Still trying to knock off council members one at a time………

In the past when I’ve blabbed on about the people in the local political scene with white hats and those with black hats. Ian Chadwick definitely wears a big jet black stetson with chrome studs on it. In hindsight, looking back over the years, even when I was supporting him and voting for him, he was never interested in doing what was good and right for this town. It has always been more about puffing up his own shallow ego and keeping his pals in power and influence.‎
I noticed in his latest blog (I won’t link it) he is again doing his best to make the conflict of interest case on Tim Fryer in regards to Larry Dunn through marriage. By doing so preventing Tim from voting on any future issues in that regard. This has been a well used tactic over the years by Chadwick and his puppeteers. I remember in the days of the Admiral Collingwood Place bruhaha, Norm Sandberg was removed from all votes regarding that project because Chadwick blogged incessantly about his connection with Ainley and Associates, Thereby removing a negative vote from the council table.
Another obvious attempt by Chadwick to spin his web of influence in the local political arena was this latest integrity commissioner complaint farce, ‎brought to bare by the Chadwick proxy Dick Hill. If Deb is not nimble on her toes she could find herself excluded from all votes pertaining to any client of Corus Entertainment. That could end up being a lot of missed votes.
This is all gamesmanship ladies and gentlemen, certain people in Collingwood were not happy with the result of the last election, so this is politics by other means.

The biggest joke about all this was Chadwick himself never removed himself from one vote when he was constantly in conflict with the Mayors brother Paul Bonwick. He did contract work for Compenso Communications, a Paul Bonwick company. In fact this was proved by Chadwick himself, when days after the OPP investigation was announced, he removed his picture and bio from the company’s website.
As usual the white hats were asleep at the switch as this was never pointed out or a complaint made.
In fact if you wanted to stretch the mind bending limits as far as Chadwick/Dick Hill have with Deb Doherty you could make a valued argument with‎ Chadwick having been the managing editor of the EB throughout the 1990’s. Maybe he should have excused himself from any votes that were connected to advertisers in our local paper when he sat on council.

Come to think of it doesn’t the mayors husband work for the town? I know that the mayor excused herself a couple of times during the recent budget discussions because of this link, but realistically if you take Chadwick’s bogus biased thinking to its conclusion the mayor should excuse herself on any matters related to the town. Imagine how that would work.

The point I’ m trying to make is these conflict of interest accusations are only being made to try and stop certain people from being able to ‎vote. So watch for more complaints against Saunderson, Jeffery, Ecclestone, Fryer and Doherty. The rest of council are obviously thought of as being “pliable” enough to be left alone.

The last thing I have to say on this is, if we continue down this path regarding conflict, eventually no one on council will be able to vote on anything. This is a small town and a lot of people are inter-connected. We all know what conflict is and it is very rarely written about in Chadwick’s perpetually long-winded blog.


7 thoughts on “Still trying to knock off council members one at a time………

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  2. July 22, 2013 – Council votes to hire Peter Dunbar to PRC post

    July 26, 2013 – Peter Dunbar’s Compenso (Paul Bonwick’s company) profile, is no longer visible on the internet.

    • Thanks for that gem Steve. I didn’t see any slides in that you-tube presentation about…..”Before attempting a cover-up be sure to delete all evidence of blatant conflicts of interest from the internet….” Or “threatening people on social media for who they support in an election is bad…”

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