Council Meeting 2nd February 2015 – VFAN Style:

1. I thought I had walked into the wrong council meeting tonight. Absolutely packed just managed to squeak myself a seat. Standing room only.

2.‎ On a personal note; Mike Edwards announced that he MC-ed a local school kids public speaking event at the Legion Sunday afternoon. He did a spectacular job. My daughter picked up a second place prize. Good job Leigh, and the rest of the kids that took part.

3‎. Now it all makes sense a public meeting for a planning application. That’s why all these people are here. Land out on highway 26 west side of town, that used to be a motel. I wish there was this much engagement for lesser local issues, like towns finances for instance, but these people bailed when that was discussed.

4. Bob Madigan was absent. Mind you he actually said as much tonight as he has said since he was elected 🙂

5. ‎Address of development application is 11476 highway 26 west. I like it, high density 192 units. With commercial aspect on highway 26 which I think there are far too few in this town.

6.‎ Local Lighthouse people who live adjacent to the property are concerned with the higher density of this new proposed development. Worried about site drainage (like the town will just allow developer to dump storm water in their basements). They also suggested that the potential buyers should be senior citizens and not young “party animals”. As if the developer has any control over this. One thing that they seem to forget is the fact that this property is zoned hotel/motel mixed commercial use. In fact it had a scabby motel on it for years replete with yeah you guessed it “party animals”. A developer could actually come in and build a hotel with the existing zoning. The complaints I heard tonight seem like a bit of nimbyism to me. Lots of Ohs and Ahs when they heard that the 1 bedrooms were going to be 585 sq ft and the 2 bedroom 800 sq ft. Hallo!!! That is the normal size of apartments people.

7. One lady who is a neighbour of this property across ‎highway 26. I remember her from the Pretty River Academy development application. Sandra knew her by name. Does not want commercial aspect of this development, says it’s a “non-starter”. Worried about drainage from her property which apparently runs through the development property. Good luck with this person you developers. ‎I’m not sure why they would want to go through this type of aggravation. The only thing that would please any of this lot is a nature reserve on the property.

8. ‎Hume St reconstruction update. Tender going out 15th February. Construction to start mid April. Cancelled 2 sets of traffic lights. One at Raglan st, and the one at St Marie. Finally someone listened to Nobody 🙂 Nothing will happen at Hume and Hurontario until Admiral Collingwood Place is completed. So be prepared for that intersection to continue to look like downtown Detroit for years to come.

9‎. Talk tonight about strategic financial plan. First steps to getting the towns finances in order. Seems like 7% is the big number. Debt cannot exceed that amount in relation to tax supported services and levies.

10. Angry man seemed a little calmer tonight and didn’t say anything stupid.

11. Council went in camera, one of the items to be discussed was the airport proposal. I wonder if Sandra excused herself through conflict again‎ when she was behind closed doors. Someone anonymously let me know please.
12. Seems like council approved the new cell for the OPP detachment. For one or two and their friends, it must have been like a turkey voting for itself to be Christmas dinner guest of honour 😉


3 thoughts on “Council Meeting 2nd February 2015 – VFAN Style:

  1. When I attend these public meetings to do with development I try to put myself in the shoes of those that are going to be affected… disappointed that you didn’t do the same. The residents of Lighthouse Point have some valid concerns and rezoning to high density (192 units by the way not 176 as you state) could be a problem with only 1 entrance/exit. Have no idea how the commercial component is going to work if it relates to a “convenience store” as Hasty Market in Cranberry Mews has already closed. Your comment re “the lady who is a neighbour” ….it might be an idea for you to sit down with her and learn what she has gone through these many years. Your opinion might not change, but you will have her side of the story. Her comment about the traffic study (if in fact done during the week) is valid as we all know what happens once Friday night comes around. It wasn’t that long ago that the residents of Mariners Haven went before Council to request buffering be seriously considered between the Living Water Resort and them…..Council did not heed their concerns and look at the problems they are having now.

    • Thanks for your well thought out comments Joanne. This is the second public meeting I have attended from around that area and it’s the same people with the same concerns. At some point Lighthouse was first developed and the density at that time was probably 1 person per hectare. Things change if societies are to move forward. I get the two entrances thing but that was only a minor concern. As far as the commercial component I heard the developer say they were thinking of a restaurant. Which I think would be a great asset to that community. As I said the only thing they would be happy with is a nature reserve.

  2. I was one of the “Nimby’s” at the council meeting last night. I didnt see or hear anything said that was unreasonable by the the residents of Lighthouse. All we are asking from the developer and the town is for us to be given some thought in this process. It was quite obvious that the current proposal has too many units and would suit downtown Toronto rather than Collingwood.

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