(Not) The Order of Collingwood Award Nominations Requested

On 5th January 2015 at the mayors levee. The 2015 recipient of the Order of Collingwood will be announced. Not to be outdone by the lowly Town of Collingwood VFAN with some very minor, minuscule behind the scenes help from Berman, has decided to do our own version of these awards:

(NOT) The Order of Collingwood Award or Ass-ies for short.

The recipient of this award will receive a golden statuette in the shape of a horses rear end, plus a wall plaque personally signed in felt pen by Steve Berman and “Nobody”.

Please forward your nominations for this award in the comment section below. I have a couple of nominations myself:

1. The asshole in the black Bimmer 720i with the vanity plate EAT SHTT who nipped into a parking space in front of Freshco as I was trying to back in on Thursday evening. He gets a special mention, for the expletive laden barrage he gave me, after I honked my horn. (You know who you are!!!)
2. Ian Chadwick for his Facebook rant at a local restaurant owner just prior to the last election. This most certainly lost him his council seat but we at VFAN think he would be an excellent candidate for this award.
3. OK to save one of you wags from doing it I will also nominate myself. For my continuing service in this community to Asshole-dom.

After I receive all of your nominations we will put it to a vote. The winner of this prestigious award will be announced at a special corned beef dinner to be held at Normieโ€™s Place, date to be announced in the near future. The winner will probably be written on the back of one of the empty cigarette packets that are abundantly available at this locale.


10 thoughts on “(Not) The Order of Collingwood Award Nominations Requested

  1. I will second your nomination for yourself and add Tim Hortons for there expansion onto Poplar Side Road for demolition of a part of Collingwood History and for believing that we need another Tim Hortons in Collingwood.

  2. How about we have an “About Face of the Year Award” for which I nominate our former Deputy Mayor who after staunchly defending the single sourcing of the Sprung Structures is now quoted in this week’s Connection as saying “I would have went out and looked for RFP’s” Is this early campaigning for 2018?

  3. I nominate all those ass klowns who voted for Sandy Cunningham.
    A close second is the Skidiot in the Audi Q7 parked in the Fire lane at Loblaws who is obviously too important to park in the obvious abundance of empty spots.
    During Thursdays storm I had 2 cars slide into the ditch by my place. …..BMW and Merecedes. I nominate all Skidiots who think life is like these German made commercials

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