VFAN gets Toronto Sun trial run

I am pleased to announce that View from a Nobody has been picked up by the Toronto Sun. I was formally approached a couple of weeks ago by the Toronto Sun to do a monthly column in their Sunday edition, on a three month trial basis. I am also getting paid a small amount for my contributions. Imagine that, someone actually paying me to write my nonsense.
Here is how this exciting turn of events happened. During February’s cold snap I was asked by a friend to help a friend of his with a frozen plumbing issue at a weekend ski chalet close to Blue Mountain. That friend happened to be Wendy Metcalfe the editor of the Toronto Sun. After I finished sorting out the plumbing issue, I sat down with Wendy and a few of her friends and my buddy for a little social time. The subject of blogging came up as part of the conversation, she read some of my stuff, liked it and the rest is history as they say.
Don’t panic loyal readers this will not affect what I do here but you will get to read the occasional post by me on a grander scale. I have to write about a broader scope of political issues ranging from Premier Windbag to “Hair Apparent” Justin Trudeau. Unfortunately I don’t get to write about local Collingwood issues in this new gig with the one exception of the conclusion of a certain OPP investigation.

My first column is this coming Sunday 5th April.


11 thoughts on “VFAN gets Toronto Sun trial run

  1. Congratulations Colin, I am not a regular reader of the Sun as it’s too hard to find the news among all the car dealer and electronic store ads plus my hands are typically black from all the ink but we’ll hopefully see it on the online version.

  2. Congrats Colin! It’s time the rest of the world (at least Toronto) got to meet VFAN. Don’t get The Sun, but hope we can read online or you share with your faithful followers. Wishing you the best.

  3. The Toronto Sun would not be one of my favourite reads but I,m sure you will post your column here.
    Congratulations you are more talented than you give yourself credit for.Your greatest contribution is you make people think about the issues.
    Good going!

  4. I follow a couple of Toronto Sun reporters on Twitter. I heard they were looking for some regional content. Way to go Collin, look forward to reading the new articles.

  5. Congratulation Nobody!! Looking forward to it – too bad this didn’t come in Ford’s “hey day” – that would have been fun but I am sure there is lots to write about still. All the best!

  6. Congratulation’s, VFAN! I have refused to read the SUN for 15 years now, but if you cut your column out I will look forward to reading it…

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