Council Meeting 19th January 2015 – VFAN Style:

Ok back to the bread and butter of this blog. I attended tonight’s council meeting here are my 10 observations and comments:

1. Holy crap!!! Sandra actually excused herself tonight from the airport proposal. Because of conflict with her brother Paul Bonwick (he looked very statesmanlike tonight).

2. The airport proposal is a good one. It is an $80 million investment into our area ‎and will create 400 new jobs. I don’t give a crap if the mayors brother is involved in it. I will be supporting this project all the way. Watch for an in depth post on this proposal in the near future. Council voted to receive the report 9 – 0.

3. I was shocked that only Kevin Lloyd had any questions about this airport business park proposal. I have about half a dozen. My arm was twitching when Sandra asked if their were any questions.

4. ‎I never knew what phragmites were until tonight. FYI it’s that ugly tall weed that seems to be taking over the shore line locally. Seems like some efforts are being made to do something about it. Council voted 9 – 0 to help control this weed.

5. Shawn Cooper was in attendance again tonight he is now at every council meeting (he was not last council term). As I said before he will be running for council is 2018.

6. This is the third council meeting in a row that Bob has not made any constructive comment about anything brought before it. He is the only councillor. So it was rather weird when he suddenly voted against the lobbyist registry mentioned below.

7. ‎Scoop was in attendance. Does this mean he will be doing his live blog again?? Come back Scoop you know you want to. Everyone misses that live blog.

8. ‎That’s depressing; Town of Collingwood wants to hold the 2017 over 55 “SENIOR” winter and summer games. I guess I am now officially a senior.

9. ‎Deb Doherty brought the motion back to the table to accept the integrity commissioners report on Rick Lloyd. Motion to receive the report carried. Recorded 7 – 2 Lloyd and Cooper against – big surprise!!! Mike Edwards said he was “Disappointed that this motion was being brought to the table again”, but supported it anyway.

10. ‎ Brian Saunderson finally introduced his motions covering the following:

a) Procurement Policy, including a review of sole sourcing. Passed 8 – 1 Angry man voted against.

b) Implementation of a Lobbyist Registry. Passed 7 – 2 Angry man and Bob Madigan voted against. I asked Bob after the meeting why he voted against that particular motion and he said and I quote “I could not support that because if I bumped into someone in Loblaw’s and they wanted to ask me about something I would have to register them as a lobbyist” I suggest that Bob does not understand what a lobbyist registry is, because that is not how it would be interpreted or implemented. I also warned him the optics of aligning himself with Lloyd on this one issue are not good. He basically said “optics schmoptics” or words to that effect.

c) Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest local guidelines. Passed 9 – 0.

d) Advise Council as to any other policies, procedures or initiatives to enhance and improve transparency and accountability in municipal governance. Passed 9 – 0.


25 thoughts on “Council Meeting 19th January 2015 – VFAN Style:

  1. Interesting view points..and not just from a bunch of nobody’s. 😉

    My inconsequential thoughts;
    Re: Sandra leaving her seat brings me to think 3 scenarios,

    1. Sandra put the cart before the horse because it is a done deal and, she know’s something we don’t, (we, meaning council members and public) – same old behavior. Can you say “smoke screen”.
    2. The coffee took too long to brew…
    3. She got a visit from “the ghost of Politic’s past” and she was given a revelation of how to behave appropriately. (Not likely) bah, humbug.

    If you question it, there is an answer, we just don’t know what it is, we only know it’s not her typical behavior, especially with topic’s concerning her brother. I can bet on it that her and her brother discussed it beforehand.

    Bob and Scrooge (KL) are buddies, that’s clear, but they aren’t quite in sync – not yet anyway – time will tell us how much. Bob wants to be liked by everyone, his voting pattern shows that. And yes, I do believe he is succeeding in his popularity, that selfie with the sweet senior lady went over big!
    Now, when Scrooge stops looking for approval from the “old gang” then he might start voting for the good of the town and it’s people. The fact that he keeps voting and speaking in the former ways tells me that the influences are still there, and he is trying his darndest to appease them.

