The picking of your pockets has now begun.

I can’t even stand to listen or watch Premier Windbag on the TV or radio these days. Her voice is like finger nails on a chalkboard for me. I have to turn off the offending electronic device, for fear of being violently ill.
After the last election I predicted that the ProvLibs would be in full pick pocket mode by March of this year. I was one month out. I am talking about this new bout of legalized thievery, that is about to hit your pocketbooks, in the form of “Cap and Trade”.
As many of you know, I don’t agree with the concept of “Man Made Climate Change”. I think the climate is changing constantly, like it has done for millions of years. Also there is documented, but rarely noted by the main stream media, evidence that the earth has not warmed since 1998 as per climatologist Patrick Michaels. In 2008 members of the faculty at the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia, UK. Were caught red-handed doctoring emails, because the data was proving just that, no global warming since the 1990’s. That’s why the conversation was then shifted from what the charlatan Al Gore coined with his very catchy “Man Made Global Warming”. To the all encompassing “Man Made Climate Change”. And before any of you greenies throw that 97% of Climate Scientists agree with the notion of MMCC. That red herring was brought to you by one of the main advocates and gunslinger for the idea of MMCC, the self appointed attack dog against anyone or any group it deems are “Skeptics and Deniers” – The Skeptical Scientist blogger John Cook. He heads up a group based close to Brisbane, Australia. They had 25 volunteers scouring the internet for a period of 6 months documenting anything that accredited weather and climate scientists said about MMCC. Many scientist’s whom were included in the 97% have since stated publicly that they should not have been included on this list. But does that ever get any media attention? No but you still hear the likes of Premier Windbag and Barack Obama quoting that figure as if it is an absolute truth coming from an accredited source. If this is such settled science, settled enough that this nonsense now gets taught to our kids in Grade 10 at high school. Why do these groups have to lie and doctor up their findings? Let’s get away from calling this settled science, because it really isn’t settled.

Back to Premier Windbag’s latest foray into your wallets and purses. I actually would respect her more if she were to be honest with us and called the impending Cap and Trade scam, exactly what it is a carbon tax. Or if she admitted that her government had spent the past 12 years squandering your tax money and needs more of it. But no she gets all school maamish at the very mention of the word “tax”. She then looks into the camera with her squinty little eyes and says “How can I face my granddaughter Olivier in years to come and say I did nothing to try and save our planet”. She IS doing nothing, she’s a smart woman so she must know that. This is a tax grab pure and simple. Canada as a whole country accounts for 1.5% of the worlds carbon emission’s, so this previously failed public policy will do nothing “to save the planet” even if it actually worked or the planet needed saving. The only likely outcome is relief of your hard earned tax dollars.

This scam has been going on in Europe for years and has not stopped one milligram of carbon from going into the atmosphere, as far as environmental policy goes it has been an unmitigated failure. All it will do is make this province less competitive and put us one step closer to the North American version of Greece. I was having a conversation about this last night with a buddy of mine (he’s a socialist who has never met a liberal pickpocket that he doesn’t like) he said hopefully “Why do you think Quebec and California signed up for cap and trade?” Like these two jurisdictions are bastions of competent governance and fiscal prudence.

Although I suppose this will create a whole new bureaucratic wing of sunshine lister’s, for the rest of us beleaguered tax payers to keep in government pension plans and $120k per year salaries. It will also swell the coffers of the ProvLibs 2018 election campaign fund, as companies heap political donations upon them in exchange for those much needed carbon credits. As if this province needed yet another boondoggle money pit to throw our tax money down.

This ladies and gentleman is merely the start of it all. The incompetent Charles Sousa will table his 2015 provincial budget on 23rd April. You heard it here first, he won’t be happy with a mere 3 cents per litre coming from Cap and Trade. I predict another 5 cent gas tax being added. 3 years away from an election and with gas prices being so low, he wont be able to resist it.


35 thoughts on “The picking of your pockets has now begun.

  1. Given that many do in fact believe that the weather is changing, yet fight over the cause of these changes, I would like to make a suggestion which should sit well with both the Believers and the Deniers.
    Instead of trying to fight with Mother Nature by spending Trillions of dollars around the world in an attempt to change weather patterns, why don’t we invest our hard earned tax dollars on upgrading infrastructure and buildings to better withstand the effects of the world as it is today?
    This would actually do some good that everyone could agree with, as well as create jobs while protecting the investments made by the general public.
    Surely the MMCC Believers and those of us who do not could agree to this as a decent compromise.

