Council Meeting 4th May 2015 – VFAN Style:

1. I arrived late as per usual and as I opened my phone to turn off the sounds, it rang at full volume. In my panic instead of just answering the phone and hanging up immediately. I must have pressed something I shouldn’t have because the screen went blank and I could not stop the ringing, turn down the volume or do anything to make it stop. I eventually had to turn my phone off to stop it. My face went the colour of Angry Man in full rant mode. I even got told off by the mayor.

2. Bob Madigan is completely clean shaven this week. Not to worry though by next council meeting he will be sporting a full ZZ top.

3. The Goodall building is getting a complete revamp and turned into separate commercial rental units. That building has been a horrible eye sore for years. So that is a VFAN approved ‎development.

4. Ace Cabs came up again and much to the chagrin of a few in the audience Deb Doherty excused herself from the discussion and vote. Thanks Robert Swayze some people in town must really love your little adlib comment to Deb in your report, which was based on absolutely nothing relating to the letter of the law. One down four more to go.

5.‎ I was just told that Sandra Cooper declared a conflict at the beginning of the meeting, in regards to her brother being involved with the upcoming development at the airport. Wonders will never cease.

6. ‎Bed and breakfasts are back on the table. Town Hall wants the public’s input on whether to allow them throughout town. I think as a tourist town we should allow them where ever appropriate. The only problem I had with Rick Lloyd’s application was the complete abuse of the process.

7. Curling club is up for discussion the project is over budget by $193,000 and change. They are also looking for a further $130,000 for new eves troughs and remediation of the outside brickwork. ‎I am not sure why these things can’t be figured out prior to construction. Especially the eves trough work which apparently has been a problem for years. Just seems like a bit of a shell game to me. I remember when this project was approved, I seem to remember yet another “turn key” bid, everything was included. Saunderson quite rightly said that the bidding and procurement process needs to be improved. He wants to kibosh the $130k reserve for futures, and use that for the overages.

8. Angry Man is in full attack mode he doesn’t like that idea from Saunderson. Looks like he is ready to throw all his toys out of his crib.

9. Spend it all now carried the day wit a 6 – 3 vote. Doherty, Saunderson and Frier against. ‎Bit surprised at Eccleston and Jeffery on that one actually.

10. Sandra Cooper was wearing some really bizarre (for her) silver hoop earrings the size of basketball hoops tonight. I wonder if she is about to enter a wild gypsy phase of her mayoral tenure 😉


5 thoughts on “Council Meeting 4th May 2015 – VFAN Style:

  1. There’s an app for that ! Bed and Breakfast.( airbnb ) There presently 251 unregiestered B & B in Collingwood. I believe there 3 legal registered so, why spin the wheels.

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