Collingwood’s one time political Solomon, reduced to critiquing newspaper flyers.

It’s been difficult, but I have refrained from commenting on Ian Chadwick’s pompous blabbering’s on his Scripturient blog the last couple of months. Unlike many of you I do actually read his blog occasionally. He is now firmly entrenched as the mouth piece for the forces of evil in our town. I would be very interested to take a look at Scripturient’s stats page and see what its views and engagement look like these days. Views per hour, per day, per week, per month, per year, since you wrote your first word, by country, by social media link, they are all available for review on the control panel of these blog sites. Any blogger that says he/she does not study these statistics with the fervor of an ecclesiastical scholar is lying. We all do, it’s our life blood, without eye balls looking at our meanderings, what really is the point in writing any of this stuff.

Recently, I haven’t seen anything that Chadwick has written, get shared on Twitter, Facebook or other social media sites. It will be extremely irritating to him to hear that an uneducated oik like myself, on this blog, set a personal record a week or so ago with 3,600 views of one post. The one about his pal Assaff’s strip mall, forever ruining the towns waterfront. Yeah Ian that’s correct 3,600 views, even with my awful sentence structure, bad grammar and inappropriate punctuation.

I noticed in one of his recent posts he was railing against the towns newsletter that they recently sent out as a flyer to the citizens of Collingwood. He was putting a moral equivalency on it, comparing it to the colourized glossy propaganda that his council sent out in our hydro bills early in 2013, half way through its last term. He is not a stupid man so I wonder if he is being deliberately obtuse, because to me the glaring difference between the two was that the recently arrived plain Jane flyer seemed to be something a local town hall sends out to inform the public of local community events and happenings. Whereas his voting bloc’s much maligned “Half Term Report” was a self-promoting, tire pumping, self-aggrandizing glossy flyer, paid for at the expense of the beleaguered tax payers of Collingwood. It’s motive was to promote the supposed achievements of that council (actually just the voting bloc) in which he was a prominent member. Although to be honest in his “Propaganda” post, he spends most of the 3,296 words (which is the blogging equivalent of “War and Peace”) doing a blow by blow, over-bearing, professorial type smack down of the said flyer’s sentence structure, punctuation and grammar. In fact he burns through 42 words just to make a point on one sentences improper use of an exclamation mark.
It must be a little depressing over on Hickory Street these days, considering how the mighty Ian Chadwick has ‎gone from circa 2008, being the Solomon like last word in local political commentary, to spending hours and 3,296 words critiquing a newspaper flyer that few people paid much attention to.

Ian, a little advice which I know you will never take from me: In this brave new world of the internet, giving unprecedented access to and from the uneducated, low information masses. No one gives a damn whether a blog, a flyer from the town, or even a newspaper column is to the word grammatically correct (VFAN is a good example of that fact). Because most of us mere mortals reading the stuff don’t have a PHD in English literature and will never know the difference. So it’s probably time to stop flogging that horse to death and concentrate on trying not to bore your audience to death with your elitist, professorial claptrap that you continually post on your blog. Strangely enough I used to enjoy Chadwick’s writing, I did not agree with much of it but I still found some of it an engaging read. Nowadays it’s more fun going to the dentist and getting a root canal performed than trying to plow through one of his long-winded, over-blown blogs.

As per usual there is a bright spot in all this for me, the mere mention of Chadwick’s name in this blog, guarantee’s a minimum of 500 views. So keep up the good work Solomon.


6 thoughts on “Collingwood’s one time political Solomon, reduced to critiquing newspaper flyers.

  1. Hey, tomorrow is “smoked meat” day at, ‘The Smoke’ Restaurant. And it is a Chadwick free zone since his immature, ridiculous attack at Shawn – who works there – during the election campaign. Ironic that Chadwick would become political smoked meat a short time later LOL!! (double exclamation just for him;)
    I’ll text Steve in the morning to see if he’ll come along 🙂

  2. Can you imagine the number of back-turned, under-the-breath FU’s Ian got from town staff when he was councillor ?

    • Too many to count… and I know that for sure 😉
      He has been marginalized.
      He is insignificant.
      He just hasn’t come to terms with it yet.
      Though, with him being a central figure in the ongoing OPP investigation – yes, it is still active – reported by CBC National News… you’d think he’d slink into the shadows like some of the other key figures.
      No, he’s too stupid for that.

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