8 Questions that should have been asked about the proposed Collingwood airport development:

At last Monday evenings council meeting (19th January 2015) CACC Holdings Inc. made a pitch to Collingwood Town Council regarding a new proposal to develop land directly adjacent to the east of Collingwood airport. I stated in my post later that night, I was a little disappointed that our town council did not ask what I thought were some relevant questions regarding the development of this land, or what is being proposed.
So in light of that lack of engagement, based on conversations and questions people have asked me about it; here are some questions and answers on the proposed Collingwood airport development. I went online and researched to came up with the following:

1. Q. Who is CACC Holdings Inc.?

A. CACC Holdings Inc., Is a Woodbridge-based firm, it closed a deal in May 2014 to purchase 260 acres of land for around $3 million. The land is located at the corner of Nottawasaga Side Road 33 & 34 and Nottawasaga Concession 6, next to Collingwood Airport. Remo Niceforo is a director of this company.

2. Q. What is Paul Bonwick’s (Mayors brother) connection to CACC Holdings Inc. ?

A. Paul Bonwick’s company Compenso Communications has been hired to handle its communications and government relations in regards to this proposed development.

3. Q. What is Charlie Tatham’s connection to CACC Holdings Inc.?

A. CC Tatham and Associates have been hired by them as the project engineer. Charlie Tatham is also the Chairman of the Airport Services Board. The optics of this set up are not good, I would prefer to see this type of work done by a company not directly connected to the Airport Services Board.

4. Q. There was talk about 400 jobs being created what type of jobs are we talking about?

A. Buttonville Airport in Markham is closing down in 2016. It was touted that the Collingwood Airport ne business park would pick up some of the businesses currently located at Buttonville Airport which are:

Air BP – aviation fuel supplier.
Air Partners Incorporated – maintenance.
Aviation Unlimited – parts and aircraft sales distributor for Piper, Diamond, Mooney and Columbia.
Buttonville Flying Club.
CFMJ-AM, 640 AM Richmond Hill.
CFTO-CTV News/Traffic Air Unit (C-FCTV).
680 News Traffic Unit.
CHFI-FM, 98.1 FM Toronto Traffic Unit (shared with 680 News).
Corus Entertainment Toronto Traffic Unit.
DancAir Flight School Inc., the only establishment in the GTA to offer ultralight flight training.
Flightexec, an executive air charter and air ambulance for Ontario Air Ambulance (ORNGE).
High Tech Avionics and Instruments – avionics and instrument supplies.
Image Air Charter Limited.
Leggat Aviation Ltd., an authorized Cessna dealership that specializes in new aircraft sales, full service and parts supply.
Million Air, an executive air charter.
Toronto Airways Limited, a flight training school
York Regional Police – operating base for the Air2 (C-GYRP), the force’s helicopter.
Toronto Police Service – Cessna 206H (C-FZRR)

5. Q. Who is Kris Menzies and what is her connection to CACC Holdings Inc.?

A. She is a local planner and has been hired to handle the planning for this development.

6. Q. When is this project hoping to start and be completed?

A. They are hoping to get shovels in the ground by mid-2016 with a completion date of 18 months after that, so summer 2018.

7. Q. This land is located in Clearview Township has that municipalities town council approved this development?

A. It has not been brought before that council yet for approval.

8. Q. What about the proposed Stayner wind farm, how would that affect this development?

A. Remo Niceforo has been quoted as saying in regards to the WPD plan: “I suspect for anybody considering any investment in aviation, that would be a showstopper,”


6 thoughts on “8 Questions that should have been asked about the proposed Collingwood airport development:

  1. I was at the Council meeting on January 19th when the presentation about the airport developement was made and was surprised that virtually no questions were asked as to the nature of the development the type of jobs to be created etc. Here are some questions to ask ourselves.

    What type of development could necessitate an $80 million investment? A casino.

    What type of development would create up to 400 jobs? A casino.

    What type of development would need lots of parking? A casino.

    What type of development would not be affected by a wind farm? A casino.

    I am surprised that until the fate of WPD wind farm adjacent to the airport is known that anyone would shell out a significant amount of money to purchase land for an aircraft related business when the airport itself may be compromised by the presence of wind turbines which leads me to believe that something else may be in the works.

    • I think your right Rick. Sounds like a fly in Casino. Edenvale airport would suit just as well for a Buttonville replacement.

    • I SO agree with you Rick. I think the reason there were no questions is because the former council knew all about it. I cannot for the life of me understand why an airport would want to be anywhere near a wind farm.
      My take on the whole situation is that Collingwood is going after the casino, Georgian Manor will host the entertainment venues and the airport will be used to fly in entertainment. I am STILL wanting answers, this is quite a mystery !!

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