More on Terrorism……….

A couple of statements really bother me. They are spouted by our leaders, whenever the West is on the receiving end of yet another monthly Islamic terrorist attack. The first is “These attacks have nothing to do with Islam” and the second is “Islam is a religion of peace”.

In my last post, Gordon and I ended up being “corrected” by two of my regular commenters who disagreed with our position that: In the modern era (past 15 years my words not Gord’s) most terrorist attacks against the western world have been perpetrated by people associated with Islam. I’m sorry if that statement sounds Islamaphobic but I’ll be quite honest with you, I AM just a tad Islamaphobic. That phobia does not extend to the guy around the corner trying to eke out a living selling lottery tickets and milk. Or the guy who works hard running a gas station. I have absolutely no phobias against ANY person that privately practices their religion with respect and consideration to the society that they have chosen to live in. Where that phobia does kick in though is to Muslims that blow themselves, someone or something up. Chop numerous people’s heads off. Or that go into coffee shops or work places and indiscriminately shoot people. We in the Western world need to start having some serious open and honest conversations about certain aspects of this religion. As I said earlier Gord posted a list of terrorist attacks carried out by people who say they are followers of Islam. I have edited his list to only include attacks since the year 2000. Here is a partial list:

World Trade Center September 11th Attack.
Pentagon September 11th Attack.
The Shoe Bomber.
The Beltway Snipers.
The Fort Hood Shooter.
The Underwear Bomber.
The U-S.S. Cole Bombing.
The Madrid Train Bombing.
The Bafi Nightclub Bombing
The London Subway Bombing.
The Moscow Theatre Attack.
The Boston Marathon Bombing.
The Beirut Iranian Embassy Bombing
The Libyan U.S. Embassy Attack (Benghazi)
The Kenyan U.S, Embassy Bombing
The Jakarta Marriott Hotel Bombing
The Beslan Russian School Attack
The Woolwich UK, midday beheading of Lee Rigby
The Bombay and Mumbai Attack.
The Quebec vehicular murder of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent,
The Ottawa Attack on Parliament Hill.
The Sydney Coffee Shop Attack and Siege.
The Charlie Hebdo Attack.
The Montrouge shooting.
The Hypercacher Kosher Attack and Siege

Take a good look at the above list and imagine if the perpetrators of the bombings, shootings, attacks, sieges were say Catholics. Imagine what the conversation would be. There would be followers and leaders alike including the Pope openly condemning those responsible for the violence. How do I know this? Because it happened with Northern Ireland. Yes the Good Friday Agreement put an end to the Troubles, but it was the people that started that process. What do we get from followers of Islam? Suggestions that we should bring our secular western societies more in line with the wishes and whims of Islam. In Canada that’s less than 3% of our population. This problem shows itself in full view in the comment section of my previous post. Gord posted a version of the above list and a commenter immediately jumped on him mentioning that old bromide “The Oklahoma Bombing”. This 1995 atrocity is always immediately put forth as an example of non-Muslim terrorism when this conversation ever comes to the forefront. Bill also brought up the Holocaust, Bosnia and Rwanda which were nothing to do with terrorism and a lot to do with state sponsored genocide, a little off topic I think. I was then pointed in the direction of this website by another commenter. It’s a website that lists every terrorist incident worldwide since 1970, close to 125,000 cases. Remember I am only interested in terror attacks in the modern era since 2000. I believe anything prior to that is irrelevant. I spent an hour or so going over a good portion of terrorist incidents within that time frame and I would say that quite conservatively over 50% of the incidents were Muslim related. In 2000 it was around 25% and the amount got progressively higher until 2013 when it was around 80% of all cases of terrorism worldwide. In case you think that is a small amount, you have to remember the other 50% includes every independence movement, every religious nut bar, every person with an axe to grind about a government. So the link that was sent to me actually proved my point, 50 or so percent is a huge amount perpetrated in the name of one religion.
Why is it that in our western secular societies, the accepted position is to be apologist’s for Islam and to continually make excuses for constant atrocities carried out in its name? Here are a couple statistics for you to contemplate: There are 1.6 billion followers of Islam in the world, approximately 10 to 15 per cent of those people describe themselves as fundamentalist in their view of Islam and support the various attacks on the US and the rest of the western world. That translates into 160 to 240 million Muslims. Close to the population of the US. Let’s say that a mere 1 percent of those people have a need to actually do something about their fundamentalist views; that translates to 2 million people worldwide that are prepared to shoot, bomb, decapitate anyone that stands their way.
We can’t fight this problem if we don’t stand up and admit there is a problem in the first place. We also need to start making Muslims who call themselves moderate, accountable for the fundamentalist minority that exists within its midst. That doesn’t mean attacking or bombing mosques or Muslims in our society. But a good start would be for Imams and leaders within the community to stand up and be counted by openly and unequivocally condemning the ongoing terrorism carried out in the name of Islam.
Another good start would be for our own leaders and elected officials to stop pandering to some of their voting bases and instead telling it how it is. Without the constant bleating of “Religion of Peace, nothing to do with Islam” nonsense.


