Assaff moves to strip mall the rest of our waterfront ???

There is an interesting item on Monday evenings council meeting consent agenda‎ as follows:
  • Proposal to Purchase of Land – Block 9, Plan 51M-926, Steve Assaff, Peter Dunbar and Mike Hensel.      
Guess where that piece of land is folks?
Apparently the town owns it and it is the last remaining piece of waterfront ‎that stretches from his Mississauga strip mall all the way to Heritage Way.
My first thought is why is this even being considered? When you take in to account that the town is in the process of doing a town wide strategic plan. That plan should obviously include the last remaining piece of waterfront land left in town.
My second thought is I wonder what Mr. Assaff has in mind from his little bag of tricks for this site. Maybe a another bank? Or even better, a couple of fast food restaurants and a gas station.
Many of us voted for certain members of this current council to protect us from this type of thing. If this piece of land ends up in Assaff’s hands prior to an appropriate plan being in place, then I will formally and unequivocally be withdrawing my support for any council member that does not rail against this sale.
Most of you were asleep at the switch when Assaff foisted the pharmacy and bank upon us. Now you have no such excuse. ‎

16 thoughts on “Assaff moves to strip mall the rest of our waterfront ???

  1. Fram Slokker still owns this??? Party To: F.S. COLLINGWOOD DEVELOPMENT LTD.;
    Why is your information not confirmed? and commercial is better there than apartment buildings

    If you are saying things you need to be able to back it up.

    Property Details ­ PIN: 582870141
    Address N/A
    Municipality N/A LRO 51 Land Registry Status ACTIVE
    Registration Type LT Area 4,433 m2 Perimeter 268 m
    Short Description BLOCK 11, PLAN 51M926, T/W EASEMENT OVER PTS 27 & 28 PL 51R34584 AS IN RO1465690, T/W EASEMENT OVER …
    Aerial View of Property Street View
    Assessment Information

    433101000106381 $828,250 $910,000 0.00 255.91 113 Condominium development land

  2. This item isn’t on the consent agenda ,its a separate item – 6 Deputation -.Proposal to purchase land. The land in question is designated Parkland on the Official Plan it is abutting the BMO property and the lot at the corner of Heritage Way and Huron that Mr Assaff has recently purchased . If Assaff and crew can buy this parkland property from the town he would be able to build a bigger building on the corner lot. We should be outraged that anyone would consider selling the only piece of green space the town owns in the area.
    Let your Council know how you feel about this.

  3. Let’s hope that the citizens of Collingwood see that there has been a master plan in place all along and this is just the culmination. The Casino issue was never really dead and there are some serious concerns about conflict of interest.
    Was Mr. Dunbar an employee of the town when the purchase of the Mountainview took place? Remember we as taxpayers paid for the demolition costs. Something is rotten in Denmark.
    There are 3 maybe 4 sure votes in favour of whatever Mr. Assaf wants. Mayor Cooper does not even try to hide her allegiance and if a developer contributes to your campaign isn’t it a conflict of interest to vote on a land purchase that is once more going to pit people against each other. Every time that bunch makes their next move chaos ensues.

    • Yes, it is clearly a conflict of interest when a Councillor votes on an issue directly connected to a campaign contributor. However, it may not be legally defined as a conflict. If Mr Swayze applies logic in his comments he gets attacked for not applying the letter of the law.

  4. The remaining piece of waterfront land MUST be kept by the town and only be developed in a manner which is complimentary and adds vitality to the waterfront. It should be developed for everyone to enjoy the water, the views, boating, live events, a walk, gardens, picnics, etc. This is sheer arrogance and the town better not make ANOTHER huge mistake. Mr. Assaff needs to forget about this transaction and look after his disaster at Hume & Hurontario. By the way, our family will never be patrons of those businesses in that very unfortunate mistake of a waterfront strip mall.

    • I agree with you Jennifer, it’s another Huge mistake….Assaff (or anyone else) should not be able to buy and build before other projects are finished. Hume and Hurontario is such an eyesore, I have to look at pictures to see the school there and remember how nice it looked.

  5. ok here’s a thought, all you people hiding behind anonymous names step up and put your name where your mouth is. If you want to talk put your name with the talk, and stop hiding behind aliases.

  6. We cannot make a decision to hand over the last of the waterfront “strip” frivolously, especially without a strategic plan in place . One thing that we should have all learned from the fiasco of events from previous specific council members (mainly Mayor Coop-deVille, Tricky Ricky and Chattywick, TNAF) and their cozy relationship with their buddy developer Assaff, is that leadership and decision making should not be confined to a few elected officials and business leaders. Successful leadership requires mobilizing the knowledge, talents, and perspectives of every segment of the community, and we have a good team in place ready to participate in the strategic planning process.

    I’m with you VFAN, if our newly elected council allows Assaff’s application to be approved before developing our Town’s Strategic Plan, I will withdraw my faith and support in their promised integrity and commitment to a new and improved process and fight for change once again!

    If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” and Assoff Blvd. is quite willing to pave the way…IF we let him do so without our participation. This is our town too!

    Get involved – go the the Town’s Community Based Strategic Plan and at least read and fill in the questionnaire.

  7. This is no big news. When the current waterfront development went into planning years ago, it was always to have restaurants, stores, pedestrian walkways, and boutiques. The whole purpose of building the waterfront development was to bring people down there. This was one of the reasons we declined to purchase there. Also, the berm, which was and is , still hiding the stinking water treatment facility. You can put all the stores, boutiques and eateries you want down there, after one good afternoon of breathing in the fumes of Collingwoods waste materials, it will soon look like the main street. Half empty.

  8. I can verify that the town does in fact own the strip of land immediately in front of the old dry dock. The property immediately to the east of that parcel is owned by F.S. Collingwood Development Ltd the same corporate owner of all the remaining harbour front properties. it will be interesting to see how this plays out. I would anticipate a significant amount of public upheaval would transpire if there is a change in ownership as your post suggests possible.

    • No need to apologise, we are not judgemental. I thought Peter Dunbar worked for the Town (again) so wouldn’t his partnership with Assaff and the other guy be considered a ‘conflict of interest?”

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