Sorry guys Chadwick again…………

Someone mentioned to me the other day that I seem to have the “Chadwick is nuts, local blogging market cornered”. As usual, I had to walk myself back a bit and take a closer look at what I am doing in this regard on this blog. I hate the fact that 50% of what I am blogging about is refuting what our esteemed ex-councillor is commenting on these days. “Why bother? Just ignore him and he will go away” is a common thread amongst some of you.
The first and most important reason is you people seem to lap up my commentary on Chadwick and his continual snipping from his online bleacher, Scripturient. You can’t seem to get enough of it, every time I write anything with a sniff of Chadwickian commentary VFAN gets 500 or 600 views. The second is it’s getting rather obvious that Chadwick is now the designated online attack dog of the people around town who like the status quo and don’t want to see things change in the political arena. Kevin Lloyd is the their council representative. The idea is to continually undermine this council and put doubt into the minds of the general public; that when we elect people who are not part of the old guard, things will go horribly wrong.
I know that I am probably preaching to the choir with most of you, but I believe not all of you reading this are totally on board. So let’s take a closer look at Chadwick’s actions, not his writing, his actual physical engagement with the people that he likes so much to criticize since he was given the golden boot from council last October.
I have attended every council meeting except last Mondays one (if you notice I didn’t comment on it). I’ve never seen Chadwick at one of them. I have asked around and apparently he has never been at any of the new committee meetings, that are apparently allowing a very public component to them ( I haven’t commented on those either because I have never attended one). But Chadwick feels qualified to write a dismissive Enterprise Bulletin column regarding those same committee’s which are not televised and he has never attended. I’m not sure how it’s possible to comment constructively if you are not physically present. He was also not at the swearing in ceremony, the mayors levee or the recent economic development conference. What I am saying is Chadwick is not interested in being part of the solution around town, about trying to make a positive contribution to the conversation. He is only interested in protecting his own shallow ego and forwarding the interests of those he believes are the natural born leaders and decision makers in Collingwood.

Take his latest post for instance here:

Behind all the bluster in this blog is the fact that CEO John Brown was way too astute for Chadwick and his voting bloc to manipulate and the CAO was a little critical about some of the shenanigan’s that they got up to. The same thing happened with Kim Wingrove who was unceremoniously dismissed back in April 2012 in a 7 – 2 vote (wonder who the two votes were?) Chadwick’s happiest times were when he was part of the voting bloc and “Fast Eddie” was acting CAO rubber stamping everything that passed across his desk. With no sober second thought or accountability. The emails that Chadwick bleats about in the above post are discussions via email that Cam Ecclestone had with CAO John Brown and other members of council about whether the CAO actually wanted to have his contract renewed or not. He is 73 years old and could probably do without all the aggravation this job entails and was considering not continuing in this position. I have heard that there is a conflict of interest complaint in the works about these emails from Angry Man with Chadwick pulling the strings. Also if you notice in his tone, after his column last week was sanctioned by the EB Chadwick now seems to have a serious hate on for them and its managing editor Paul Brian. I was quite harsh on Paul myself a few weeks ago but it seems he is now finally talking to the right people and is starting to find his footing in the local political arena. If Chadwick is criticizing him then he must be doing something right.

In the mean time the writing in this blog is 80% viewer based, so as long as you keep reading about our pompous elitist ex-councillor I will keep writing about him.


12 thoughts on “Sorry guys Chadwick again…………

  1. As much as I do enjoy reading Chadwick and about Chadwick, it’s only because I find it amazing that the guy, who’s clearly intelligent in many respects, really and truly believes his own bull shit.
    It’s kinda’ like picking a scab; you know you shouldn’t because its gross and wrong, but you do it anyway. I agree with Gordon, if we ignore him he’ll just go away. Unfortunately, even If do stop picking that scab, I’ll always be reminded of his tenure when I see those silly rec tents, pay my Collus, I mean, Power Stream bill or walk my dog right on by one of the 3 stupid dog parks we have in this town.

    • Chadwick says, “The result is a muddled, hurried, and poorly considered decision driven by back-room conversations and personal agendas. How open and accountable is that?”

      What a friggin’ HYPOCRITE!

      • Isn’t it astounding Chris, and you know what, IC doesn’t even see the irony of half the crap he writes. What a donkey! Ian, I know you read this, so please keep digging your holes and filling them with bullshit, but be careful, soon you’ll not know where to step!

    • LOL Robert. He contradicts himself all of the time. Another sign of a narcissist… just wanting to remain the center of attention. It is pathetic he doesn’t see the joke he has become. And it was allllll him!

  2. “If Chadwick is criticizing him then he must be doing something right.”
    If only I could capsulize the expansiveness of this quote from you, VFAN. And thank you, I guess by that definition to some people I may be golden (am I right Steve?).

    The recently fired Councillor and his group will most certainly enjoy the findings of the OPP like they are choking on a chicken bone. Of course, we have no knowledge of what the police are investigating about the fired Councillor and his gang but if an investigation has been underway for two years… and it is still ongoing (call the OPP and they will tell you it is), then they must have been constantly expanding it. I’m sure we will all find out what they have found soon… and your blogs on it will hit new record levels for sure 🙂

  3. The thing about narcissists is, as long as they are getting their attention fix their happy. It really doesn’t matter if it’s for good or bad behaviour, it’s the attention that matters. When you ignore a narcissist they really cease to exist. Your blog is what gives Chadwick the will to live. When you stop writing about him he will just shrink into oblivion. G.

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