Council Meeting 16th March 2015 – VFAN Style:

1. Deb mentioned that she was down at the “Skate with the Mayor” event at the Central Park arena on Sunday with wait for it………. Mayor Cooper and Kevin Lloyd. WTF!!! I also a pig fly past my window yesterday. I wondered what was going on.

2. Bob missed out on another photo op at the Mayors skate because of something called “Irish flu”. Apparently this epidemic hit members of his staff at Mad Dogs Sunday morning. I have also heard this particular ailment called 26oz flu.

3. ‎ I swear to God every time I see Angry Man these days, he gets redder and redder. Today he is the colour of a ripe beet root.

4. Mayor Cooper talked about the dire state of our towns finances. Strange that she wasn’t saying this during last years municipal election. She even invited us mugs in the general public to come down tomorrow to the budget meeting and give suggestions. ‎I’ll start with one simple one STOP PROPPING UP THE ELVIS FESTIVAL.

5. ‎Seems like it’s going to be easier to operate a bed and breakfast in town. Many changes coming down the pipeline. Due to adjustments coming to the official town plan. This was brought on by the nonsense with Deputy Mayor Lloyd’s bed and breakfast debacle last year.

6. Fire Chief Trent tabled a report tonight, he said there were 8 fires in January and February. He also told us that they had to go back to one place twice in one week for a cooking fire. What the hell were they cooking up, meth?

7. Steve Berman got himself appointed to the museum board‎. Is there a board or a committee that this man is not on.

8. Deb was having a nice conversation with Angry Man as I left……..and he wasn’t shouting. Double WTF!!!!

9. Not much grist for the mill tonight unfortunately. If this had been a Chris Carrier council meeting he would have stretched this out to 5 hours at least. And VFAN would have another 6 salient, insightful, observations.


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