Buyers Remorse?

Last June 13th, I can’t remember ever being so absolutely disgusted with my fellow citizenry, as I was after the last provincial election. There was lots of commentary on that day from many sources most of it rolled off my back and didn’t bother me. One local blog post, that did stick and actually kind of pissed me off was the following:

Yeah sorry Mariane, I’m picking on you again and condolences about your dog by the way. For some reason this post really bothered me at the time, maybe because she was right on the money with the general consensus of the uninformed voter in that election. This past month or so, the uninformed voters of this province are getting well and truly “informed” by our “Supreme Leader” Kathleen Windbag.
It started back in March with the the new sex education curriculum thing. Let’s be clear I personally do not have a problem with most of it (although I failed to see the point in teaching Grade 8’s about anal intercourse, but that’s just me). My kids have never been sheltered from this subject and I have always managed to have open and honest conversations with them about most subjects including sex, sexual orientation, drugs, booze and general bad behavior. But I do understand that some religious groups and other parents are just not interested in their kids being taught at school about the plethora of subjects in this new sex education curriculum.

A good indication on (as Mariane so aptly coined in her above post) “That nice lady, Kathleen Wynne’s” attitude to anyone that fails to think exactly the same way that she does, was when she called the parents that were protesting the new sex ed curriculum on the front lawn of Queens Park “A bunch of Homaphobes”. It was funny actually because when some of these “homophobic” parents were interviewed, they were far from that description. A little over protective perhaps, uninformed maybe, sheltered definitely. A good leader will push through his/her agenda. But a good leader also listens to detractors concerns. Try to see things from another person’s perspective. Windbag does none of these things. She sees the world through the prism of her downtown Toronto gay married eyes and as far as she is concerned anything less than embracing this narrow view of the world is not worthy of her thought or consideration.

This province is massive, my old company once did a job in a place called Fort Frances, a pulp mill town on the border of Minnesota four hours south west of Thunder Bay, a 21 hour drive from Collingwood. But still a good 3 hour drive from the border with Manitoba. The people of Fort Frances know nothing of gay people or gay marriage and calling them homophobic and shoving this sex ed curriculum down their kids throats will not change that. A little dialogue and understanding might. Windbag is supposed to be the premier of every person in this province, not just her latte sipping, limousine liberal pals from downtown Toronto, and yes even those red necks from Fort Frances.
I was listening to talk radio yesterday, the big topic of conversation was the impending hydro rate increases coming on 1st May. One single mom called in named Jenna, she sounded Jamaican and was pretty close to tears. She doesn’t have an inflation busting government job, was on a fixed income and was barely managing to keep up with her hydro bills now. What I so aptly coined in my last blog as a “hydro pauper”. She couldn’t understand how the person that she voted for last year, didn’t mention any of the extra taxes, hydro rate increases, sex ed curriculum (I think she was also religious) during last year’s election, because she would not have voted for her.
Strangely enough in the following commercial break, right after this lady spoke, there was one of these public service union people bemoaning how nasty the mean Ms. Windbag is for not giving them everything that they want, like some petulant child. It reminded me of the last election, only then Hudak was the target of their ire.
As I was listening to all this I remembered Mariane’s blog and wondered how many other folks out there are just like Jenna. Windbags approval rating is now down to 26% from 46% in last year’s election. So I would think quite a few.


10 thoughts on “Buyers Remorse?

  1. Well anybody would have been a better choice than K Wynne. & the Grits—even Hudak, as poor a leader as he is/was. It’s too late now to register as a PC member so as to vote for the new leader–but that vote is May 6 and 7. We can only hope that Patrick Brown wins, so that he can bring a “new broom” to the P C’s of Ontario, and start over with rebuilding the party and enlarging the tent so as to bring in voters that aren’t repelled by the dinosaurs (sorry, that includes Jim Wilson and Christine Elliott) that were around the table when the last idiotic election campaign platform was hatched.

    • Hey Mariane glad to see you are still paying attention. I was very upset to read your post about your dog. I remember 4 years ago taking my Blue Healer Ned down to the vets to be finally put out of his misery and sitting in the waiting room crying like a baby.
      I think Christine Elliott is more electable but Patrick Brown would be a better choice to lead the PC’s back from the desert. Sorry to pick on you again. I thought that particular post after the election was actually quite profound, but I was upset you had bought into the subterfuge. Yeah Windbag came across as a nice lady during the election but anyone who was paying attention could see she was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, which is constantly being proved since.

      • I didn’t ‘fall for it’- sometimes I write what I think other people are thinking as though it’s my own. (Note to self: more quotation marks…)

  2. Hudak may or may not have been the best leader, but we will never know. I do not believe it was the “arrogance” of the Conservative Party that brought them down, but more the ignorance of the Unions that so despised the concept of a fiscally responsible government. The electoral maps clearly demonstrate that Toronto voted in the Libliars. The government employees in Toronto are happy. The Bay Street suits will be happy with the Cap and Trade giving them the ability to tap into a way to buy and sell air. Toronto is happy that Windbag and her predecessor decided to not allow off-shore wind near Toronto. Toronto will benefit from Windbag selling off future income from the ownership of Hydro to invest in Toronto Transit. Basically – Toronto voted for her and Toronto is getting what they asked for. The rest of us who believe that there is more to life than instant gratification and planted our roots in the nether regions of Ontario will have to suffer for another three years and hope the province is not completely bankrupt by then.

  3. Unfortunately the Ontario Tories lost the last election because of their own arrogance and stupidity.

    How the Party heads could have gone into the race with a proven loser like Tim Hudak as their leader and expected anything other than the final result is mind boggling.

    We are now suffering for their extreme lack of judgement.

    I voted for Jim Wilson, now interim leader of the Tories in Queen’s Park.

    You realize of course that Mr. Hudak is still the leader of the Ontario PCs.

    Only until next month I hope.

    Nothing can be done about the situation now, but the least the Tories can do is come up with a credible candidate for the next election.

    Also, the name “Windbag” is juvenile, you should really stop using it.

    • I think for all his faults Hudak would still have been a better Premier than Windbag. Juvenile? That’s what this blog is juvenile, opinionated, boorish or any other expletive that you can think of. So I will continue to call her Windbag because to me that is a perfect description of her. My blog my rules. But thanks for the input Frank.

      • I agree calling people names undermines your credibility. I am against selling of Ontario Hydro, if the reason to do so is to raise money, that isn’t good enough. But I welcome the selling of beer in grocery shops, and taking away the two big brewers monopoly. The conservatives did not have any new ideas and Hudak showed a very limited skill set for a leader.

      • Hahaha what credibility? I’m just a loud mouthed schmuck with a laptop and an audience. What new ideas has Windbag had? More taxes, higher hydro rates and social engineering coming out of our ying yang. She can’t even do the expansion of selling booze without turning it into a complete cluster fuck. This woman and this liberal party are a complete disaster for this province which will take years to fix, if we don’t go bankrupt first. ,

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