      • Just a chuckle…
        I was reading Chadwick’s latest thread in his blog about religious zealots making money off of predictions of doom and gloom. It came to me that one could very easily transpose MMCC Believers in place of the religious leaders he references and the article would not change hardly at all. Prophets have been predicting the end of the world all in the guise of making money to further their own agenda. Green is a twisted religion built on scaring the average individual into parting with their money by predicting the end of the world. Moreover, they use guilt (another powerful motivator) to convince us that we have to act or be responsible for the extinction of mankind !

    • Cap and trade tries to achieve exactly that. By encouraging company’s to make their products or production more efficient and less polluting. Capping is a process of auditing where we are now and trying to not increase pollution and encourage a reduction.

      • You’re a smart guy Philip I can’t believe that you actually believe this gumf you write. Look it up the C and T has failed spectacularly in Europe already. With this current Liberal government and their track record on a plethora of failed files and boondoggles, what makes you think that they will be any more successful at this bit of legalized thievery . I think you are being deliberately obtuse.

      • Colin, calling “bull shit” is not name calling. I’m calling you out. You’re getting sensitive!…..that’s name calling. Anyway, what I find galling about about deniers is that they have an interest…. money. So, what interest does a believer have? Now, I’m not going to get all hippie-dippie here, but I struggle to see any benefit one might gain in believing/supporting that MMCC is real. Believing is a more altruistic position that happens to be supported by a large body of science. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m concerned about what my children are going to inherit after I’m dead. In my short life I will have witnessed a geological cycle, that up until our lifetimes, has typically taken several thousand of years to occur so what the hell is going to happen in another lifetime? What if MMCC is real Colin, do you really think its wise to deny it now and only to find out that we were wrong?

      • OK Robert let’s say that MMCC is real and happening. The thrust of my above post was lost in my rant about MMCC which is unfortunate. The only way to stop it is for China and India to be on board which they are not. So Windbags cap and trade is a tax grab nothing else. I hate the fact that she looks in the camera and says she is trying to save the planet and gullible people actually agree with her.

      • So we should wait around for China and India? Great, lets base our policies what they do. What if we took a wait and see approach in respect to other important issues like gender or racial inequality? What about religious freedoms or free speech? Talk about the dark ages. I’m no Windbag lover either, nor am I what right-wing-nut-jobs would call a tree-hugger, but you and Avid Reader seem to be incapable of looking beyond your own back yards. I do like reading your stuff, but your commentary on this subject is shockingly shortsighted and ignorant.

      • Robert -The governments are doing what they do best. First they convince us that we are responsible for a problem. Then they step in and tell us that they can save us. Unfortunately, in order to save us WE will have to make some sacrifices but we will thank them in the end.
        This is not short sighted but rather it is understanding the modus operendai of government leaders. I am not a denier that the climate is changing. In fact I truly believe that the world has been warming since the last ice age and will continue to do so until the next ice age. That is how nature works and has for billions of years. Myself and others like me simply find it hard to accept that mankind is responsible. Mother nature is in charge. We need to focus on dealing with the issue by building better and possibly relocating masses of people that chose to build in flood plains etc… and not put our hopes in the false prophecy of our governments thinking we can change the course of nature.

      • Nice one AR. The best part about Roberts comment above is the part where he called the Premier “Windbag”. Before anyone else takes credit for it I invented that name for our Supreme Leader 🙂

      • As I see it, here is the real problem. If the climate is changing as quickly as some think and the predictions of places like Florida and New Orleans ending up completely under water from the melting of the ice bergs are true, then we are truly in trouble. Given that, imagine the panic and financial meltdown across the U.S. should the governments start to face that issue and decide to try and halt further construction in those areas in an attempt to reduce the number of people that will have to move. Or worse yet – try and relocate everyone now in preparation for what they are forecasting. Pure bedlam, panic, and total financial collapse.
        So – instead of facing what “they” believe is going to happen, the governments choose to placate us by convincing us that mother nature can be controlled and the future can be changed. Seriously now. we put faith in the climate forecasts of what will happen when our grandchildren and their grandchildren grow up when those same climatologists cannot predict accurately what will happen tomorrow ? In the mean time – the governments use it as an excuse pick our pockets as so clearly noted by Colin.

      • My god AV, how much FOX News do you and Colin watch? There are other sources of information you know. Colin, I didn’t realize you were such a right wing nut…. I was right I guess, you do believe your own bullshit. Sorry, that’s about as salient a comment as this blog post deserves.

      • What I hate about trying to have this conversation with you alarmists Robert is it always eventually ends up at this place. “Right wing nut” and “Fox News watcher”. I am neither and by the looks of things neither is AV. Windbags C and T will not stop one bit of carbon going into the atmosphere. If you believe it will I have a parcel of land to sell you over in Silvercreek wetlands.

