Chadwick stretches the bounds of moral equivelancy to breaking point.

My original title for this post was: “Hey Chadwick – STFU!!!” Then I remembered what Betty told me. So you ended up with the above title and I end up not looking like an oik. I am referring to his post on Scripturient from last week here:

Chadwick must have got a pretty decent uptick in views on his Scripturient blog this past few days, because I have returned around 5 times trying to decide whether to respond or not. The problem is I always get a lot of views when I comment on Chadwick’s blog or any of his long-winded nonsense. That’s the up side, but the down side is it also gets him more public exposure. It was the sycophantic comment that finally got to me, it was eating at me like sulphuric acid. I won’t comment on anyone else, but I have hardly been sycophantic when it comes to this new council, I have been quite critical on occasion.
I looked up the official definition of sycophant on Webster’s online dictionary just to make sure I was correct on its meaning and it says: “A person who praises powerful people in order to get their approval”.

I will leave it to you to figure out who the sycophant is. Chadwick fits that bill a lot better than any of the bloggers in town. Being as he was the only person to continually write glowing missives on his Facebook page and his pompous over-bearing blog about the previous deputy mayor and current mayor. Look what it got him, a nomination in the election for the BIA board and yet another chance to impart his sage wisdom on the unwashed masses.

The premise of his latest foray into attacking this current council that well and truly cleaned his clock in the last municipal election. Is to draw a moral equivalency between sole sourcing of the $14 million recreation tents, he was very much instrumental in foisting upon us. And the sole sourcing to Ace Cabs for an on demand operation of an accessible shuttle. The value of which is $40k for the first year and $20k per year after that for a 5 year term. For a sum total of $120k – which amounts to about 2 months running costs for the rec tents he and his voting bloc soul sourced for us.

So let’s see if we can answer our haughty ex-councillors question for him. It’s quite simple really, I will write this in big letters in English not Latin: ACE CABS IS THE ONLY TAXI COMPANY IN TOWN!!! There are 3 cab companies in Wasaga Beach, 1 cab company in Thornbury, but I am quite sure that we would want a taxi company doing local shuttle duties ACTUALLY COMING FROM TOWN!!!

But to be fair I do agree with him on one point, that if Tim Fryer’s brother in law does indeed own the taxi company he should have excused himself from the vote. But Deb Doherty? Because The Peak is one of Ace Cabs main advertisers? I think not and I suggest Chadwick is being deliberately obtuse on this whole issue.

What I DO call a conflict though, were the constant dealings his former employer Paul Bonwick the mayors brother, continually had with the town, while Chadwick worked for Compenso Communications and sat on council at the same time. He wasn’t even trying to hide this conflict, in fact he had his face plastered all over the companies web site. Oh that was until the OPP came calling, then it mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Now that actually does sound like someone responding to his puppet master.

That burning bacon smell is coming from your kitchen Chadwick.

Note: I’ve missed our pompous ex-councillor.


7 thoughts on “Chadwick stretches the bounds of moral equivelancy to breaking point.

  1. I don’t know how many times I’ve pointed this out. But I don’t care about the strictly legal definition of conflict of interest. A sibling relationship, for example, is a clear conflict. C’mon guys, we don’t need lawyers to distract us. These issues are quite clear. We all know a conflict when we see one.

    Several members of the last Council were correctly criticized over these issues.

    Now, this Ace Cabs vote may have been a no-brainer. But that’s not the point. Tim Fryer; what were you thinking!!?? Temporary lapse? I hope you will use this forum – or some other – to explain yourself. And please don’t simply tell us that the letter of the law allows you to take part in the vote (heard it all before; boring and just not good enough).

  2. Respectfully, I say, “Ian, if you are reading this…”. WTF?

    Of course he’s reading this. This guy is clearly suffering from NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder). He loves nothing more than people loving or fearing him. And he doesn’t really care either way.

    What he doesn’t seem to understand is there are very few people in either category. He has been entirely marginalized of any significant influence. I personally cannot wait to meet up with him around town to congratulate him on his failures face to face.

    His attacks on good people (Brian, Deb etc.) will continue until the OPP ride in with their revelations and we will have all of his “Brownian Motion” rants on record to quote, mock and laugh at.

    He was fired by the voters of Collingwood, he was fired from the brotherhood (lack of a better word) of local journalists and hopefully he will be left off the Library Board after next Monday.

    The BIA nomination is a joke. Please, seriously?

    Again, I refer to Dennis Miller to provide a quote most fitting for our favourite ex-Councillor:
    “If (he) was your Grandfather and he went off on one of these demented screeds at Thanksgiving dinner, everybody would sit there looking up at him smiling and as soon as he left the room somebody would say, “Hey, what the fuck are we going to do about Grandpa? What was that, is he eating his own shit? Is anybody keeping an eye on him?”

      • LOL Point taken, Scoop. As I said, for lack of a better word at the moment. Would never want to exclude capable and competent journalists of either gender etc… especially in your collective ‘firing’ of former Councillor Chadwick. I apologize if saying, ‘former Councillor” is bothering anyone. Or, ‘fired’ for that matter 😉

  3. The gift that keeps on giving….

    I remember when the CBC questioned Chadwick about his own conflict regarding his work for Compenso. The quote reads..

    “At the beginning of 2012 my contract had ended at the end of December, at the beginning of the year, for the first two months, I didn’t do any work for him,” Chadwick said

    (read it ten times fast)

    Ian, if you’re reading this…..I lost too. Get over it.

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