Your chance to vote for 2014 (Not)The Order of Collingwood Award:

Your Official Ballot for the (Not)The Order of Collingwood Award – The Golden Assie:


Editors Note: I am deeply honoured to be nominated for this prestigious award, in this the inaugural year of the Golden Assie. I was completely verklempt with emotion when I heard this exciting news.


3 thoughts on “Your chance to vote for 2014 (Not)The Order of Collingwood Award:

  1. The Politics of Humor (Or The Humor of Politics)
    Paragraph from “THE ECONOMIST”
    “Political satire used to be the preserve of artists and writers like Honoré Daumier, who caricatured King Louis Philippe in 19th-century France, and George Orwell, the author of “Animal Farm”. It has existed at least since Aristophanes took aim at the Greek elite in his plays, but thanks to modern technology and a changing political climate it is almost everywhere today. The internet has made it easier for the masses to join in the fun. Cartoons and lampoons can be posted online, no longer needing a print publication to host them. Social media have helped political sideswipes to spread as contagiously as laughter, and have fostered a “remix culture” in which internet-users share memes and post spoofs with abandon.”

    We can go on and on with examples of reputable Magazine’s and Publications, such as Huffingpost Post – “Huff Post Political Humor Page” and the Economist (quoted above), to name a couple. The number of blogs and Twitter site’s of where humor and satire is being inserted for Political conversation is overwhelming.

    So the question remains; Is it out of the ordinary for a blogger to use humor to feed his/her blog?…well, I think not, and that makes VFAN just, (dare I say it), just ordinary, (sorry, VFAN) and for that reason, my vote is torn between Chadwick and Lloyd.

    Once I decide I will cast my vote, anonymously of course, …just in-case someone doesn’t think my vote is funny.

  2. I think this award is completely unnecessary. It lessen the affect your blog has. I am almost ready to stop reading your blog which I find interest when you do not attach people unfairly. I hope you bring your self around and treat these people fairly. I think you are getting off base. We need thoughtful critics. Not vindictive ones going over the past. Sounds like I am in a ramble. I just want the new group to work and if they go off I want to know. I do not want captions on pictures or stupid awards. We have a new group working to make Collingwood better. I am looking forward to your reporting on how the new group is working. We really need your reporting but drop the past bad feeling’s. .

    • Hey Frank,
      I am not sure how long you have been following this blog, but if you go back over the last couple of years and look at my earlier posts, humour has been a big part of what I do here. Along with local political commentary, plus local none political issues and basically anything that grabs my interest or pisses me off. If you notice above I have opened myself up to as much ridicule as everyone else on the above ballot. Those that dislike what I say in this blog have taken full advantage and voted accordingly, which I find rather interesting. All I can say is don’t take this at face value, read between the lines.
      I appreciate your comments Frank, as I hope you appreciate the forum that I give you to make them.
      Cheers Colin

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