Your New Council’s First Meeting……….

Tonight we had our first new council meeting. The following are 10 observations:

1. It will be a long 4 years for Bob if tonight is anything to go by. I counted 4 yawns and a head nod before it was even 6pm.

2. CAO john Brown actually has an Irish accent not Scottish. George Wills will be spinning in his grave.(he is also not called Rob) 🙂

3. Kevin Lloyd set the tone early by voting against a no brainer motion from Brian Saunderson (8 -1). It was to have some local input into the upcoming strategic plan. (Oh he is gonna be so much fun).

4. It was actually kind of nice to hang around after the council meeting tonight. Shoot the shit with some of the councillors and discuss some of the issues. I am normally running out of that place like a scalded cat. What a concept!! Open honest dialogue. Good for this town. Bad for this blog.

5. CAO John Brown did his very best impression of a State of the Union address tonight. He dealt with the towns finances. The funny thing was the numbers sounded very much like the numbers that Chris Carrier was touting during the election. SAY WHAT??? Someone was stretching the truth during an election campaign??? I have never heard of such a thing.

6. After the address to council from John Brown. My head did a quadruple take as Kevin Lloyd started to spout fiscal bromides like “I must commend the CAO for the excellent job he did with this report. It’s time to get our fiscal house in order”. WTF!!! Did I just miss something here? Did he and his cohorts not just run an election campaign based on the fact that they paid down debt and their excellent financial stewardship?

7. I said it before and I will say it again, Bob is the consummate politician. He sought me out after the meeting tonight to tell me he had a Che Guavera t-shirt for me. How the f**k did he know I have always wanted one of those things. Uncanny!!! Bob keep that for me I’m coming down to pick it up.(You still got first mention on this blog though).

8. Cam needs to talk a little further away from the microphone. Just Sayin!!

9. We all figured the meeting tonight would go on until around 7.30 to 8pm. It was finished by 6.45pm. Done and dusted for Christmas. I guess when you don’t have Chadwick making clever quotes every 5 minutes in Latin and Hurricane Sandy mumbling incoherent nonsense about every motion, it’s fairly easy to get things moved along.

10. I must say Sandra did a pretty good job tonight. This might work out after all. She kept her mouth shut when she needed to and kept the proceedings moving along with very little obstruction. Keep it up Sandra I will always give credit where credit is due. She does need to be a little more magnanimous though. Before the council meeting she came into the viewers gallery to do some meet and greet. When she got close to Berman and I, she ran away so fast, it was like she was being chased by the “Zombie Apocalypse”.
I was very impressed by this councils first meeting. And this “Asshole” does not impress easily.


5 thoughts on “Your New Council’s First Meeting……….

  1. Was anything said about new structure for committees? There seemed to be tear down in that area over the last 4 years and obviously that needs to be rebuilt. It looks like the Deputy Mayor is leading the way into getting the public input process back in place.

    • There was some stuff on the agenda package showing who was on what committee. But it didn’t get discussed at the meeting. Brian is definitely leading the way in that department, very impressive.

      • do you think that the public is ready to jump in or have they moved on? They did the voting to make a new council and they got what they voted for, now do you think the public will continue to take part? What is your feeling on that?

      • Dave, Unfortunately all but around 5% of the public have the attention span of a carrot. They will not think about any of this again until either the results of the ongoing OPP investigation are announced. Or the next municipal election 2018. That is where myself and others come in to try and keep the interest going through humour and (hopefully) informative blogs. Thanks for your interest. Colin

  2. 1. According to a study done on yawning, a yawn can also be a sign of affection and friendship which is probably why Bob yawned so much and then gave you a T-shirt…I think he likes you, you should yawn back to let him know you like him too …

    2. Did I see Shawn Cooper sitting in the front row looking all dapper and shaking hands with people after council meeting? Is he possibly getting groomed to run in the next election? I predict this will be Sandra’s last term and her son will take a seat on council. Collingwood’s own “Justin Trudeau” in the making.

    3. Kevin Lloyd was the only Councillor who didn’t want the motion put forth by Deputy Mayor Saunderson to have a public council for input in the Strategic Planning. I do see Lloyd’s point however, how do we fit all those people into a back room, closed door meeting? Only 3-4 people usually attend those….

    4. Financial Review by CAO John Brown: Did I have a deja vu or did Chris Carrier actually take out a 3/4 page AD in both local newspapers, hand out flyers, tell everyone about the real financial situation while Mayor Cooper and other members of council spouted different numbers during the election campaign. Oh, the irony of it…

    5. I am excited about the new council – excellent job!

    I think next council meeting I am definitely going to yawn back at Bob, maybe I will get a T-shirt out of it as well!

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