Déjà vu……….

There are two constants in the local blogging scene; the first is when Chadwick twists himself into pretzels for more than 1000 words, you know he is grasping at straws and is doing his level best to convince his readers of his wonky viewpoint. The second is yours truly will always be here to point this out.
Our pompous arrogant friend is in full arse covering mode in the following long winded commentary:


Believe it or not I made it through “Whitewash” and its 4029 words, twice this morning. It’s a dismissive post supposedly debunking the report by True North Consultants about Collus and the out of date user services agreement. For the life of me I could not figure out what or who Mr. Chadwick is accusing of or suggesting has “Whitewashed” anything. But it made for a very engaging headline and judging by the numerous “5 star” ratings his ranting’s have received, it got the desired affect. The other thing I couldn’t figure out and Chadwick does not explain, is why an independent consulting company, would come into Collingwood and present a biased report that comes up with results and suggestions that he maintains are bad for the town and the public utility. If I didn’t know any better, as I was ploughing through Chadwick’s rambling rant, I’d have to wonder how this company is actually in the business of performing this type of study and furnishing such reports. Because they are obviously completely incompetent. But that’s the point of all this caterwauling by Chadwick and Lloyd on this subject. Unlike most situations where a consultant is hired, council voted unanimously to proceed with this study and gave CAO John Brown complete control over the hiring process. If you noticed the other day council voted 8 – 1 in favour to renew the contract with John Brown for another year. Guess who the lone detracting voter was? Of course Kevin Lloyd. Also apparently Chadwick has been complaining about John Brown to anyone that will listen for a while now, so debunking this report will also reflect badly on the object of Chadwick’s latest displeasure.
The problem for Chadwick et al is everything documented in this report, including not dealing with the out of date user services agreement when the Collus deal went through, happened under their watch. So the best way to deal with his own incompetence is shoot the messenger and debunk the report by saying “Nothing to see hear, leave everything as is, if it ain’t broke don’t fix anything”. He really starts to scrape the bottom of the barrel in his debunking when he complains about the report using words like “appears” which suggests a guess. Also “might”, “likely”, “possible” and “could” and actually counts the amount of times each of these words are used in the report. His problem with this wording apparently, is that these words are “Conditional” and “More definition or accuracy and fact are required for clarity and confidence. Strategic decisions cannot be properly made on conditional terms”. What a load of bunk!!! I challenge you to read any report of this type and not see this standard passive type language, they are making suggestions, not dealing with absolutes. But his trained seal readers obviously know no better, so they clap their front flippers and lap up his nonsense.
All the above is déjà vu to me, Chadwick was the official online attack dog back during the Chris Carrier term in office. He dislikes this current administration as much as he did Carriers one, plus he has the added insult to injury; that the great unwashed masses, that he distain’s so much, did not re-elect him to council. A position that is his God-given right to have. So expect continuous blogs complaining about everything this council tries to achieve, this time the stupid EB has given him soapbox to rail from. The big difference now is myself and Berman will be here giving a counter point of view and putting some back story behind his positioning and biased opinion’s.


3 thoughts on “Déjà vu……….

  1. Good on anybody who has the stomach to wade through the bully’s drivel. His ego probably says, “people love me,” when he sees how many views there are. In reality I can only stomach drivel in small bites so have to go back as I can stand it.

  2. My first thought, is that this week he railed against the new committee structure…..that he voted for just 7 moths ago.

    Then he wrote this blog, in which he goes off on the 3rd party review….that he voted for just 7 moths ago.

    YET, when he got caught for not knowing that the Sprung Shield “wasn’t” included in the rec facilities purchase, was there even an apology? No, just more spin.

    “Incestuous, homogeneous fiefdoms of self-proclaimed expertise are always rank-closing and mutually self-defending, above all else.” ― Glenn Greenwald

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