On the FCM I’m Ambivalent. On other stuff…………

I’d forgotten about this “Pig squeals at removal of trough”. It was the beginning of the end of my eight year period of support for this staple of the local political scene. The final nail was driven into that coffin for me after the recreation tent debacle materialized the following year.
I was reminded of this long forgotten unpopular political misstep by Chadwick, in Steve Berman’s latest blog. Steve quite rightly points out the hypocricy of this preening has-been of the local political arena, when in his latest Scripturient offering, Chadwick objects to sending Kathy Jeffery to this gab fest FCM for $10k. But just 4 years ago Chadwick was kicking up a stink because his portion of a $10k trough was being removed. But this is old news really (Chadwick being a hypocrite). He’s a card carrying liberal what else do you expect? It’s in their DNA. His slogan should be “do as I say not as I do”. In fact that should be Premier Windbag’s slogan also…….
……..but I digress. I’m fairly ambivalent on these gab fest conference’s. Our elected officials seem to be in love with attending them. I think the actual benefits are tangible at best, but I guess being at the table is preferable than not, so what the hell, let’s send Kathy and make sure she comes back with a detailed report on what she learned. Then let’s see how our town benefitted from the $10k outlay. I also laughed at our vacuous Mayor’s comment at last Tuesday’s council meeting. She said that someone from the county was going so she did not want to pay twice. What a stupid comment to make. If in my humble opinion the benefits of a town councillor attending are limited, they are absolutely non-existent at county level, because this level of governance is so far removed from us locally, paying to have a county rep is just pissing town money down the drain.

Another thing I would like to elaborate on, is a comment in my last post, where I mentioned that Steve Berman had gone “establishment” on us. I will quantify that statement in reference to Steve’s latest blog that I linked above. I’d like Steve to take a step back and do a little introspection in a scenario that I pose below and see what he comes up with:
Let’s imagine it was being proposed instead of Kathy Jeffery going to this FCM gabfest, it was Kevin Lloyd; and at last Tuesdays council meeting it were Brian Saunderson, Deb Doherty, Kathy Jeffery and Tim Fryer voting against Kevin Lloyd’s attendance. Their reason being that after the latest wrangling in the towns budget the town can’t afford it. Then Chadwick posts one of his cloying (my word of the month) blogs lauding the decision, by the other five members of council, to send his compatriot to this very important event. What would Steve’s commentary look like over this past weekend then?
I personally try to go into every council meeting and read every bit of commentary with a blank slate. If Lloyd makes a good point and votes in a certain way I agree with and is best for the town, I will say that (he rarely does). If Cam makes a horses ass mess out of a situation, I will say that also (he sometimes does that).
Far be it for me to tell Steve (he won’t listen to me anyway) how to conduct himself in his public commentary or in his self appointed roll as municipal watch dog. He’s done more to educate and involve the masses in local politics than anyone else ever has locally. But in my humble opinion he is now starting to look partisan and risks making himself irrelevant as an apologist for the latest group that is starting to look very much like a voting bloc.
If he continues to let that happen, that’s a very sad turn of events, in my mind.


One thought on “On the FCM I’m Ambivalent. On other stuff…………

  1. I am not overly concerned about the money that was budgeted to send Kathy Jeffery to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference. I spend money (my own) to attend real estate conferences and at the end of the day those events are only as good as the effort you put in to attending and absorbing information at worthwhile educational sessions while taking advantage of networking with your peers. I have faith in Kathy as a Councillor and I am confident that she will make good use of her time at FCM functions which will hopefully generate some tangible benefits for our municipality.

    I am more concerned about he budget overall. Once again Council has taken advantage of cost reductions outside their jurisdiction (County and Education expenses) which has resulted in a net .58% increase to our 2015 tax bills. The reality is, the approved budget for the town only expenses represents an increase of 2.61%. According to Statistics Canada, the average annual rate of inflation for 2014 in Ontario was 2.4%. Further, Statistics Canada reports an annual inflation rate of 1.3% for Ontario to the end of February. Council could of and should have done much more to reduce spending. How else are we ever going to pay down over $60 million ins debt?

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