Mayor vs. Mayor

A friend of mine texted me a few days ago and said “I just witnessed the most excruciatingly awkward encounter you could imagine”. I replied “Yeah go on”. He then said “I’ll give you a call”.
I will describe a scenario some of you might find quite interesting.
My friend is a rather feckless individual, I’m not sure what he does for a living, probably has some trust fund thing going on. While the rest of us poor working stiffs are slaving away trying to put food on our tables. He seems to be perpetually sitting around various local coffee shops most mornings, reading his copy of the “Red Star” and drinking endless cups of “Sumatra Blend”.
This one morning he was in the “Wired Monk” coffee shop on Hurontario Street. Apparently ex Mayor Chris Carrier and another gentleman came in and walked up to the counter, they ordered their preferred beverages and stood waiting and chatting. Very soon after Sandra Cooper and another fellow entered the establishment. My buddy said as soon as our Mayor saw Chris Carrier she hesitated and almost looked like she wanted to do an about face and leave. Her companion continued up to the counter not realizing Sandra’s awkwardness and probably thinking that our small town mouse of a Mayor was above any ill feeling about past political battles. After all she won right?
So Carrier, his pal and Sandra’s companion start to converse. Sandra walks up and joins everyone. Carrier says “Hi Sandra how are you?”. She completely ignores him and starts a conversation with Carriers companion like Carrier is not even in the room.
By this time my buddy gets into full on black-ops mode. He knows that I write this nonsense and wants to give me some blog fodder, so at this point he is paying full attention to the dynamics going on. Carrier and his buddy finish up, they walk up to Cooper and friend. Carrier says something to the effect of “Nice to see you Sandra”. Our Mayor again completely blanks Carrier and says good bye to Carriers companion. Leaving everyone present red faced and embarrassed.

Ok I hear a few of you saying “Does this warrant a post Nobody?” Probably not, but our ex-Loblaw’s check out girl is Mayor of our town, Carrier lives in this town, pays his property taxes and as far as I know is an upstanding, law-abiding citizen. He deserves the same respect that any other resident should get from an elected official. Also I’m quite sure one or two of you voted for her, so you need to know who and what you voted for. I phoned Carrier and asked him for a comment. He said and I quote “How the hell did you hear about that Nobody?” He thought I must have got the story from his pal whom I don’t know from a hole in the ground. He would not elaborate apart from telling me that his pal was very embarrassed and was unimpressed with the Mayors behavior that day. He also told me to forget about the incident and not “yap” about it on VFAN. Sorry Chris “yapping” is what I do.

Here’s the thing. We had an election, Cooper won by a hansom margin. Many of us were unimpressed with that choice our fellow citizens foisted upon us for Mayor. We accepted it and moved on (or wrote blogs). Mayor Cooper you won the last election fair and square and continue to be Mayor of our town. I know it’s difficult for you not to be petty and vindictive. But stop acting like a petulant little school girl who got spurned at the prom and try to act like the highest elected official in Collingwood. Our town, your office and your council deserve better.


7 thoughts on “Mayor vs. Mayor

  1. Chris is a class act for sure!! He got my vote not only because he’s brilliant with politics but he has the utmost integrity. Sandra also shun’s me when she see’s me and when/if she does acknowledge my presence, she purposely address’ me with the wrong name, EVERY time…and she know’s darn well who I am. What she doesn’t realize is that in her attempt to belittle Chris, me and other’s who similarly don’t support her shenanigan’s, she is only revealing her character, or lack there of. SMH

    • Well you’re lucky to even get a acknowledgment Queen Bee, my treatment from the mayor is more along the lines of Chris Carriers. But then again unlike Chris I have very publicly called her vacuous, a small town mouse, vacant, a puppet, arrogant, petty, vindictive, so I suppose it’s little wonder.

  2. My only comment on this seemingly ongoing behaviour is to share the following that I am quoting directly from one of my speeches during my election campaign last fall.

    “We need to stop the partisan politics and cohesively manage the Town of Collingwood for what it is, a fifty million dollar a year corporation.”

    “Look for three things in a person. Intelligence, energy and integrity. If they don’t have the last one, don’t even bother with the first two.” Warren Buffett

  3. Good job VFAN. This is something that many people talk about in town. Officials are elected to represent EVERYONE, not just the people who they like, or who voted for them.

    This is something that current and former politicians like Mike Edwards, Dale West, and even Rick Lloyd seem to understand.

    Worse than what Sandra is doing herself, is that her behavior seems to have rubbed off on those close to her as well.

    At this point, I’d be happy if she simply stopped being “petty and vindictive” to her colleagues …while sitting at the council table

    • Thanks Steve. Chris is not impressed that I posted this interaction between he and Cooper because he is a class act. I endured the wrath of Chris because I thought it was a good insight into the character of our Mayor and people need to know the “real” Sandra Cooper.

      • Chris showed his good character both during the episode at the coffee shop and berating you for relating the story. Although I may not agree with everything he has done, he gets my vote for high morals.
        In a situation as depicted in this episode one would expect that Chris, having lost the election would have been the one wanting to avoid Sandra. The fact that Sandra was that uncomfortable with the situation leads one to wonder what it is that she is so embarrassed about ? There is definitely something more here than meets the eye. You are not likely going to find out from Chris. He has too much class.

      • Chris is a class act and he’s friendly to everyone. One would expect our current mayor to also be friendly and show some class, after all, you just never know who will be watching.

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