Berman vs Chadwick in the EB – Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!!

As if on cue, probably at the same time yours truly was yapping about Chadwick’s relevance (or lack there of) in the political arena around town, the Enterprise Bulletin has decided to give him a political column in its paper. Steve Berman will also be contributing on an alternating basis. I don’t mind looking like a fool (what’s new), I can’t wait to see the fireworks this duo will create. There is a God in heaven after all and he probably writes a blog. It’s about time something like this happened and kudos to the EB for realizing that after they lost Ian Adams to the Connection, they have gradually become more and more irrelevant as a source for political news and opinion in town. This could be a game changer.

By the way, I found out why Mr. Chadwick has suddenly taken his blog in a very confrontational anti town council (well certain members anyway) direction, apparently he was shut out of every committee he applied for including the library board. Berman made it on that one. BWAHAHAHA!! That’s hilarious!!! That will be like a red flag to a bull when it comes to Chadwick and Berman going toe to toe in the EB. The library board no less, Chadwick considers it his God-given right to be on that board. Everyone else who made it probably breathed a collective sigh of relief at his absence from it.
I am having trouble keeping up with the constant changing blogging and social media landscape locally. To give you a little more insight in what you’re in for when Chadwick hits the EB, he did another off the wall post here:

This time complaining about a proposal in the works to allow retail stores to open on stat holidays in town. Is he serious? We are a tourist town for Gawd sakes. To be honest it came as a bit of a surprise that this is not already in place. I won’t belabour the point, read his long-winded post he is completely out to lunch yet again.
Back to this new EB political column. The best part is Chadwick will no longer be able to hide behind the blocked walls he creates on all forms of social media. All of us will be able to take a crack at him in the comment section online. I’m sure he will try to disallow comments but if Steve allows them, Chadwick will be look pretty stupid writing a column then not allowing us to respond. I have waited a long time to actually get to him directly with his constant ducking and diving, hiding and blocking.

I just got the following comment from Steve about this exciting new development in the local political arena:

“EB sent me a message last night asking if I was interested and telling me they offered the same thing to Chadwick. I was intrigued right away. Met with Paul Brian today for about 90 minutes. Really liked him. We get 600 words maximum each. After week one we alternate weeks being published. It’s volunteer. We can write about anything we want, and we don’t have to respond to each other’s opinions, unless we want to. I can’t communicate with Chadwick because I’m still blocked everywhere.”

This is already problematical for Chadwick, 600 words?? Good luck with that. He couldn’t write a shopping list that was 600 words long. So I went to him for a comment, as follows:

Visum est mihi ut sapiens sapientia et gratia mea non lotis autem massas Collingwood prudentiam politicam. Berman, stultus est et a charleton. Celerrime et similibus eum et ego in annalibus obscuritatem damnationem.

Make sense to you? Me neither.



7 thoughts on “Berman vs Chadwick in the EB – Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!!

  1. I was all ready to cancel my Enterprise Bulletin if Chadwick was doing a column but the way you describe it it may be very interesting.His biggest challenge will be to keep to only 600 words.He will have to say it as it is -no more innuendo.I will still have a great deal of difficulty reading anything from his poison pen though.

  2. I’ve tried to read Chadwick’s blog but I get dizzy from all the eye rolling or I have to stop because I barf in my mouth a little. Hopefully at 600 words I’ll have enough time to steady my myself or make it to the toilet. Hey, maybe we can read more on his thoughts on the Rec tents vs the Ace Cab deal. What a meatball!!

    • “…or I have to stop because I barf in my mouth a little.”
      I know exactly how you feel, Rob! LOL
      I’m happy for the people at the library to finally get rid of this clown! They are still stuck with his close friend Ms. Cowley. As far as keeping to 600 words… if he stops quoting real intellectuals every two or three sentences he could keep to it. I’ll use the page his columns are printed on as the spot in my bearded dragon’s tank where she goes to the washroom. It’ll be the best use for it.
      On the flipside, I’m really looking forward to Mr. Berman’s columns.

  3. Can you say “kick butt”…I think that Chattywick will finally hear the “fat lady sing”…in the meantime, I will enjoy reading Steve’s column and look forward to the day when Chattywick zips it for good.

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