A Mayors Levee – Nobody Style:

In my tradition of these types of events the following are my 10 observations of the 2015 Mayors Levee held at Georgian Manor Resort this afternoon.

1. Reverend Brian Gooding’s started off the proceedings with a brief description of the origins of the Levee. He explained this is a New Year’s tradition that is unique to Canada. That it originated in France from King Louis XIV then was adopted in Canada. It was his custom to receive his subjects in his bedchamber just after rising from slumber, a practice that subsequently spread over to Canada. It all got a bit awkward when the good reverend mentioned that maybe Mayor Cooper could start that tradition in Collingwood next year. I would definitely be avoiding that event.
2. I can’t do one of these things without mentioning Kevin Lloyd. He got to the microphone and immediately sneezed into it and apologized for his cold. I think if I was following Mr. Lloyd to speak I would have arrived with antiseptic spray, latex gloves and a SARS mask. I thought I was supposed to be the “Oik” around town.
3. The funniest comment of the afternoon for me, was when the person that gave me a ride asked Bob Madigan “Is that your seat at the front with the pillow and blanky?”
4.Talking of Bob this boy has charisma with a capital C. He introduced Mrs. Emma Wilson and it was like he was doing a stand-up routine including a selfie with Emma. If he doesn’t make it in politics he can always get a start at “Yuk, Yuks”.
5. Cam approached me and said “My name is Cam pleased to……………… OK that’s an outright lie. But for the sake of this blog, why could he not have just forgotten me one more time?
6. The “Cute as a button” award goes to Emma Wilson mentioned above. She is everyone’s idea of your typical Grandma, that was until she said “Tell the family I won’t be home tonight I’m going out with this young fella here”. Pointing to Bob. They were last seen heading down Airport Rd…..
7. I actually wore a suit for this event ………… and I still looked like a sack of potatoes that just dropped off the back of the Sanfilippo delivery truck.
8. Is it me or does Mayor Cooper always sound like she is reciting a shopping list when she makes a speech?
9. Case in point above; she said Queen Elizabeth’s second diamond jubilee medal in her closing speech, which would mean Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne for 120 years.
10. On a serious note the whole point of the New Year’s levee is to recognize, in the form of the Order of Collingwood, people that have gone above and beyond the call of duty in volunteerism in town. In this regard I would like to thank Ms. Deborah Keep, Mr. Donald Kerr, Mr. William Hanke, Mr. Wayne Hunwicks, Mrs. Emma Wilson and Recipient for the Companion to The Order of Collingwood Mr. Ken Templeman, for their efforts in this regard.


3 thoughts on “A Mayors Levee – Nobody Style:

  1. Good observations, VFAN.
    I would just like to mention the “non-mentions” that didn’t make it to Mayor Cooper’s grocery list. When introducing the member’s of the new council, Sandra omitted the inclusion of the absent Councillor’s, Tim Fryer and Kathy Jefferey’s, “Out of sight, out of mind”, as the saying goes.

    I think it may be better for Mayor Cooper to have a structured recipe list than a disorganized grocery list. That way the main ingredients on the menu won’t be forgotten.

    If that doesn’t work then Mnemonic techniques 101 should…oh, and I agree, Bob’s selfie with Emma Wilson was priceless and it did bring a smile to her face. For that, Bob deserves an award of his own.

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