    It’s a good thing that we have a majority of good council to watch out for our best interests….I don’t think that the chapter’s of these old pages have come to “The End” yet…

  2. The votes on Brian Saunderson’s various motions were quite confusing. I was watching KL and I did not see him vote for the last two motions (they were not recorded votes), They passed anyway so I bow to EB and Steve Berman and have changed the above post to show that he voted for the last two motions.

    In terms of Bob, I am being accused of being unfair and picking on him. I actually want to see him succeed on this council. As always I just call it as I see it. I am looking for a little more engagement at the council table is all. This is not a popularity contest, Bob is an elected official now, so its time for him to put on his “big boy pants”.

  3. Why do you keep picking on Bob? Looks to me like he is doing his best to find his feet and all you do is criticize him every time he does anything. We voted for Bob you might not like that but he was elected to council so deal with it.

    • #6. Bob voted for the return of the Integrity Commissioner’s report, way to go Bob. Bob did a wonderful job at the Mayor’s Levee and he is out there in the community at a number of events. Bob has even taken some time to listen to my views on a couple of issues and I am not saying he agrees with my position but he is willing to have a conversation and I rather like that about him. Listening is a better skill than notional angry protestations (Kevin could learn a lot from Bob).

      • I agree. I’m very happy Bob voted to receive that report. It looks like Bob is listening to every word at council. I see him taking notes, and speaking to Kathy who sits next to him. All are good signs.

        I do wish he had voted to let staff look at a lobbyist registry (or alternatives). The likelihood is that they would say it’s not feasible, and this would be a non-issue. Regardless. by voting against, he didn’t even want to allow staff to even look at the issue.

        Bob’s campaign brochure states, “Restoring your trust in council through transparency”, and I just think that particular vote contradicts his promise.

  4. In regards to Mayor Cooper excusing herself, I’m curious as to what the Municipal Act requires. Perhaps Chris Carrier could weigh in, just for clarification.

    1. Is it required to leave the table due to conflict, simply for a deputation?

    2. A motion was prepared and read after the deputation. Doesn’t “notice” have to be waived first?

    3. If Mayor Cooper stepped away because she knew the motion was coming, is it correct that the motion wasn’t on the agenda, and that some members of council weren’t aware it was being presented?

    I’m simply curious. I have no issue with the way things went down last night.

    • Okay let me try this.
      1. No, for a deputation there is no decision required of Council therefore a declaration of conflict in not necessary. That being said it really was a lose-lose for Sandra. Declare one and the necessity is questioned or not declare one and the issue of undue influence from Paul is questioned. I think Sandra did the right thing in stepping aside.
      2./3. The procedural by-law from 2006-2010 would have required Notice to be waived. The new Standing Committee process means Council is meeting only twice a month. The Procedural By-law was revised to allow more flexibility for Council to provide limited direction such as directing staff to follow up with a report on the matter which was the case last evening. While no advance notice was given (unlike the phragmites presentation) it is allowed under the new rules (I stand to be corrected by any of the current members).

  5. Kevin Lloyd voted in favour of C&D. They both passed 9-0.

    I agree that both Kevin & Bob did not understand the motion, which was simply asking staff to take a look at these items. Staff may come back and say that the existing system is just fine.It’s like telling your doctor you want a second opinion, before you’ve been given the diagnosis.

    I’m not surprised that few questions were ask about the airport. That would have been putting the cart before the horse. The proposal, while potentially very exciting, was mostly hypothetical. Staff, and the other municipalities, have a lot of work to do before a firm report can be presented for debate.

    Mayor Cooper was tweeting during the meeting, which still rubs me the wrong way. Students get in trouble for doing it in class. What kind of example is she setting. She should be paying attention at all time during the meeting.

    I ran a poll last week, and it backs up your comment a live blog/

    “How do you prefer to follow council meetings?”

