Integrity Commisioner experiment was a nice idea but………….

Finally my good friend Steve Berman has posted something, on his Enough is Enough blog, that is both readable and relevant here:
I apologize in advance Steve for the compliment laced with a pejorative smack upside the head. But this blogger and others, have found your meanderings a little challenging of late. The post that I linked above is very good and up to your old standard. Keep it up the town needs “this” Steve.

I have some comments and responses though:

1. We all know what the motive behind this Integrity Commissioner nonsense is. It is based on the old saying “If you throw enough shit at something, some of it is likely to stick”.

2. It’s time to abandon ship on this Integrity Commissioner experiment, it is too costly and too open to abuse by Chadwick, Hill, Lloyd and the people behind the scenes pulling their strings.

3. In a normal town with a normal political structure and environment, Integrity Commissioner oversight on its municipal governance is usually a once in a blue moon occurrence. It’s not supposed to be a political stick, to be used to beat your political opponent’s with on a monthly basis. That is exactly what is happening now.
4. As I said in my last blog post, we all know what conflict of interest looks like. We’ve seen it. It’s been happening in this town on many fronts, for many years, by all the usual suspects, on a regular basis.
5. Let’s get a local municipal political code of conduct in place, have all council members sign it and have sanctions in place that can be levied by town council when abuse occurs.

6. Chadwick, his puppeteer’s and his cohorts, are not interested in the betterment and advancement of this community. They are only interested in furthering there own agenda and keeping us mired in the past. The sooner the rest of us realise that fact, the sooner we will be able to move forward as a vibrant modern community.

7. Integrity Commissioner’s nor any other kind of political oversight will ever change #6. It will take people of character and substance to continue informing the uninformed and changing the conversation from one of petty brinkmanship, to one of a new brighter future for this town.

Rant over!!!


9 thoughts on “Integrity Commisioner experiment was a nice idea but………….

  1. Perhaps Councillors and even citizens that bring forth frivolous unfounded complaints to the Integrity Commissioner should be charged the costs if their claims have no merit or they could be charged with “mischief” as you would be for other lame acts in the community.

  2. Thank you, but now I have to look up what “pejorative” and “meanderings” mean 🙂

    In my opinion the motives are as clear as you put them. If “they” file a bunch of complaints with the Integrity Commissioner, the following happens…

    1. The IC dismisses the complaint as “without merit”, as was the case in Chadwick vs. Ecclestone. In this scenario, Chadwick gets to remain anonymous, unless the complaint was filed against someone with the courage to make it public. Chadwick still gets to rant about the IC, and the costs involved.

    2. The IC pursues the complaint, issues a finding, and states that no wrong has been done. The person who filed the complaint MAY remain anonymous, as was the case with Kevin Lloyd vs. Ecclestone, and again, Chadwick still gets to rant about the IC, and the costs involved.

    3. The IC finds someone guilty. Finally, “they” win, and gawd only knows where it goes from there. The only thing “they” risk, is public perception, and I think that line has long been drawn in the sand. It’s a brilliant strategy on their part, as long as you don’t give a rats ass about the town, its debt, its image….

    Now, predicting that one of your readers who doesn’t like me (I think there are a few) will claim that I’m taking sides, I can tell you that in the time the IC has been under contract, I have never filed a complaint with him. I could file MANY based on much more that these clowns did, but I would never presume to spend taxpayer money on crap like this.

    When I filed FOI’s, I paid for them out of my own pocket, which may be the only way to stop this group from paying these games.

      • No apology needed, just a definition of “brinkmanship: 🙂

        As far the the IC “experiment”, you hit it pretty much on the head. It’s a great tool for a functioning town, but perhaps not for one that is currently under investigation by the OPP.

        I don’t know if Mr Swayze is doing a good job, simply because we (the public) don’t know what’s really going on, as I showed in my blog. Would a different IC do any different?

        I also agree 100%, that unless you give an IC the ability to punish meaningfully, what’s the point? People drive while talking on their cell phones, because they can. If the penalty was loss of your license for life….

        I think I want to hear what he has to say to council, and if they ask him the tough questions. Then we’ll know more.

      • Brinkmanship – the art or practice of pursuing a dangerous policy to the limits of safety before stopping, typically in politics. 😉

    • “When I filed FOI’s, I paid for them out of my own pocket, which may be the only way to stop this group from paying these games.”

      You’ve lost me. I don’t think the nominal fee for filing an FOI covers the cost of someone trawling through thousands of emails trying to find relevant ones.

      • That’s not how the FOI process works Bill.

        I file an FOI asking for all emails between party A and party B. When I receive them, it’s up to me to “trawl” through them and find out if anything is relevant.

        The “nominal fee” of $5, only pay for the filing of an FOI. You then have to pay a total that’s based on the time, printing cost etc, of your request. I paid over $600 for a single FOI once.

        VFAN is right about your comment, and while I welcome your criticisms, but can you try to make them a little less ignorant?

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