Wasn’t the Georgian Bay diminishing water level “Settled Science” also?

I’m what is euphemistically called a “Man Made Climate Change Denier”. Yeah that’s right, a knuckle dragging, head up my ass, can’t see the forest for the tree’s “Global Warming Skeptic”. All of you that think that that particular branch of science is “settled” need not read any further, you can happily go back to your Facebook and Twitter feeds. The two people that are left read on:

Last night I was catching up on my “Vice News” online news feed. If you haven’t been introduced to this online news channel it’s very good, believe it or not it’s a Canadian product. It was founded as “Vice Magazine” in Montreal back in 1994. Then two years ago it spun off to Vice Media, it has a decidedly lefty spin to its reporting, which I find is usually the case in independent online news media, because the target audience are young urban hipsters, not old rural dwelling farts like myself (many years ago I was an urban hipster though). Vice News has now gone mainstream, HBO has picked them up for half hour news specials, which they are now in Season 2. As mentioned earlier, I was watching episode 2 of season 2 last night. It was reporting on the melting ice sheet in Greenland. I was watching this show in complete horror, as the show detailed, in dramatic film footage, the Greenland ice sheet and glacial formations, disappearing right in front of our eyes, the show is here:

I refer to myself as a “Knuckle-dragging Neanderthal” but I’m being facetious by describing myself in that way. I merely use that analogy because that’s how others with a leftward bias refer to my world view (my eldest daughter for instance). Because I can be “enlightened”. So after seeing the above program, which came from what I believed was a trusted news source and listening on the show to the Greenland ice sheets “expert”, who was making dire predictions that the Greenland ice sheet will be gone within a hundred years and world sea levels will rise 23 ft. Turning New York, Vancouver and London into the 22nd century’s new hot spot scuba diving destinations. I thought I better take a closer look at this Greenland ice sheet situation and get ready to order up my new Toyota Prius. I did some research online.

After about 4 hours of digging, until the wee hours of Sunday morning. I discovered that it’s not quite as simple as this program is making it out to be. I found out that the glaciers at the south west end of Greenland, which is the location of this Vice News program being filmed, have been retreating at an ever alarming rate and they have been doing this since 1971. BUT, and this is a very big BUT in the global warming argument. This phenomena is very much cyclical and that the Greenland ice sheet has actually now started gaining ice at previously unheard of levels as detailed here:

In the course of my research I did find a lot of scare mongering the “sky is falling” type articles that say the complete opposite of the above. Which proves to me that this science is far from settled and before we as a society beggar ourselves and our children, trying to combat something that is FAR from settled we need to start having some open honest conversations about “Man Made” global warming and the scientists need to start getting on the same page. That 97% number of scientists that agree with global warming, is a farcical number from a few years ago and scientist’s that are sceptical of it are growing in ever increasing numbers. The problem with the settled science mantra, is that it is now very difficult for people to get funding to study an opposite view point.
Locally (I won’t mention the past two winters) but you only have to take a look at the lake levels that only 2 short years ago were supposedly in complete free fall, because of man made global warming. Our mayor attended a number of gab-fests trying to put a stop to this pending disaster which was going to turn water front properties into inland cabins, miles away from the water. If you visited the harbour last summer, the level is a good 4 feet up from where it was in 2012. What this tells me is the “experts” and the scientists really don’t have a clue what and how this planet operates and regulates itself. One last thing when we have people saying “the science is settled”; that’s the time when all of us need to start asking more questions. Because science should never be settled. It is an “Ever changing study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and ongoing observations”. (Webster’s again sorry).


6 thoughts on “Wasn’t the Georgian Bay diminishing water level “Settled Science” also?

  1. I know that you are on the water a lot more than I am Scoop, so I will accept your 80cm number, But is that from last year or from some of the all-time lows that we saw a few years ago? From what I have read Arctic polar ice cap has 30% more ice this past two years. My thought is that the people shoving this nonsense onto a gullible public can make any weather or cooling./warming fit their agenda.

  2. The fact that the ice may or may not be melting still does not prove to anyone that it is “man-made” global warming. Sorry – I believe it has been changed from global warming to Climate Change likely because the cooler summers and frigid winters many have experienced lately made it had to convince people to spend billions on global warming scares. Is the world warming? Maybe yes, and maybe no. The fact I have to work with is that at one time many many thousands of years ago this whole area was under a mile of ice. That ice has been melting and retreating ever since the last ice age. Why is it that people actually thought that it would stop once it retreated to a certain latitude?
    As for the fact that things may be warming up faster now than before (which we truly do not know for a fact, given we only have data for less than 100 years and not hundreds of thousands) the scientists have all said that as things warm up and the ice caps melt the gasses released from the melting permafrost will exacerbate the situation.
    I am with nobody. Call me a denier or call me a skeptic, but I am not in a rush to go out an buy a Prius or build more wind turbines just yet.
    Mother nature is in full control and we are just along for the ride.
    We could stop burning coal and fossil fuels in an attempt to stop climate change, but one good volcano along with a few more forest fires would make our efforts look like a drop in the bucket.

    • Welcome aboard AvidReader thanks for the comment. I am with you I have read nothing that has convinced me that this climate change situation is as dire as the progressives would like us to think it is. Also every time any kind of weather event happens these days, including this latest cold snap, it gets blamed on MMCC.

  3. Actually, I think 80 cm, which is a little better than two feet (not four feet), and it’s the result of a combination of factors, including heavy snowfall, increased ice coverage, and the cool, wet summer we just experienced.
    As nice as it would be to say, ‘problem fixed’, I guess you could say I’m a skeptic on the other side. I’m not convinced that we’re not a warm, dry summer, and a warmer winter with little snow accumulation, away from a return to low water levels.
    As I understand it, we’re experiencing lengthy periods of frigid temperatures because there’s less polar ice cover, which is allowing the atmosphere to draw on cold Arctic water – which is generating these cold air masses (at least as far as we’re concerned – while we had a wet, cooler summer, the rest of the planet was still warmer overall).

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