Council Meeting 19/05/15 VFAN Style

1. I will not be attending most council meetings for the next little while, but let’s see how I get on using a couple of my proxy’s

2. Deb Doherty excused herself from discussions about Rexall Pharmacy signage. C’mon Deb I expect better from you, stop buying into this bullshit. This is two meetings in a row now that you have had to excuse yourself from discussions and votes that you have every right to be part of.

3. Head building inspector Bill Plewis does a presentation on the Rexall signage debacle and says: “sign is fully compliant and also emphasizes it is outside heritage district.” Earth to Bill. It looks like f*****g shit, my 13 year old daughter could tell you the same thing.

4. Who said Mayor Cooper doesn’t read my blog? She mentioned in community announcements, Rexall building a good addition to waterfront. Yeah Sandra and Nortel was a great investment opportunity. George W Bush was a prime candidate for a Noble Peace Prize. And Premier’s Windbag and McGuinty are both fiscally competent stewards of the Ontario economy.

5. Oh almost missed this one. Sandra must have been one of those cashiers at Loblaw’s that had to get out her calculator to figure out what the change from a Loony was on a 90 cent bill. DM Saunderson declared a conflict because he received 2 tickets for a theater Collingwood event. DM says they were $175 a piece for he and his wife. Sandra added $175 + $175, and somehow thought this was less than $200. She told him “it was a good thing he was being safe”.

6. Lots of talk and complaints about “drone” problems from Bygone Days on 6th St. I know how they feel, when Sandra Cooper starts droning on about how her pal Assaff’s ham-fisted developments improve the town.

7. Application to allow camping at Bygone Days. Catherine McMullen and Bob Reid are against, referencing illegal substance use, fires, people not following bylaws, rowdiness, vandalism and public urination. Sounds like a normal Saturday evening over at the Nobody residence.

8. Deb Doherty brought up Admiral site. It seems no answers are forthcoming any time soon. No one else on council seemed too interested in chiming in. I am not liking this pattern that seems to be forming.

9. Steve Assaff can squeeze a dollar and a delay out of anything, even that mosquito infested, over grown Admiral site. Apparently it is being used to store equipment for Hume St remediation. So don’t expect any resolution and clean up any time soon.


2 thoughts on “Council Meeting 19/05/15 VFAN Style

  1. Camping for what purpose?? are there plans to host on-site concerts?? watch one youth over-dose on a bad drug and it will be a consensus of no’s for the camping…can you say “liability”…

    All I can say about Admiral is “tsk, tsk” smh…if you believe his and Sandra’s story on that one then you should know that Stevie boy has swamp land for sale in Florida as well…hmmm, maybe that’s no joke…could there be story behind that one as well?

    is that Sandra making that low humming noise? I thought it was a speaker that was out of sync…(pun intended)

    • Hey Queen Bee where have you been? We’ve missed you down here at VFAN. No not swamp land in Florida, but I did hear he had a nice 10 acre parcel in Silver Creek wetlands for sale.

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