Back to business:

Ok wakey, wakey, everyone!!!

We have our first council meeting of 2015 on Monday evening and the timing could not be any worse for Kathy Jeffery and Tim Fryer to be away on vacation apparently.

The agenda is here:

The first thing that jumped out at me is they are dealing with the airport development that Paul Bonwick the Mayors brother is fully entrenched in. Item #10 is pretty straight forward they are receiving and approving a report on the whole thing, which I guess council would do with or without the two missing councillors. But item #11 caught my eye as they are going “in camera” for more discussion on the airport proposal. They are discussing the fact that the town is selling two wedge shaped pieces of land and providing an easement along the rail line, which ties in with this airport proposal. I say nothing should be decided on buying or selling land until all members of council are at the table.

Another thing that jumped out at me was item #13. I knew this was coming. Deb Doherty told me at the swearing in ceremony that she would be revisiting this in the new year. That was actually going to be one of my 10 observations in the post covering the swearing in. But I decided against stealing her thunder as she was pretty pissed off by the whole affair. She is reintroducing the integrity commissioners report showing former DM Lloyd was in conflict of interest, to council. You remember the one that was unceremoniously booted out of the park by the voting bloc of the previous council, a week before the municipal election. Well guess what – It’s back!!! This is the reason why I voted for Deb she has the memory of an elephant, the staying power of the energizer bunny and more moves than ExLax. Also look at the date she is introducing the motion 19th January, so no missing important councillors. Nice start Deb!!!

Tomorrow is the Mayors levee which I will be attending. The crappy thing is I have had to go back and fix my “About this blog” spiel at the top of the page. I had no idea everyone is invited to the Mayors levee. If I see anything interesting or funny I will report back tomorrow evening.


9 thoughts on “Back to business:

  1. I think it is quite right to bring back the Integrity Commissioner’s report. It was a well thought out and considered report from an neutral observer, at arms length form the politics and relationships of council. The Commissioner deserved to be treated with more respect. That mistake should be rectified.
    I trust that any member of council with a personal interest in the airport, or with close friends or relatives with such an interest, will remove themselves from any discussions.

    When it comes to conflicts of interest, we elect members of council to do the right thing; not to do do the strictly legal thing. The Integrity Commissioner understood this, Lloyd, his lawyer and several members of council apparently did not.

  2. The holidays are fine but it will be nice to get back to business tomorrow including Council. I will continue to attend and follow Council’s activities closely. There is a lot at stake on tomorrow’s agenda and coming up. The clock is ticking so-to-speak and we need to get on with abandoning the old way of doing things implementing a new strategy that will establish our communities future direction. Thanks Colin for continuing to stimulate interest in our community with your writings.

  3. Nobody, what are your thoughts on the Collus report? I’m quite surprised that no one is talking about it yet? I read every page, and am shocked by the findings!

    • From Wikipedia Chris:
      Today the levée has evolved from the earlier, more boisterous party into a more sedate and informal one. It is an occasion to call upon representatives of the monarch, military and municipal governments and to exchange New Year’s greetings and best wishes for the new year, to renew old acquaintances and to meet new friends. It is also an opportunity to reflect upon the events of the past year and to welcome the opportunities of the New Year.

      • Locally the levee was changed to include the Order of Collingwood recipients. Former Councillor John Kirby brought this initiative forward where the local community would honour some of its best volunteer citizens each and every year. I believe Ron Emo was the Mayor at the time so this change goes back about 30 years or so. Former Mayor Terry Geddes added the Companion to the Order during his tenure. Terry recognized that many of the volunteers continued their volunteering efforts and even increased their volunteerism especially upon retirement. It is a nice way to say thank you once again to the people who continue to give their heart and best efforts to our community.

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