More on Ched Evans…………

You people never cease to amaze me. I posted the last blog because it was of a general interest to me. Usually when I post about subject matter with no local component, I only get around 50 something views and very little interest. This story for some reason has hit a nerve with many of you as it also has in England. As Rachel quite rightly stated in her comment on that post; “this type of thing keeps you awake at night when you have kids”. I would add, your worst nightmare is having one of your kids on either side of a situation like this.
Another thing that has bothered me is the mob mentality that has persisted on both sides throughout this case and a certain amount of hypocricy. Google another football players name Lee Hughes for proof of this. He killed someone by dangerous driving then left the scene. Then after he was released from prison was charged with sexual assault which was pleaded down to common assault with nary a sound from the chattering classes.

For those of you that might be interested in further reading on this case, I will post some links for you to follow below:

The following is the “Ched Evans is innocent” website which gives his side of this sorry affair. There has been a complaint made to Britain’s justice department to try and get this site shut down as it shows video of the complainant, even though her face is pixelated:

The following is a case review I found, which gives you a blow by blow account of the Evans/MacDonald trial.

This link is very interesting. It is the website of a New York city firefighter. Apparently he is a part time computer hacker who has an interest in freedom of speech especially on the internet . He hacked into the French Twitter site and found the deleted Twitter account of the complainant. I give you fair warning this site identifies the complainant in this case. If you do not want to know who the complainant is, because you feel she has a right to privacy DO NOT LINK TO THIS SITE and do not link then give me a hard time because I posted the link. Actually don’t give me a hard time anyway, this is easily found information in the public domain and the libertarian in me thinks you all have a right to read it. The complainants Tweets put a bit of a different light on the whole story. If these tweets were available to the jury, I wonder if Evans still would have been convicted. By the way this site was not hard to find, it was the second or third entry that came up when I Google searched Ched Evans. One last thing take a look at the poster on the wall of her deleted Twitter accounts profile picture, looks like she did not learn her lesson.

I will post an update on this story after the British Criminal Cases Review Commission has made its decision.


2 thoughts on “More on Ched Evans…………

  1. I have read a few of the files, blogs and files on this case, and on the psyche of assault victims, to gain a well rounded understanding, so my following comments are well thought out. I do leave reservation that I cannot understand it all in this short period of time and without having read all the evidence. These are my thoughts with what I have thus far and I am open to input.

    1. The circumstances in which each of the two men came to be involved in the sexual activity was quite different; so indeed were the circumstances in which they left her.

    2. When he came to pass sentence the judge said: “…. [the complainant] was in no position to form a capacity to consent to sexual intercourse, and you (referring to Evan’s), when you arrived, must have realized that.”

    3. It is not a case that the 3 of them got drunk together, went back to the room together, she was up for a 3-some and then in the morning, in embarrassment, changed her mind and blamed them. Evans arrived in the room after receiving a text from McDonald.

    Why would Ched Evan’s assume that because this young woman consents to having sex with McDonald, that she would consent to having sex with him, and under those conditions. No where in testimony of the two (Evan’s and McDonald) do they say that she invited Evan’s to join in. By their own admission, Evan’s and McDonald say she was asked, but cannot remember which one of them asked her for consent to have Evan’s join in. Evan’s show’s up while McDonald and her are engaging. Being intoxicated, and caught off guard, do you honestly think that she would have become excited that a second man showed up, uninvited by her, while she was having sex with another man?? Would she not become apprehensive, if not, afraid?

    There have been many study’s on the Neurobiology of Sexual Assault, and specifically referring to “Tonic Immobility”, also known as “rape-induced paralysis”.
    The study’s conclude that, in the middle of the assault, strategies like “Oh, you coulda, you shoulda, you would have done this” — the victim can’t even think of the options, let alone execute them, especially when intoxicated!

    To Quote Laura Perrins: “Ched Evans should realize that an honorable man does not take advantage of a drunken woman”. I happen to agree…

    Having his appeal rejected, Evan’s has taken his case to The Criminal Cases Review Commission, and if it is deemed that an injustice has been done to him, then I will reserve my personal opinion as is and respect the courts decision, as I do now.

    • Well thought out salient points QB, some of which I hadn’t thought of especially the dynamic of Evans showing up uninvited by the woman. One thing though the only people it seems who know exactly what went down on the night were Evans and MacDonald, the rest is conjecture. After these posts and the many interesting comments that they have generated I end up standing by the decision of the jury. I do however think he should be allowed to partake in any lawful career he chooses without the braying hordes harassing him.

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