Council Meeting 17th February 2015 – VFAN Style:

1. Bob declared a conflict with Ace Cabs. Apparently Ace Cabs rents a property from his family. For gawd sakes!!! Is there anyone in town that doesn’t have a conflict with this company!!!

2. A few people received heritage awards. Bob jumped over the table nearly knocked over the mayor and planted himself right in the middle of the photo op……Sorry did I say that out loud? That scenario only played itself out in the bubble above my head. (Good to have you back Bob).

3. First time local bloggers were mentioned in an official capacity ‎at a Collingwood town council meeting. It’s about time we bloggers got the recognition we deserve. I am totally verklempt with emotion.

4. Public meeting to allow a gate at Mariners Haven condo’s. Apparently there is a bylaw in place in town that disallow’s gates on residential condo developments. Who knew???

5. ‎Cranberry “Living Waters” condo and hotel development has added 350 new residents and counting to the area around Mariners Haven. Gate is to stop the new neighbors from entering Mariners Havens private property.

6. I don’t have a problem with this gate. The horror story’s that were mentioned at the public meeting; people strolling and walking dogs past their houses, swimming from the end of the spit. This is a no brainer to me.

7. First guy that got up to speak at the public meeting used the forum to spout off about parking in that area and nothing to do with the gate. Sandra should have shut him down, she is defaulting back to her old incompetent self. And what the heck is a wig wag?? Ah angry man answered that one; it’s the existing gate/arm that leads to the property.

8. ‎One gentleman asked what the opposition is to this gate. If I may be so bold: The town does not want to set a precedent with gated communities. Town planner says “they do not want a fragmented community separating the haves and have-nots with gates”. I get the feeling angry man is on the right side of this one. This is a special case and should be approved.

9.‎ A young lad named Trevor made a great presentation about bullying. Bob made a fine motion (at last) to allow Trevor to set up a table in town hall on national anti-bullying day 25th February and throughout April. Motion passed unanimously.

10. ‎You are getting a public meeting on March 2nd to discuss whether retail business’s can open in Collingwood on Good Friday’s and Easter Sunday’s.

11. ‎Collingwood Elvis Festival will continue to be supported by this council for the next 3 years. That will include the festival being propped up with your tax dollars ($75k last year). This was supported unanimously by council. You all know what I think about the CEF.

12. Brian Saunderson suggested that we support other festivals as a town. Only bit of sense mentioned on this whole issue.

13. Fast Eddie was in the house‎. I suppose to discuss/observe the Collus service agreement and summary report. I haven’t seen Fast Eddie for ages. He really does look like John Tortorella, go and Google him and see for yourself, if you don’t believe me.

14. ‎Mike Edwards introduced a motion to receive the report and direct Fast Eddie to bring back a revised service agreement. Towns lawyer through John Brown says not so fast, town needs to take legal advise.

15. My immediate impression of all this as I sat there was a cluster f–k. OK back to my default position on the mayor, she is clueless and providing no leadership on this file. Of course Angry Man wants to put this to bed.
16. Kathy Jeffery, Tim Fryer and Brian Saunderson are bang on, slow th‎e process down and take recommendations from our CAO and not Fast Eddie.

17. CAO suggests they go in camera before any more discussions on this file. Angry Man says he can’t understand why they need to go in camera. Duh!!!‎ Towns liability. What’s his hurry anyway? Oh I get it the longer this festers in the public domain the more incompetent his previous voting bloc looks.

18. They then went in camera to decide the fate of CAO John Brown. His contract is up for renewal and the knives are out.


4 thoughts on “Council Meeting 17th February 2015 – VFAN Style:

  1. Paul,
    I know what you mean, but when it comes to politicians (even municipal ones) I think a certain amount of disrespect is healthy. As is satire and cutting humor.
    I’ve been in countries where politics is cloaked in a veneer of politeness and respect at the expense of proper discourse and open criticism. Singapore springs to mind. Very efficient and business-like, but proper democracy it aint.

  2. Trevor Comment number 9

    Here question for “nobody” to ask Trevor on February 25

    Is name calling a form of bullying? Be it a young child, a teenager or adult.

    Please let us know

      • Your post 7, 8, 13, 15, 17 you call out people by “Name calling” post1, 2, 9, 12, 14, 16, 18you refer to people by their proper name. Other on your blog have joint in on this “ name calling” are you now “A Bully”. To stamp out bulling it begins at home, at work, and on the net, I’m no expert so let’s ask Trevor todecide.

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