Council Meeting 7th April 2015 – VFAN Style:

Oh my God this one was soooo boring I had to nudge the lady next to me three times to wake her up. But Steve Berman was writing notes furiously, I don’t get it. Oh well onward and upward…………..

1. Public meeting to allow Ace Cabs new digs. It’s going on Raglan and Connell street. No public questions. I had one question: How come the Ace Cab drivers only take cash?

2. Another public meeting to allow a gas station at the corner of Hume and Pretty River Parkway. Plan includes a restaurant and convenience store. It’s about time we got a gas station at that end of town.

3. ‎ Seems like a few people are a bit miffed about this community based Strategic Plan Steering Advisory Committee, me included. This calls for a blog………

4. Here’s the list of names for the community based strategic plan steering committee that was voted for and approved by council: Jim Gosnell, Anthony Griffiths, Peter Tollefsen, Kelly McKenna, George Czerny, Robert Johnson, Tom LePage, Frank Orlando, Jamie Berman. I have only heard of two of these people.

5. Mariners Haven gate gets kicked down the road again. Looks like a compromise is in the air. I suggest electric fence, guard towers, and German shepherds.

6. ‎Myself and Bob were napping tonight. Everyone is playing too nice. Don’t they know I have a blog to write.

7. ‎ Seems like the town might be getting LED street lights.

8. Town approved Elvis festival service providers. RFP selections. Deputy Mayor asked whether prices are in line with previous years. I would have asked why are we as a town paying for any of these services? Let’s get this out of the towns hands. But all I keep hearing is: Three more years!! Three more years!!!

9. Hume Street and Minnesota street trail crossing is already $600k over budget. Not a good start. Design looks like a dogs breakfast. ‎ Dogs breakfast gets approved 8 -1. Deb opposed.

10. Because…….Deb mentioned a $10M cycling fund that the provincial government has just made available. Now someone is talking some sense. Good for Deb.


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