5 thoughts on “More on Terrorism……….

  1. In regards to your statement “But a good start would be for Imams and leaders within the community to stand up and be counted by openly and unequivocally condemning the ongoing terrorism carried out in the name of Islam.” , I have posted a link to those condemnations that you are looking for.

    My questions are rhetorical; I do not expect you to solve the world’s problem’s….well, in one day anyway.

    but, VFAN, your the one who said that if Imams and leaders within the community spoke up that would be , and I quote you, “a good start”.
    Have you another suggestion we can try to kick-start, VFAN, since it’s not, and I quote you once more, “doing a lot of good though”.?
    Could it possibly be true that what I said, and I quote myself now, that, “To truly understand includes the realization that it is so complex that there is no simple solution”. Good conversation though!!

    Maybe our bubbles aren’t so bad afterall, filled with our small town politics, and our friendly townfolk playing nicey, nice in the sandbox, 😉

  2. I like the fact that you are digging for information, VFAN. The answers will come and the questions will never end…your opinion on them will vary and differ from person to person, but I respect that you are methodically grouping your research to justify your thinking. I have done the same, as “Bill” has as well (we are but grains of sand on the beach) but consider this: we can only know as much as what is revealed to us, whether that information was willingly release or not, and how open-minded we are to listening to as much information as we can from all perspectives, whether or not we are in initial agreement.

    When studying Terrorism, we looked at all aspects and points of views and somewhere in-between truth and perception we came up with what we believe to be contextually stable information that we can begin to connect all of the dots, like a flow chart, depicting terrorism and counter-terrorism incidents.

    Failure to account for terrorism as a historical phenomenon (beyond year 2000) produces serious analytical and epidemiological problems that result in an anachronistic, ahistorical, and reductive understanding. We should be careful not to leave out any facets of the critical terrorist networks for the greater fear that we assess this topic incorrectly.

    To Quote from “Terrorism and Political Violence” magazine:
    “We have a system of terrorism research in which intelligence analysts know everything but understand nothing, while academics understand everything but know nothing,”

    And with that, I am happy to remain in my nice bubble of society and only profess to know it all, when clearly I know I don’t…

    • Thanks for your usual well thought out well researched comments QB. I would never be so bold as to say I know everything. In fact I am aware that I know very little. I can only process the information that is put in front of me and try to dig around beneath the surface a little.
      The premise of this post is to try a kick start some conversations that in our politically correct world seem impossible to have. I believe fundamental Islam is the problem of the 21st century. It threatens to drag all of us down a sink hole that leads back to the middle ages. Our liberalised western democratic societies seem too lazy and lethargic to see the danger coming at them. That’s my uninformed opinion and I will continue to stick with it.

      • The roots of Islamic extremists run’s deep and will take many years to eradicate. There is no dispute that it exists and we must prepare for future attacks. More importantly, we must understand that reaction without defined and clear understanding of it’s foundation and all facets of it can lead us into a path of the murdering of the innocent and not advancing world peace as we so claim to wish to succeed. Terrorism is only a tactic, not a group of people, and thinking by destroying them will destroy terrorism is not rational. Not all Islamic extremists carry out violent acts, but it still feeds the cause. There is an entire system that is associated with these extremists. Islamic extremism can spread organically, but there is an identifiable infrastructure that spreads it as well, such as, internet and social media, as an example.

        I understand your view points. VFAN, but do not understand what you want done and your thoughts on how we will achieve that. Is your goal to control terrorism? Is it to destroy the entire Fundamentalist system or just a particular group within it? What is your battle plan? How do you suggest that the innocent be protected….and so on, and so on.

        Like I said in my previous post, the more you get your answer’s, the more questions you should have…and if you don’t have questions you have not understood the problem in it’s entirety. To truly understand includes the realization that it is so complex that there is no simple solution.

        As always, I thank-you for providing the platform for these discussion’s, and respectfully allowing me to have my input, however challenging it may be.

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