethink your destination.

    • Ah Celtman I thought you would be joining me in self imposed exile after our respective teams Europa league results. If that is the plan then that is a damn good idea along with waterboarding and sleep depravation of Islamic terrorists. I only wish we had thought of waterboarding back in the 70’s

  2. Well, if that doesn’t work out for you I hear “Sealand” is nice in the spring…you could work your way to a 360 from there…now where are my woolie’s? it’s cold in here.

  3. The amendments to the law on Information, Information Technology and Information Protection plus other related laws, informally referred to as the law on bloggers, have become effective on August 1, in Russia. Good thing you came out of the closet because you are required under law to post your name along with your blog (I think VFAN could be a real name in Russia, so your good there ) Remember to bring your Ushanka hat – the one with the ear flaps, I like that one…take pictures.

    Удачи! (good luck!) don’t forget to write home 🙂

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