Post Easter Update 07/04/15 – VFAN Style

1. It always irks me with Easter Monday. In the UK this was always a four day weekend. Everyone gets the day off on the Good Friday and the (Bank) Holiday Monday. In Canada it’s a mish-mash with some people getting the day off and the rest of us chumps having our nose back on the grind stone. Well actually it’s usually the well healed federal, provincial and municipal public service unionised workers who get the day off and us poor tax payers get to pay the freight. Nothing high-lights the difference that exists between the rarified air our public servants now breath and the rest of us than this extra paid day off that they get. I think the time has come to level the playing field across the country and make this day a holiday for all of us country-wide. Same as it is in Europe the Monday after Easter Sunday should be a day of in lieu of the holiday created by one of the Christian calendar’s holiest of days.

2. I noticed that Steve Berman is doing some actual reporting for the EB these days. Good luck in this new adventure Steve.

3. My one and only attempt to volunteer for a committee, apparently ended in abject failure (now I know what Chadwick felt like). I put in an application to join the Strategic Plan Steering Committee. After this experience I will probably never bother to be part of the “official” establishment in Collingwood again. I sent in my application at the beginning of February and never heard anything back from the town since. I only found out that I had not been selected through a list of names that is being put before council to vote on at Tuesday evenings council meeting. Note to town: If the way you have treated me in this process is your normal way of doing things, it is little wonder you get limited public engagement in Collingwood’s political scene, I was volunteering not applying for a paid job. I will continue to bask in the glory of my anti-establishment roll in the local political arena.

4. God help us all if our pampered westernised society ever experience any kind of breakdown of our civil society. You get an idea what things would be like by going out grocery shopping on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. I made this mistake, I went to Walmart and was confronted by people with shopping trolley’s loaded to the ceiling and a plethora of empty shelves. It took me half an hour to pay for my basket of groceries. The same thing happens after Christmas Day. We have become a society that needs instant gratification in everything that we do. Including access to our shopping outlets.

5. As my regular readers know, I have always been a big fan of Steven Harper. One thing that I did not agree with and was very disappointed at the time, when Harper appointed Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy to the Senate. The puffed up pompous Duffy appears in court this week. That decision could very well end up being one of the worst mistakes Harper made since he has been Prime Minister.

6. I went out for my first run and bike ride of the year Easter Sunday. For those of you interested the Georgian Trail is still about 60% ice and snow covered. My buddy Yohan actually needed his bike with the silly 4″ wide tires. He got the last laugh on my mocking, as he barely missed a beat while I was pushing my bike through around 6″ of snow.

7. I know some of you hate me going off about him, but Chadwick was at it again. Sandwiched right between a post entitled “Thurber’s Writings and Drawings” and “National Poetry Month” (God some of his stuff is boring). Was a post entitled “Abdicating Responsibility”. Another meandering rant about the current council which are apparently handing all their decision making over to town hall staff. This post had a few five star ratings so I promptly gave him a one star on my phone and a one star on my laptop. The thing that I don’t get about Chadwick is he never shows his face at any of these new committee meetings or town council meetings and yet he pontificates like he is an expert. So he is obviously getting all his information second hand through his cohort Kevin Lloyd.


4 thoughts on “Post Easter Update 07/04/15 – VFAN Style

  1. Nobody: I quite agree on your comments re: Strategic Committee. I also applied. When I had heard nothing by early March I emailed Ms Almas to ask about status of the apps, and her assistant Ms. Carter replied that they had let a contract for a consultant, and that selection would happen soon. I heard from a friend on Council that the selections had been made a few weeks ago. but not announced. Just yesterday I searched all over the Town’s website and couldn’t find any reference to the Committee members, (not as good at dredging through agendas as you & Crouch!) So I again emailed Ms Carter asking who’s on, and gently chiding her for lack of a prompt, courteous “Thanks but no Thanks” letter.
    I’d now be very interested to find out who’s in; why; and what the selection criteria were.
    P.S. Easter Monday: How about dumping McGuinty’s dopey Family Day holiday and replacing that with Easter Monday?

    • If you look at tonight’s council meeting agenda the list is on there. Myself one of my buddies and Rick crouch are not on it. The only names I remember were Jamie Berman and Jim Gosnel. All very shoddy the way they treated people.

  2. I sympathize with your frustration regarding committee involvement. Like yourself I too submitted my application and resume for the Strategic Plan Steering Committee. In the absence of not getting elected to Council I thought I might be able to contribute to the betterment of our community elsewhere. Not a word has been heard although I sensed I was not selected a couple of weeks back and after reviewing the agenda for tomorrow’s Council meeting it was confirmed. Perhaps our “thank you for volunteering letters” are in the mail?

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