My Advice to Deb Doherty…………..

At this coming Monday evenings council meeting, the people whom many of my regular readers consider are the council members in white hats. Will have a chance to prove how much they are above the ongoing crap that is getting thrown at them by the people with the black hats locally.

The following is the full version of Robert Swayze’s Integrity Commissioners report. In response to a complaint brought before him by Chadwick stooge Dick Hill (author of “Blogging Vigilantes” and other “concerned citizen” black hat ass kissing letters to various editors). Council will be asked to receive the following report:

IC Report A
IC Report Analysis
IC Report 2

Apparently Deb got her own legal advice and her lawyer said that she was not in any conflict.

Deb and the “White Hat” council members have a problem on their hands here. If they vote (Deb will excuse herself) not to receive the report. I can hear the Chadwick, Lloyd and a couple of my commenters howls of indignation now. Saying things like “They are no better than the previous council”. It will have the appearance of being hypocritical.
If they vote to approve the report, Deb is then ham strung on voting on any issue that gets brought before council which involves any company that advertises through Corus Entertainment. That’s a lot of companies locally, and will translate into a lot of issues that she will end up not being able to vote on. If she does vote, she risks being taken to court, or deal with continual nuisance conflict claims by people like the idiotic Dick Hill or any other puppet the black hats put forward.
For what its worth here is how I would deal with this nonsense – Before Deb excuses herself from the proceedings, she should make a statement before council as follows:

I have taken my own legal advise on the following item being brought before council. My lawyer has advised me that I am not in any conflict in this matter.
Because I fundamentally agree with the roll that the integrity commissioner has within the framework of our local form of governance, I would like to excuse myself from the following vote and also hope that my colleague’s on council accept Mr. Swayze’s report.
I am in the process of setting up a meeting with Robert Swayze to seek his advice on how I can continue with my current career path with Corus Radio Barrie and also be an effective member of this council. This may or may not include a written submission from my employer with a detailed list of my current duties and accounts within their organization. Hopefully he can then advise me and my council any future issues of conflict that might arise. He might also be able to advise me how I can structure my current employment contract to avoid these kind of nuisance claims in the future.

Many of you must be able to see what’s going on here. The forces of evil in our town are trying to make it as difficult as possible for those with integrity to be effective in their positions on council. I find it rather strange the Mr. Swayze says that Deb is not in conflict but still advises her to excuse herself from the vote. Deb is a very willful lady and I am sure she will not heed my advice. I see more trench warfare coming from this in which the white hats usually lose.

For twenty grand per year, it would take a better person than me to put up with this kind of shit.


4 thoughts on “My Advice to Deb Doherty…………..

  1. I found the report of the Integrity Commissioner an interesting read when the agenda was posted and I thought I would add my comments to the discussion in the hopes of the future debate by Council when they discuss the report they asked for on the Code of Conduct and in particular what the term of “undue influence” means. Below is the key wording of the Integrity Commissioner Mr. Robert J. Swayze
    “I agree with counsel for Councillor Doherty and find that her remote relationship with
    Ace Cabs did not influence her vote. I am of the opinion if this complaint reached the
    Court, that it would make the same finding. However, the circumstances of this case
    enable me, in this report, to present a good example for the information of all members
    of Council, that a conflict should have been declared by Councillor Doherty out of an
    abundance of caution.”
    Councillor Doherty’s vote was not influenced by her employer’s relationship to Ace Cabs and the Commissioner believes that A Superior Court Judge would make the same conclusion. Great, right? Well then the Commissioner goes further to say Councillor Doherty should “out of an abundance of caution” have declared a conflict. Say What!
    This is where the future discussion by Council and yes bring the public into the debate around the term “undue influence” versus “abundance of caution”. I would like our politicians and have an expectation that they would act ethically and with integrity. I believe that Councillor Doherty has acted ethically and with integrity as an elected official for us and expect her to continue to do so. I also hope that she continues to act and give more weight to the term of “undue influence” in her decision making than “an abundance of caution.” Why?
    It is easy to apply “an abundance of caution” to the important decisions with the various relationships all of us have with each other within a community and therefore an elected official could remove themselves from a decision when neither the Commissioner nor a Judge is likely to find they have violated the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act and said action could result in a different outcome than the public should and could expect.
    The more difficult route is too weigh the specific relationships of an elected official to the person or persons involved in an application before Council. This report speaks to the facts AND that there was NO undue influence on Councillor Doherty in the decision before Council.
    It is unfortunate the report went further and I have no doubt it will result in some strong opinions.
    For me I am glad I voted for Councillor Doherty because I assumed she would know the difference between Undue Influence and the negative effect acting out of An Abundance of Caution could have on the future direction of our Town.

  2. Deb has absolutely NOTHING to be nervous about or to hide…unlike tricky Ricky (Lloyd), who should be breaking out in a cold sweat with every layer that is being unraveled, and now intricately seen, by not only only current council business as it relates to the past council, but with the on-going investigation! I say continue to bring on Mr. Swayze reports…it will show continued integrity of our new voted honest council (you know which one’s you are) and the lack of integrity of the one’s we successfully booted to the curb, and the one’s who managed to squeeze back in at the table! We got you covered, Deb, carry on with business as usual, your doing an amazing job!!

  3. Mr. Hill didn’t seem too concerned over the close ties his favoured Council members and a certain developer had. As a REALTOR I am perhaps more sensitive to this than most given the fact that we operate under strict Provincial law and further we have even stricter conflict guidelines within our real estate brokerage so as to avoid any issues? If I were Deb I would have declared a conflict just a matter of principal. When it comes to transparency and disclosure you can never have too much. At the same time this is just another example of the small time back door petty politics that will derail Council’s attention from the important issues which in turn will hold own Town back from advancing forward. Perhaps the outcome of the ongoing OPP investigation will illustrate to everyone the need for a change in attitude and the willingness to work together.

    • Rick, I am waiting for the results of the OPP investigation much like the rest of Collingwood. We, the people of Collingwood know what was involved and who was involved and we need to have the results of the investigation to move on, to trust and yes, to change attitudes with the willingness to work and move forward.

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