Fraser Institute report confirms what VFAN has been saying for 2 years

I was very interested to read the following report by the Fraser Institute:

It confirms what I have been harping on about, since I first started writing this blog early in 2013. The following is an astounding statement within the report:

“The study found, for instance, that the number of reported fires in Ontario fell by 41.4% from 1997 to 2012. During that time, the number of firefighters increased by 36.3%”.

That’s crazy, how can we as a society let that happen? I have my own theory which will probably not make me too popular over at Third and High Street. But I will voice it anyway, because most of the stuff I write never wins me too many popularity contests. So here is my theory:
Between 1996 and today what was the most devastating event that happened to our western society? I’ll give you a clue. It happened on September 11th 2001. On that devastating day 343 brave firefighters lost their lives. The biggest loss of life by that profession ever to happen in one event. No one could ever take away what those brave men and woman did that day. But unfortunately we have collectively been paying guilt money for that loss to all firefighters across the land ever since. They have become untouchable in our society. There is no limit to the largesse that we are prepared to shower upon them. Nothing is too good for the modern day firefighter. Our local “Taj Mahal” fire hall is testament to that; gourmet kitchen, leather Lazi-Boys, state of the art gym, plasma TV’s. Also next time you drive through Wasaga Beach at the east end of town on River Road. Take a look at the new monolithic fire hall that they have built for the pampered Wasaga Beach firefighters. It’s actually more stunning than the Collingwood one, for Wasaga Beach!!! A town that’s half empty for seven months of the year.

I was perusing through the Sunshine list again the other day and was amazed at the amount of firefighters that were on it. Not just fire chiefs and high ranking members, but regular every day “firefighters”.
Take a look at the Sunshine List here:
Go to any page and you will see a firefighter making over $100k per year. It’s like a runaway train that no one can or even seems to want to stop.

This town doesn’t need the kind of fire service that we have in place. It doesn’t need that shiny bauble of a fire station, which cost the tax payers over $5 million with nary a blink of anyones eye. We could get by quite easily with a skeleton fire crew, to deal with the 290 kitchen pan fires and fender benders that we have locally each year. Then have a backup crew of volunteer firefighters to deal with the five to ten more serious fires and car accidents that occur around Collingwood every year.

But I suppose we will never be able to have the above conversation until our municipal and provincial politicians have the back bone to take this issue on and stop dealing with it with an open cheque book.


5 thoughts on “Fraser Institute report confirms what VFAN has been saying for 2 years

  1. Blogreader, after our unit was rebuilt after 9/11, a lot of us went somewhere else. I retired down to Utah. However, I fail to see your point, Colingwood has 25,000 people or close to it and you are comparing it to NYC? Or do you think your unit deserves the palace you got to serve those people and FDNY deserves a humble unit ?

  2. Everybody remembers 9/11, a day that changed our lives forever. That said, I sent a copy of the ‘sunshine list’ to a FB friend in the U.S. The fire station he works at was destroyed on 9/11 and has been rebuilt…..a small kitchen with a table, no TV, no work out room (he claims he gets his workout packing equipment and doing his job) and they listen for the dispatch for calls instead of a TV. He has been a fireman for over 30 years and has climbed the ladder (no pun intended) and makes HALF the amount of money our sunshine boys do. Oh, I forgot to mention, he was one of the first responders to the first tower when the plane crashed into it…..

  3. take a tour of our fire-hall and find out the other duties the firemen provide then you might change your view our maybe we should get rid of smoke alarms and have more fires??

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