    I followed the E-B ‘s live blog, and would like something similar to start again. 41.18%

    Rogers TV 35.29%

    Live, in the audience 16.47%

    The Connection’s live twitter feed 7.06%

    • Mr. Berman, I dont agree with you on the airport thing. This seemed like a good chance wasted to ask some questions about a huge proposal in our area. I for one wanted people I voted for asking more questions about it. Also want EB live blog back

      • Hey Cathy. I don’t disagree with you, it’s just that the presentation dealt with so many hypotheticals.

        I loved the presentation by Kris Menzies, but even she said that they had issues that had to be dealt with by Clearview, Wasaga Beach and Collingwood. I think that many of her answers might have either been premature, or would have changed as the process went on. That’s the only reason I can think of, as to why more questions weren’t asked last night.

        I agree about the live blog, but it was Ian Adams who did it. Perhaps Paul Brian will start it up again if he hears from people.

  6. I don’t like the undercurrent I am feeling so far. At least issues are moving forward with caution.

    As for, “Angry man”. It is somewhat entertaining witnessing a clown try and engage an intellect. For entertainment value, let’s hope he keeps trying and making it clear he should not be around the table. Because he shouldn’t be. At least Ricky and Ian picked up the tab for him after the meeting while patting him on the back for his loyalty.

      • Well, I know the, “other” side knows the inning and the score – that they won’t get away with their desires given the current complexion of Council.

        What concerns or amuses me is – in no particular order:

        The Mayor playing ball. Because she has so far for the most part. Is it real? If so, then fabulous and hats off to her. If it’s, ‘wait and see’ then fun times are ahead. Because, being part of the angry minority wouldn’t reflect well on Collingwood.

        Mike not seeing the need to get things right and accept the report from the Integrity Commissioner. Kudos to Deb and to Brian btw.

        The general silence of Tim, Bob and Cam. It is ok to ask questions and provide input.

        This airport issue seems to have a lot of ifs and buts – sewers, roads etc. On who’s dime and is it a building block to things we don’t want. Not being paranoid, just cautious – considering who spoke tonight. If done right, it could be a positive.

        It just feels like there are things away from the table, lobbying etc. Maybe that isn’t a fair comment. Hopefully it is just, “New Council” jitters. Maybe undercurrent was too strong a word. Fair enough to call me on it!

  7. I just watched this on Rogers.I too thought it was strange that no questions were asked about the airport proposal. Have they already made up there minds?
    Notice you have stopped even talking about lloyds crap and have decided to just call him angry man. Thats funny!!

  8. I too was surprised at the lack of questions regarding the airport. Any time a project like this is talked about everyone starts to salivate over the potential tax revenues and jobs but no one asks what it is they are proposing to build, what are the nature of the jobs being created etc. etc. Some vague reference was made to Buttonville Airport which is due to close in the fall of 2016. One might assume that the proposed Collingwood project is intended to replace the aircraft related service industry at Buttonville but in my books, assuming is never a good practice to follow. For all we know this could be a casino consortium at work.

    • Actually there is a possibility that is actually the case as the casino issue is not dead. When they talk about jobs are they talking about snack bar attendants at minimum wage?

    • You nailed it Rick. It seemed like a complete lack of engagement on this issue by the council. A couple of things I wanted someone to ask are: What is the status of this with Clearview Township? What type of jobs? Government funding? I hope that we are not suffering from – Paul Bonwick is involved = bad idea. I really like this proposal.

  9. Angry man was not only angry but made himself look a bit silly waving a paper in the air at Brian and repeating have you read it.
    I have a concern about sending phragmites stalks to the dump but not sure how to get an answer. The green waste is composted and sold back to the community which I totally support as a green initiative. Is there a possibility of disseminating seed and/or rhysomes that could cause infestations of other areas where the compost is used. The deputation wasn’t sure how the phragmites stalks were actually disposed of.

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