Earth Hour nonsense again………

I first published a version of this post two years ago

Light Bulb

Saturday 28th March 2015 at 8:30 pm local time, houses and commercial buildings all over the world suddenly went dark. No, it’s not a global power outage, it’s Earth Hour! Started in 2007, this annual event has become a worldwide phenomenon, educating people about the threat of climate change, and encouraging a commitment to more sustainable behavior.


If you happened to be in the Collingwood area Saturday evening at around 8.30 pm and were wondering what the shiny beacon of light was in the midst of the darkness. It was the Nobody residence. As per every year at that time I make sure I go around the house and turn on every light, fan, dryer, stove. This year as a pièce de résistance I rented a couple of search lights, which made my place look like a second world war Deutsch Flak 34 station. All that was missing were the Lancaster bombers flying overhead. I also started the lawn mower, weed eater and barbeque let them run unaccompanied for the full hour in the back yard. Much to the chagrin of many of my neighbor’s, who by the looks of there darkened houses, have drunk the Earth Hour Kool-Aid which gets shoved down everyone’s throats by governments, media, teachers and schools.

Mankind has spent the last 10,000 years clawing its way out of the darkness, and some of the worlds environmental movements would love nothing better than to put us all back in loin cloths and mud huts. Some big business concerns have bought into the nonsense also. The NHL decided to dim all the outside lights at its arenas for the hour. Wonderful!!! I wonder if they actually believe this crap or are playing to what they think their audience wants.
This is nothing more than environmental tokenism at its very worst. What bugs me about it is the general masses sign up for it and get a warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of their stomachs. But really they are doing nothing. Here’s a fact: We could completely turn off the grid in all of Canada and the United States for that full hour, shut it down completely and it would be the same as 4 minutes worth of China’s carbon emissions which they dump into the atmosphere. So if you actually want to do something to reduce global carbon emission’s, stop lining up down at Walmart and the various Dollar Emporiums and filling your houses with sweat shop manufactured, made in China unsustainable crap. Let’s also get the other 3 billion souls on to the grid. Instead of heating their houses and huts by deforesting and burning brush and wood or animal dung. The other thing that bugs me about this man made global warming farce, is that it is a completely fabricated crisis and pulls the world’s attention away from some of the real environmental catastrophes that should really be getting our attention. Like certain country’s factory ships sucking every last fish from the worlds oceans. Or the five areas in the worlds oceans full of plastic waste and plastic micro-sludge swirling around in circles as large as the state of Texas. One of them is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it’s called the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” described here: but ignored by most so called environmentalists in lieu of beating the crap out of Alberta’s oil sands.
These ocean gyres are much more of a threat to our planet than this man-made global warming nonsense. But I suppose that subject isn’t quite as sexy as dimming the Eifel Tower or the Houses of Parliament.

Turn out your lights if you must, but don’t think for a second that you are doing anything for the environment. Personally, I love the first world convenience that I get from permanent unfettered access to the grid and I believe that is what the world should be celebrating.


5 thoughts on “Earth Hour nonsense again………

  1. Instead of Earth Hour we need to adopt an Earth lifestyle on a day to day basis. We have another superficial attempt at environmental awareness here in Collingwood. On one hand we have a anti-idling by-law while with the other hand we give out drive thru permits which will soon occupy every major intersection. We can do much better, time to get serious!

  2. Well done. In a backhanded way you have participated in the purpose of Earth Hour (and Earth Day coming in April) which is to take some time and think about the environment, sustainability and our lifestyle. Of course, it is tokenism and a gimmick but its purpose is worthwhile. Thank you for participating and raising some important issues. (please tell me that you are not a climate change denier – the overwhelming number of scientists studying this issue are in agreement – a major reason for climate change is our reliance on fossil fuels). Suggestion – read Naomi Klein’s book “This Changes Everything”.

    • Welcome to commenting on my site Marty. I hate this whole “Climate Denier” handle that you climate change alarmists label people like me with. Please read the following article from Forbes Magazine: There is no consensus with scientists, the 97% consensus is a lie. There is plenty of online information that tells it how it is Skeptical Scientist was caught red handed doctoring that scientific consensus to suit its own agenda. Of course the climate is changing, it changes constantly it always has. Its not man made and even if it was, turning off a few lights and beggaring our western economies would not change that anyway. Lets start working on things that we can change like the use of single use plastic packaging. I respect your opinion, please respect mine.

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