      • Oh Colin hate is such a strong word. Get off your high-horse and take a read of some of the responses you’ve written in this post. “Left wing alarmists” is one that comes mind. For some reason you right wing crazies, get your underwear in a knot over any opinion that’s more moderate then your own. I agree, carbon taxes will do little if anything to reduce emissions, but my huge issue is the denial that there are serious, serious problems with our environment as a result of human activity only to prove a point. That’s ignorant and shortsighted (there are those words again??). Nope, tighty-righties prefer to stick their fingers in their ears and continue to shit in their own back yards.

      • A much as I enjoy this comment table tennis. I will finish this up by saying what you obviously want to hear. You are right and I am wrong. See you back in the dark ages.

      • ……don’t take your toys and go home now!? We were just starting to have some fun.

  2. Michaels worked at the Cato institute, the cato institute is financed and influenced by the Koch brother one of the leading polluters in the USA. Read the following and make up your own mind about Colin’s climate expert. July 27, 2006 ABC News reported that a Colorado energy cooperative, the Intermountain Rural Electric Association, had given Michaels $100,000.[37] An Associated Press report said that the donations had been made after Michaels had “told Western business leaders … that he was running out of money for his analyses of other scientists’ global warming research” and noted that the cooperative had a vested interest in opposing mandatory carbon dioxide caps, a situation that raised conflict of interest concerns.[38]

    Michaels acknowledged on CNN that 40 per cent of his funding came from the oil industry.[39] According to Fred Pearce, fossil fuel companies have helped fund Michaels’ projects, including his World Climate Report, published every year since 1994, and his “advocacy science consulting firm”, New Hope Environmental Services.[40],In May 1994 Richard Lindzen, Michaels, and Robert Balling served as expert witnesses on behalf of Western Fuels Association in St. Paul, Minnesota to determine the environmental cost of coal burning by state power plants.[14] Western Fuels Association is a consortium of coal producers that uses collective advocacy to represent industry interests. Colin i am on tenderhooks waiting for your reply

    • Philip,
      You are correct. Instead of doing original research and experimentation, the ‘deniers’ operate by trawling the Internet looking for mistakes or, hopefully, dishonesty on the part of climate scientists. With literally thousands of people involved in the field, the ‘deniers’ are occasionally successful. This is then taken as evidence that MMCC is not real.
      A shame. But the chief deniers know exactly what they are doing and they are seldom self-financing seekers of truth (as you point out).

    • We could sit here for a month of Sundays posting link after link of opposing views on this subject Phillip. You are a classic left wing alarmist that wants to see the rest of us curb our evil ways, while you sit in your ivory tower burning fossil fuels with abandon.

  3. What about “The Blob” ?
    Scientists are saying that “The Blob” was NOT created by MMCC, and could in fact be responsible for much of the weird weather North America and others have been experiencing over the last couple of years… There is so much we don’t know about Mother Nature. I agree that we should try and not pollute, but we should certainly not do as the alarmists suggest, and return to the pre-industrial revolution days. I say that Ontario has already done it’s part. We have spent billions on wind farms and solar panels and we have shut down all the coal fired plants in Ontario. When every one else catches up with us, then we can start working on putting more people out of work. For now – I say we try to keep the jobs here in Ontario so we can prosper !

    • At last Avid Reader a voice of reason in the wilderness. These alarmist’s can’t see the forest for the tree’s. They are so quick to debunk and name call anyone that says “Hang on a second what if this is wrong”. Even if there is MMCC Windbags Cap and Trade will do nothing to solve it which was the point I was trying to make. obviously lost on the alarmists.

  4. You appear to think that the existence of the occasional rogue climate scientist proves that MMCC is bunkum. That is like saying all medical drugs are a waste of time, just because one pharmaceutical trial was found to be fraudulent.
    True scientists study nature and make an honest attempt to measure and understand it. Most of your ‘deniers’ seem to spend their time browsing the Internet, picking over the work of others looking for faults.

    • But Bill that’s how the 97% came about by the Skeptical Scientist doing just that. There is a growing body of “True” scientists that are becoming “deniers”. The problem is as soon as any of them state publicly that they are a “denier” the funding dries up. This is one of the biggest scams being perpetrated on the unwashed masses in our life time. Be a MMCC “alarmist” if you wish Bill but keep an open mind that the science in not settled.

  5. Good one VFAN right on the money. How come you always say what I am thinking? Keep up the pressure on all fronts………..

  6. colin .. so enjoy ” you “, you’re editorials are amazingly perceptive ,( and quite entertaining ) this community benefits , and is fortunate too have you as a “watch-dog” .. hang -in – there .. sincerely.. lee bertouche ..

      • not “nonsence” ..
        in my humble opinion , inciteful , articulate , and ” usually ” bang -on ” , so pls keep ’em coming .. you’re making a difference .. finally the white hats have a voice ! .. quite fun !!.
        cheers *me*

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