Council Meeting 20th April 2015 – VFAN Style:

1. Mayor Cooper lauded the success of Earth Hour 1% drop in electricity usage during that hour (I’m still paying for my largess that night) and blabbed on about changing the way we live by conserving power. I suggest that her buddy Premier Windbag has done more to help us conserve power. By making us all electricity paupers and sending all our industry down south.

2. Apparently there is a new development called Windfall in the works opposite Tees Please, which is actually Town of Blue Mountain. High density 300 units. A lady from the Collingwood side of Osler Bluff Rd. Made a deputation trying to stop the development. Town council quite rightly kept out of this one. I am personally pro this development and most others.

3. Nancy Farrer quite rightly stated that the Town of Collingwood would not get involved in the Town of Blue Mountain development process.

4. Kevin Lloyd pontificated about how he totally supported this citizens group. Being as the development is four stories and is way too high. A wag close to me said “How come Mr Lloyd did not ‎have those same concerns when it came to Admiral Collingwood Place right in the heart of Collingwood?” General guffaws of laughter from the cheap seats at the back.

5. ‎ Bob Madigan is now sporting a full beard. I am sure last time I was at a council meeting he was clean shaven. I have either missed a meeting or two or Bob is one those guys that grows a beard after neglecting to shave for a couple of days. At this rate, by the next council meeting he will be auditioning for “Duck Dynasty”.

6. Council decided not to opt in to OMERS which is a pension plan for municipal employees. My view: Everyone else down at Town Hall gets pension plans, why not members of council? Might sweeten up the pot a little on the pittance our council gets paid

7. Changes coming on the use of fireworks in town. My dog would definitely support that motion.

8. Deb brought up getting all committees as well as council meeting televised on Rogers. That is long overdue.

9. Integrity commissioners report about Deb Doherty now on the floor. Kevin Lloyd will not receive the report and thinks the process is flawed. I actually agree with him on that. I thought Robert Swayze was dead wrong saying Deb was not in conflict but suggesting she should still have excused herself. I think it’s time for a new integrity commissioner personally. Recorded vote asked for by Lloyd. Vote to receive report – 6. 2 against, Cooper and Lloyd. What a pair of fools.‎ Deb excused herself with no statement.

10. Berman’s crystal ball must be working overtime these days he predicted to me over the weekend a. That Lloyd would make some kind of statement prior to the vote. b. Lloyd would ask for a recorded vote……Interesting!!!

11. It seems that Mayor Cooper is still getting her directions on how to vote from a Lloyd. This time Kevin Lloyd. How more than four and a half thousand people voted for this vacuous woman defies logic.

12. Back to that Windfall development above. On sober second thought I think we should oppose it in that location in Town of Blue Mountain. Then build it in Collingwood.


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